• Tiger! Tiger! Tavern
  • San Diego, CA, USA
  • Nov 09, 2019
Full time Chefs, Cooks, Food Preparation Workers

Job Description

Tiger! Tiger! is our group's second restaurant and the one, we believe, with the most bubbling potential due to its open kitchen, second, big back kitchen, wood-fired oven, back and front patio and North Park location. Known for our extensive genuine craft beer list (we've been on Draft Magazine's "Best Beer Bars of America" list since the year we opened) and our creative yet casual food ( we've been on several other Travel Channel and Food Network shows) we find ourselves seeking a new person to helm the ship- the Team of cooks have mostly been with us for some time, but they are all fairly young and we seek to find someone to challenge, inspire and teach them.

We are looking for someone with experience of course, leading a team and cooking in an all-scratch environment. The basics of being a Chef? The right person will have all that, it goes without saying. Here is the extra stuff we are really looking for: We need a solid communicator- someone who is forthcoming, honest, and can speak to the staff in a guiding, teaching manner, and in turn speak to us owners with both authority and humility. We want a smart chef- someone who understands the big picture and how integrated sourcing and pricing and return visits are, someone who wants their Team to be the most confident and happy they can be, someone who listens too and can work creatively within our menu's parameters.

The Menu has a focus- at the heart is the wood-fired oven. But ultimately we want to take amazing ingredients, sourced as much locally as possible, and turn them into really tasty food that makes sense in our communal, casual environment. We switch out specials on every few weeks, cook from what's available in the market, have charcuterie equipment, a smoker and other fun chef toys that we utilize to make our own in-house sausages, pates, and more. We do not and have never purchased from Sysco or US Foods. Just like our beer, which is only real craft beer, made by real breweries of small and moderate size, we purchase our food from smaller and medium sized family businesses.

We don't believe in our Chefs working insane hours and believe every employee, at every level, should be able to enjoy their life outside of work. That said, we are looking for someone who is dedicated to us and when they are here they are fully present and will step in to work those extra shifts when needed.

We know bringing someone in from the outside can be difficult. It's rarely our first choice. To ease the transition, our two Chefs from our other restaurants, are available to help train and guide this new person and be resourceful sounding boards after the initial period. Both of these awesome individuals have been with us since our earliest days.

We pay half of your health insurance and you pay your half pre-tax, once established we are happy to negotiate a bonus program. We really do want to make the right person happy and fulfilled and part of something bigger.