Task Management: Task Management is highly crucial for the success of a project. It is the skill of managing a task that helps in reaching the individual as well as the company goals. The life cycle of a Task Management includes Planning, Testing, Tracking, and Reporting. There are several Task Management software that can assist you at every stage of the project. But, you can always carry out some of the best practices in regular life to become a Task Management Ninja. Here are a few things to be noted down about Task Management:   A few things to be considered about Task Management:   Classify your Tasks: Every project has a different requirement, and you need to plan the work accordingly. If you are handling too many projects, ensure that you manage them individually, and have different strategies for each of them. As a project manager, you need to classify the tasks on a high, low, urgent, and immediate basis. Based on priority, finish the tasks. Use a task management software to help you achieve the work within the stipulated time.   Check status: Opt for a daily or a weekly review depending upon the complexity of the project. Keep a check on the work that is completed, overdue, created, assigned, started, and so on. A status check is a must at every step of the project.   Tracking compliance: Delegation is vital when it comes to project management. Mention the task assigned to the concerned person and check the progress report of it. This will help you to get your work done in less time and maintain a rapport with the team members. Keep the record of every work that is being finished.   Monitor Your Budget: Needless to say that every project has a budget, and the clients would surely not appreciate it if you try exceeding it. There are two kinds of budget, the estimated one, and the actual one. You need to be proactive and monitor your budget so that it doesn’t exceed the estimated amount. You can ask your team to find out ways to manage the project with the estimated budget.    Managing Risks and Collaboration: All the risks must be analyzed at the planning stage. Find out the impact of risks on the project and ways to tackle them. The risks could be high, medium, or low, and you need to evaluate them accordingly.  The high-level risks must have specific plans, as you cannot neglect them. The medium level risks have to be proactively managed. The low-level risks are the assumptions, and the chances of occurrence are 50:50   Use these task management tips to accomplish the results within the deadline.    Have a say? Share your task management tips with us in the comment box below. Job seekers  can register and upload your resume here  and apply to millions of  Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs in USA  across top companies in the hospitality industry in your desired locations Now! Connect with 10000+ employers and get the latest job alerts about similar jobs now on the  Best Hospitality Jobs portal in the USA .
Company blogs serve as a base to connect with the customers and build rapport with them. However, writing a blog isn’t as simple as it appears to be.  A simple error can affect your brand image and pull away from the traffic from your blog. Here’s the anatomy of a perfect blog for your hotel business:   1.Title of your blog A headline or a title is the one that pulls the visitors towards the content of your blog. Curate a title that can arouse the curiosity amongst the readers.  As per the SEO rules, your title should be within 70 characters, along with the primary keyword in it.    Introduce your blog: Once the visitors have landed on your blog, your next task would be to make them scroll your blog till the end. Introduce your topic in a storytelling format or with a quote, an anecdote, or a personal experience. You must be able to connect with the readers through the introduction. This will force the users to read your entire blog.   Add Pointers to your blog: Lengthy paragraphs are a strict NO these days. Readers wouldn’t want to get a feel of reading a textbook. Rather divide your blog into short paragraphs and then add pointers to it. Add sub-headings to each paragraph and ensure that all paragraphs are interconnected. Bold and highlight the relevant points.    Add Visual effects: It’s found out that human brains absorb images six times faster than texts. Images must be relevant to the content. Always prefer high-quality images. Add an image for every 300 words. Assign ALT Tag to every image to help google to crawl your images. If your image contains a watermark, use tools to remove it or add a source to your images.   Add Call-To-Action: Use Call-to-Action (CTA) to urge the readers to take some action post reading your blog. It could be to subscribe to your blog, purchase your product, download your e-book, share feedback, and so on.   Place your CTA at the sidebar or at the footer.   Add Share buttons: If you want your blogs to reach a larger number of people or be viral, don’t forget to add the share button. This will allow the visitors to share your blog on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other such social media platforms.  Once you have written your blog post, the next step is to proofread it. Make sure it is grammatically error-free, and there are no lengthy sentences. Avoid passive sentences too. Readers prefer interesting and informative posts. Give them what they want, and they would soon be your regular readers. Have tips to write a perfect blog for the hotel business? Add in the comment section below: Job seekers  can register and upload your resume here  and apply to millions of  Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs in USA  across top companies in the hospitality industry in your desired locations Now! Connect with 10000+ employers and get the latest job alerts about similar jobs now on the  Best Hospitality Jobs portal in the USA .
Write content that resonates: Write content that’s more relevant to the visitors and closer to your brand. Feel the pain points of the users and customize your content accordingly. Don’t curate content that sounds like a sales pitch. An impeccable content that is creative, attention-grabbing, error-free, and informative will do justice with your restaurant business.   The frequency of posts:  You cannot afford to bombard your pages with frequent social media posts. 2 posts per day would suffice your purpose.    Facebook: 3-10 posts per week. Twitter: 5 tweets per day LinkedIn: Since it is a professional networking site, keep your posts limited to 2-5 times per week. Pinterest: Ensure that you post 5-10 times per day.   Consider these content tools: These content tools will help you to pick the most relevant and trending topics connected to your brand. A wrong keyword or irrelevant content will affect your traffic and brand presence. Thus, be wise while picking up the ideas and topics related to your hotel business.   Buzzsumo: Type the keyword related to the hotel industry and this tool will return you the most relevant post associated with the keyword. You can further research on the topic to create your Facebook or Twitter posts. Use this tool to find out the most relevant and trending content related to your brand. The tool is free and is one of the most useful tools to find out informative content related to all social media profiles.    Use the social media editorial calendar tools: Publish the posts by scheduling them using these tools once the content is good to go:   Basecamp: This tool helps you to manage multiple projects. As a project management app, it helps in content curation and content scheduling. And, guess what? This tool is absolutely free!    WordPress Editorial Calendar Plugin: If you want your blogs to be shared on all the social media platforms, WordPress Editorial Calendar Plugin will take care of it.   Edit Flow: Do you wish there was a tool to help you with customer comments and content engagement? Use Edit Flow to have a monthly editorial calendar view.    Google Calendar: Working as a team? Want your teammates to share their ideas on the social media calendar posts? Use Google Calendar to invite your team to review the social media calendar and share their ideas and suggestions to the same calendar.   Do use the above tips to create an effective social media calendar for your restaurant brand.    Have ways to create an impeccable and meaningful social media calendar? Do share with us in the comment section below. Job seekers  can register and upload your resume here  and apply to millions of  Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs in USA  across top companies in the hospitality industry in your desired locations Now! Connect with 10000+ employers and get the latest job alerts about similar jobs now on the  Best Hospitality Jobs portal in the USA .
Be it Subway or Burger King, one has to be proactive in meeting the demands of the customers. As the restaurant grows bigger and bigger, handling a single Tweet or responding to a single Facebook post becomes tedious. Marketing Automation is one such tool that allows reaching every individual customer in a more personalized manner to make them lifelong patrons. Here are three benefits of using Automate Marketing: Better Management: The automated program will relieve you from the burden of handling promotions and marketing events. It will channelize the marketing strategies right from reverting to an Email to handling your posts.    Finance Management: Thinking about some wise investments in the Restaurant business? Automate Marketing will reduce your expenses on several communication channels. You will be surprised to manage your marketing budget with optimum results.   A systematic process: Who wouldn’t want a centralized system to take care of all the marketing activities with bare-minimum efforts? An automated marketing system will set a marketing base for your restaurant business. Try it out!   Ways to Automate your Restaurant’s Marketing:   Optimize Social Media: With the help of Automation Marketing, you can schedule your posts, automate replies, create a new blog, follow a blog, post new content, and so on. Don’t forget to customize your posts, depending on the platform that you are sharing. For example, A Tweet and a post on Instagram have to be different. Also, keep a check on your page followers, number of likes, shares, and comments on the posts. You can tweak the posts based on the response from the visitors.   Channelize your Emails: Are you constantly checking your emails so that you don’t miss out on even a single customer? Worried about your Welcome-emails? Want to update your patrons with the latest events and celebrations? An automated program will not only communicate on your behalf but will also send an alert to your customers as and when required. A miss you email will be sent if the customers haven’t placed an order for a long time. Blog posts about the food industry and the latest dishes will hit the mailbox to keep the customers updated. An email requesting the customers to share their dining experience can assist you in making the respective changes.    Track your Loyalty rewards: A lot of time and money can be saved if the loyalty rewards are automatized. No longer the employees have to take the strain of punching and printing the cards. A single registration will allow you to save the contact details of the customers. Use the software to check if the customers have earned any rewards points, the unused points, the last redemption date, and other such offers and discounts.   Needless to mention that automate marketing has a significant impact on the hotel business. If you’re still struggling to manage your day-to-day clientele, it’s time to switch to automate marketing.    Are you already using automated marketing? Yes! Do share your experience in the comment section below! Job seekers  can register and upload your resume here  and apply to millions of  Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs in USA  across top companies in the hospitality industry in your desired locations Now! Connect with 10000+ employers and get the latest job alerts about similar jobs now on the  Best Hospitality Jobs portal in the USA .
There would hardly be any organization where meetings aren’t organized. It’s a part of every organization, rather every department as communication is a vital part of every team. Ever heard of meeting etiquettes? Yes, they do exist and can help you to leave a powerful impact on all the other members. Here are 5 habits of an effective meeting:   Timings: The first rule of a meeting is to adhere to the timings. If you have scheduled for a meet at a particular time, then you should be the first to follow it and either be ahead of the slated time or on time. This will ensure that all the important aspects are covered within the stipulated time and latecomers will be careful from next time. You should also finish the meeting on time as there might be a different schedule for a different person.    Agenda of the meeting: You cannot randomly invite people and start discussing a topic. A meeting must have an agenda as in the objective of the meeting must be known. A written agenda must cover the objective of the meeting, topics to be discussed and the facts and figures required. You can also circulate it to the attendees so that they can prepare well for it in advance.   Set the desired Outcome: There are times when the meeting may not be as effective as you would have expected it to be. Thus, it is better to set the desired outcome before forming the agenda. This will prevent the meeting from going off the track.   Review the minutes: Minutes are the gist of a meeting. If you have scheduled a meeting earlier on the same objective, you can read the minutes of it in the meeting. This will allow the participants to connect themselves to the context easily. If anything is pending from the previous report, you can ask the concerned person about it. Also, you can assign the next task to the person.   Read the action items: Once you are done with the discussion, it is always better to remind people of the actionable items. The person who is recording the minutes must read the actionable tasks and the responsible person for it. Remind them of the stipulated time within which the task must be completed. You can also declare the next date of a meeting if you are sure about it.   Thus, a professional meeting must be carried out effectively and efficiently. Every important topic must be covered and the objective must be met. The attendees must feel that they have invested time in meeting rather than feeling it as a waste of time. Punctuality is the essence of a meeting and all the participants should stick to it. Formal dress code is mandatory in a meeting. The participants should allow the other person to speak before making a point. Interrupting a speaker is not a good idea in a meeting. A perfect meeting can generate great results for a business. Job seekers  can register and upload your resume here  and apply to millions of  Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs in USA  across top companies in the hospitality industry in your desired locations Now! Connect with 10000+ employers and get the latest job alerts about similar jobs now on the  Best Hospitality Jobs portal in the USA .
Teamwork plays a vital role in the success of a company. An individual cannot manage all the tasks on their own all the time. Thus, it’s always better to approach colleagues and collaborate with other teams to get the best output. If you’re in the hospitality industry, here’s how teamwork can help your business:   Improved Morale: When people are assigned different work, they tend to be supportive and responsible. The team members feel a part of the work and they tend to be more sincere towards the work. When ownership and authority go hand in hand, the result is more than satisfactory. It also increases the morale of the team members. They will tend to be more positive and happier towards the work.       Greater Flexibility : If there is any major problem in a business, one can take help from any member as every individual is skilled in a different way. Organize a brainstorming session and you will be surprised to see the multiple ideas that pop up during the session. Remember, no problem is as difficult as it appears to be. There are several departments and if there is any particular product, one can form a team from several departments to get the best output. This gives the team members flexibility to work in a better way.   Increased customer satisfaction: A hotel business demands constant improvement when it comes to customer service. A blend of creativity and customization can help in better customer satisfaction. Based on the requirement, the team is formed and a manager is appointed to finish the task.    Better learning: When two or more people form a team and work together, they tend to improve their skills and learn more and more. The team comprises of junior as well as senior levels. Hence, the juniors can always learn from the seniors and other team members. There are certain projects that require a specific skill set and one can learn these skills with the help of other team members. Thus, teamwork paves a way for better learning and improved skill set.   Better Relations amongst each other: The employees must know each other and only a healthy relationship can help them to perform better and better. Teamwork allows the members to not only work together but also strengthen relations. Research says that when people have better friend circles and relations in office, their productivity goes to a higher level.   If you have solely been dependent on a single person and haven’t seen much of the results, It’s time to form a team and see the change in your hotel business. Job seekers  can register and upload your resume here  and apply to millions of  Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs in USA  across top companies in the hospitality industry in your desired locations Now! Connect with 10000+ employers and get the latest job alerts about similar jobs now on the  Best Hospitality Jobs portal in the USA .
With the rising demand in the hotel industry, you must cater to the needs of your customers. Today’s consumers are more advanced and would want things to be done with the click of a button. Here’s how you can retain your customers with the help of a customized website:       Make a responsive site: As more and more people are using their mobile phones to book their accommodation, you need to ensure that your website is responsive. A responsive website will ensure that your site can be accessed on any device irrespective of the layout.       Easy to use: Your website must be designed in such a way that both technical, as well as non-technical visitors, must be able to use it easily. Most of the visitors turn away from the websites if the site is too complicated to be used. You need to have an impressive landing page so that the user is attracted to visit further pages. Make sure that you have a contact page or online booking page so that the users can take an action immediately or contact the company in case of any need.       Information: No matter how stylish or attractive your website is, incomplete information is a turn-off. The visitors will look for information that can help them to book their stay. Your content must be so eye-catching that the visitors will be compelled to book the rooms instantly. As an add-on, you can also mention about the exchange rates, the must-visit places, the weather conditions, the food, the public transport and so on. Don’t forget to write about hotel bookings and discounts.       High-quality images: A website represents your business. Along with creative content, it also requires high-quality images. Your brand value and offerings must be conveyed by these images. Do not use a low-quality image. Avoid too lengthy images. Be careful with watermarks as they can spoil your brand name. Try to use the original images and do not forget to mention the source of the images if you have taken it from the internet.       Call to action button: You would want your visitors to turn into your customers. Add some call-to-action buttons on your website so that you can hit their inbox whenever there is an offer that would interest them. You must add a blog section to your site so that the visitors are updated with the latest hotel industry trends. Do not miss to add Facebook, Google plus, and Twitter share buttons. This would work as a promotional platform for your website. Follow these simple tips to create a user-friendly website to draw more and more traffic. Don’t forget to check on the performance of your website. Any errors must be rectified immediately. Job seekers  can register and upload your resume here  and apply to millions of  Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs in USA  across top companies in the hospitality industry in your desired locations Now! Connect with 10000+ employers and get the latest job alerts about similar jobs now on the  Best Hospitality Jobs portal in the USA .
There is advancement in science and technology and it must be used to the optimum level to boost your business. Today there’s a solution to every problem. Gone are the days when stones were rigorously rubbed just to make a fire. Today, we have a cooktop which runs on electricity and can be easily carried from places to places. Thanks to the development era that we are into!   The rising business challenges:   The consumers have also widened their knowledge and are curious about new products and services. They do not hesitate to experiment with the ideas or buy a newly launched product or service. This leads to more innovation and competition in business. The business world is growing at a drastic level. With the increase in FDI, the business has global access. People can manage large and multiple businesses with the help of technology. Being in one corner of the world, one can find out what's happening at the other end of the world. The hotel industry has also experienced a drastic change which demands them to be more advanced and professional. This calls for the usage of hotel management software for better customer experience.    Benefits of the hotel management software: The hotel management software can make your task very simpler and easier irrespective of your occupancy rate. One doesn’t have to physically monitor and manually operate the system. When the guest checks in, the receptionist must enter all the details related to the check-in time, duration of stay, type of room, identification proof, number of people and other relevant details that are mandatory. Once all these data are captured, the guests will be allowed to check-in the rooms. This not only saves time and the chances of fraud, but also serves as proof of record. The data can be pulled off as and when required. The electronic digital card also minimizes the chances of robbery when the guests aren’t in the room. The house cleaning staff can also be given a separate card for cleaning and maintenance purposes. The entry and exit time will automatically be stored on the card. The hotel management software has ample features to make the hotel business more reliable and quick.   If you are in the hospitality industry and want to minimize your efforts, it’s time to switch to Hotel hotel management software. There are multiple companies that offer customized software to cater to your needs at affordable prices. Opt for a software demo to get access to the best hotel management software.    If you are planning to make a career in the hospitality industry, visit to find out jobs as per your requirements. Register on the website and upload your resume along with the details of your desired job, you are sure to attract some of the best employers.  Good luck! Job seekers  can register and upload your resume here  and apply to millions of  Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs in USA  across top companies in the hospitality industry in your desired locations Now! Connect with 10000+ employers and get the latest job alerts about similar jobs now on the  Best Hospitality Jobs portal in the USA .
As mentioned over the previous blog, any businesses that deal with customer satisfaction by meeting their leisure needs come under the umbrella of the hospitality industry. This industry comprises of several units such as theme parks, restaurants, amusement parks, cruise lines, along with these there are facilities like housekeepers, kitchen workers, bartenders, and many more. This multi-billion industry is dependent on leisure times, non-refundable incomes, and customer satisfaction. It is primarily divided into Accommodation and Food & Drinks, which are further subdivided into various sectors or services. The previous article dealt with the accommodation part of the hospitality industry and now we are going to explain about Food & Drinks.   Food & Drinks Food and drinks are essentials, but most food and drinks services come under the hospitality industry because this sector caters to all kinds of cuisine or varieties to the liking and satisfaction of the customer that is inclusive of locals, tourists, passers-by, or anyone. Moreover, this service is offered along with entertainment and luxury. These food and drinks are catered to the clients through a different medium and each one of them belongs to the hospitality industry.           Restaurants: Restaurants are one of the service providers of food and drinks. You can consume the food in the same place or take away home. There are different varieties of restaurants that come under the hospitality industry like the fine dining restaurants, fast food joints, takeaway restaurants, and many more.         Catering: Catering services are also a kind of food service provider that belongs to either a particular place or a remote location; they do not have to be the main service provider but an alternate. For example, if there is an event or a party, you can call a catering service provider to prepare and serve and drinks for you. These catering units can provide food at the parks, stadiums, event venues, and even hotels.         Bars & Cafés: Bars and Cafés are a casual form of restaurants; as these places give a chance to socialize and enjoy food. While bars tend to serve both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for the customers. Bars usually tend to serve beverages and offer entertainment too. Whereas, cafés target customers who indulge in coffee, tea, snacks.         Nightclubs: The hospitality industry is all about giving luxury and catering to the customer’s needs, which even means looking after the entertainment in the night times as well. A place that serves food and drinks along with entertainment is a nightclub. These clubs serve alcoholic drinks until late in the night, at times few places play music, and dancing is encouraged. Each nightclub works on a specific theme catering to the locals, tourists, and all forms of customers.         Tea and Coffee shops: Cafés, tea and coffee shops the functionalities of these two places are similar. Both the places serve coffee and tea along with some snacks. Having said that, tea and coffee shops are usually individual rooms located in a larger establishment or building such as hotels, which might include merchandise to take away such as teabags, coffee beans, or coffee mugs, and so on. Now that you are little educated, about what the hospitality industry umbrella caters to, and the sectors it is subdivided into. Hope there is no room for doubt or confusion between this industry and other service-based industries. Job seekers  can register and upload your resume here  and apply to millions of  Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs in USA  across top companies in the hospitality industry in your desired locations Now! Connect with 10000+ employers and get the latest job alerts about similar jobs now on the  Best Hospitality Jobs portal in the USA .
Definition of the hospitality industry “Hospitality industry,” this term is quite common among everyone. But how many know what actually this sector comprises? How is built? How does it function? And many more How’s and what’s that need to be answered. Before divulging into what the hospitality industry is all about, let us first define what it is. While many of us are aware of what consists of the hospitality industry, but the minute ratio of people knows what makes this industry workable. Varied businesses and services related to leisure and customer satisfaction come under the umbrella called “The hospitality industry.” The focus of this industry is to provide pleasure, enjoyment, experience to its customers, whereas it is mainly mistaken for an industry that caters only to necessities and essentials. Many people get confused between the hospitality industry and the travel industry. Although there are many commonalities between these two industries, there are also subtle differences that one should know. Coming back to our discussion, the sectors within the hospitality industry are read as follows:     Accommodation: The hospitality industry consists of accommodation as a major sector that deals facilitating the customers with a place to stay on a short term or a temporary basis. Though the accommodation is commonly associated with the travel industry, the accommodation sector offers a local touring for the guests, or for those customers who require temporary accommodation for any purpose. This accommodation is further segmented into the following     Bed and breakfasts: Bed and breakfasts are places that offer a night stay and breakfast in the morning to the guests. The owners, who live in the same property, where the guests are given a separate room and probably a separate bathroom too, usually give this accommodation.     Hotels: These are the most common format of accommodation that is within the hospitality industry. Hotels provide customers with stays either overnight or for longer durations. Apart from a stay at the establishment/lodging facility, hotels tender other services like room service, housekeeping, eating, and drinking.       Motels: These are similar to hotels, but designed specifically for motorists who can rest/stay overnight. This is the reason most of the motels are usually located on the roadside with free car parking services. Although motels do provide a place to stay, usually they do not provide as many amenities as hotels such as housekeeping, and so on.     Resorts: Resorts are similar to hotels but with a larger range of amenities. The guests are facilitated with stay, food and beverages, shopping, entertainment, and other facilities without getting out of the resort. A few resorts put a price tag that is inclusive of all the mentioned facilities, and the customer is free to use them.     Serviced apartments: Serviced apartments is another form of accommodation that falls under the umbrella of the hospitality industry. These apartments are offered to the customers for either short or long-term stays. These places are usually fully furnished, working kitchen, and at times may include services similar to hotels like housekeeping, laundry, and so on.   Accommodation and its subsets are one part of the hospitality industry. The next set is Food and Drinks, which will be explained over the coming blog. Job seekers  can register and upload your resume here  and apply to millions of  Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs in USA  across top companies in the hospitality industry in your desired locations Now! Connect with 10000+ employers and get the latest job alerts about similar jobs now on the  Best Hospitality Jobs portal in the USA .