If you are interested in growing along with a fast-moving and fast-growing industry. If you are one of those, who love to interact with people or enjoy teamwork – then the hospitality industry is the right industry to join. The hospitality industry is a great career-seeking platform for students who are I search for a job upon graduation. This place gives you the paramount experience of interacting with customers from different backgrounds. So, before you seek a job in the hospitality industry it is best advised to do some studying for the hospitality degree on the advantageous side. This blog is here to answer all your questions regarding pursuing education in this industry.     A career without limits A hospitality management degree is always an advantage as it paves a better path for a successful career and there is potential to grow in high-level positions. There is a lot of diversity in the hospitality industry that gives you a varied scope to grow and there is no dearth for job search. With a degree in hotel management, you can start your career path by either starting a restaurant, run a resort, or be part of event management – the choice is all yours.       An opportunity to globe-trot Another advantage of having a hospitality management degree is, it allows you to see the world. If it is your dream to get a job at a boutique hotel in a big city or restaurant on an exotic beach, then this degree will give you a chance to secure your place there. With international tourist numbers on a rise, then there is a parallel need for hospitality professionals, which means there is a higher demand for hospitality graduates across the globe.       An exciting industry According to a survey, over the next ten years, the hospitality industry is set to create 80 million new jobs, which indicates the evolution of the industry and the incredible security it will be provided to the job seekers. Apart from this, the excitement factor to join the hospitality industry is the involvement of digital technology, how it is transforming the hospitality experience for both the job seeker and the provider.     Scope for learning vital skills The hospitality industry is useful in developing many vital skills like leadership and teamwork. These skills are vital in any kind of industry. An individual possessing both soft and hard skills are considered an eligible candidate during an interview. For many profiles, recruiters look for candidates with soft skills such as leadership qualities, as a manager has to lead, ensure that his/her team members are listening, and allocate each member their respective tasks. A person with good business knowledge and attention to detail is also a considerable pick in the hospitality industry because hard skills help in the overall development of the organization. So, when you are planning for graduation in hospitality management, also ensure that you are equipped with both soft and hard skills.   Now that you have gathered information on why you should have a hospitality degree and the pros of being part of the powerful family, the hospitality industry, it is your turn to look for a good hospitality management school that can offer not only a great education but also show you the ways for your career endeavors. Job seekers  can register and upload your resume here  and apply to millions of  Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs in USA  across top companies in the hospitality industry in your desired locations Now! Connect with 10000+ employers and get the latest job alerts about similar jobs now on the  Best Hospitality Jobs portal in the USA .
Dear Business Owner, US Congress has authorized $310 billion for loans for small business through Paycheck Protection Program. Many small business owners are still waiting for the bank to process their applications. And some banks are not participating in SBA PPP Programs. Fortunately, there are many online lenders and banks who are accepting new SBA PPP Applications. One question that no one seems to be answering is whether you can apply for second loan application when some other bank is already processing your application. There is no straight answer. But when we spoke to some of the business owners, they did mention that when the loan is processed with one bank, other applications will automatically be declined. Again, there is no official guide. This is from the experience of business owners who got the loan. Also, some online platforms like and are partnering with multiple SBA approved lenders and business owners are saying that they are getting requests from multiple lenders at same time. Below are some of the useful resources if you have not applied for the SBA PPP loan: FAQ of SBA PPP Program (Updated on 5/6/2020): State-wise Lenders participating in SBA PPP Program: List of Banks accepting SBA PPP Applications: Online lenders accepting SBA PPP Loan applications (Although there are many, most of the business owners suggested below list): Best Regards, Team. PS: This letter is only as a guidance and information for applying the SBA PPP Loans. or its parent company does not take any responsibility for any loss or damage caused by this information. You should consult your bank or financial expert if you need the advice in applying the loan. Register and upload your resume here and  apply to millions of Full-Time and  Part-Time Jobs in USA across top companies in the hospitality industry in your desired locations Now! Connect with 10000+ employers and get the latest job alerts about similar jobs now on the Best Hospitality Jobs portal in the USA. 
As COVID-19 made its way in every part of the globe, economics have seen the graph steep down resulting in many companies shutting down, people going jobless and the financial scenarios have taken a different turn. It is during these tough times, one needs to understand the value of money even better and know how to spend wisely. The subject that everyone needs to be informed and aware of is managing finances. This is not constrained to the hospitality industry alone. Focusing on this topic, here we try to give you tips that might help you in keeping your expenses low. Unemployment application: You might be one of those who have been laid off or asked to take unpaid leave for some time; with no assurance of being called back. This is when you have to accept the harsh reality; you fall under the unemployment bracket. The next step you take here is to apply for unemployment at the earliest. The process might take time, but you would surely get your claims. As the employment status is the same across many places, the claiming process will take a longer time than expected. Each state has different qualifications to apply for the claim. Before going in to apply, check if your qualification is included in your state. Check your bank account It is always better to have a tab on your bank accounts. Checking your accounts so that the money is not going to places where you have made subscriptions and forgotten or enrolled for something and not used. Calling back all the money that is invested for luxuries is a good idea during the tough times. Food assistance Reaching out for assistance during these times is not wrong. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – SNAP is a federal program that caters monthly benefits to individuals based on their incomes so that purchasing food is a little easier. These food stamps work as money at most of the grocery stores. However, these stamps come with limits as to what can be and what cannot be purchased.   Loan provider If you have a federal student loan from the Department of Education then it is the right time to reach out to your loan provider and explain your financial situation. According to a recent press release, based on the chaos COVID-19 has created, the Department of Education announced that the Federal Student Aid is automatically reducing the interest rates to 0% for at least 60 days. If you do not belong to the Federal student group, even then it is a good step to contact your loan provider and explain the current scenario.   Contacting the landlord Contacting the landlord is another step you can toward managing your finances. Laying out your financial crisis to your landlord and checking if there can be many options available is not a bad idea. Many policies are coming up across the nations to ensure that the renters are covered with enough rights during the COVID-19 situation. There are national and local aides that are trying to help and protect renters during the current pandemic.   Apply for relief funds Another big step you can toward managing your finances is by applying for relief funds. Some organizations and units are working collaboratively on gathering donations and resource it out to people who are seeking help during their financial crisis.   COVID-19 has united the human race like never before. This humanitarian crisis has hit everyone alike. So, if you are one of those who are looking and seeking out help, it is best to ask for help, and also help others if you are in a good state. Job seekers  can register and upload your resume here  and apply to millions of  Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs in USA  across top companies in the hospitality industry in your desired locations Now! Connect with 10000+ employers and get the latest job alerts about similar jobs now on the  Best Hospitality Jobs portal in the USA .
There is a growing and massive Coronavirus pandemic and people are spending more and more time on technology, social media, and trying to be connected. This is the time when you can show your customers the gesture of oneness and simultaneously remind them of your presence. Use social media to connect with the public and interact with them in the time of need. Use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other platforms to let the audience escape their view from the happening disaster for at least some time. Follow some of the tips mentioned below so that you can be on the positive and right side of the social posting during the pandemic. Review the messages: There might be automated messages or news you have been sending to your regular customers or subscribers. But, keeping in mind the current situation the generic and casual postings displaying your creativity might not go well with few. So, it is always better to live in the moment and accordingly do your act. For example in the current state, coronavirus has caused a lot of chaos across the globe for many families and industries too – try addressing this situation through the mailers or platforms you have chosen to reach the audience. If you try to avoid and not address the current situation in your platforms, then it would not pass on a good message to the audience and there could be chances of distancing themselves from your business.   Let the brand speak: Being there in the time of crisis with your customers and your audience not only makes them realize that you are standing for your brand values. This in a way does some passive advertising of your brand. Ensure that your brand presence on a social platform is all about being there for the customers and the social community. This move speaks volumes about your brand value. And, if your brand is not as badly hit as others, then it is good to participate in some altruism.   Keep the topics to generic: Social media is an open platform. It is accessible by anyone and everyone with lesser restrictions. There is so much information flowing across the different platforms that none can differentiate between reality and fake news. These at times cause could be detrimental to the public. One requires enough research and reliable sources to share information as delicate as the situation. Causing panic through social media and your brand forwarding, the same does not put you in a good place. So, try to avoid postings of that sort or get your sources right and share the right information with the audience.   Understand the perspective Not many brands would like to pool in some revenue/capitalize during this crisis. But, how you position and present yourself during this period will not only influence your business but your brand also in a longer duration. The pandemic period is affecting many businesses, while you try to keep yourself in the market by keeping in constant contact with your customers through a different medium, ensure that there are humane activities that you participate in which would increase the trust of your followers.   Be visible As COVID-19 affected every corner of the world, the major concern of individuals is how to contain it and fight it than in raising their business. With the ongoing concerns of social distancing and new rules coming in, the businesses have now turned to social media for keeping their presence alive. When it comes to the hotel industry, instead of walking away from the media platforms it is good to take the leap and be available for your customers and audience. You can be thereby for them posting on varied topics keeping them engaged and entertained. You may also share the updates of the current scenario only if the facts are checked. In this way, you will be bonding better with the audience and your brand will garner more customers.   These mindful and necessary steps by the hotel industry if taken at this moment, it would not only cement the relations better but also keep your brand presence alive. Job seekers  can register and upload your resume here  and apply to millions of  Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs in USA  across top companies in the hospitality industry in your desired locations Now! Connect with 10000+ employers and get the latest job alerts about similar jobs now on the  Best Hospitality Jobs portal in the USA .