Who is a Sommelier? Sommelier is a subject matter expert of wine. These individuals possess profound knowledge of wine and use this expertise in serving guests by advising the right combination of wine and food. An individual earns the title “Sommelier” once they have completed their sommelier diploma program through the International Sommelier Guild. There is a multiple-use for the term Sommelier. A wine steward is addressed as a sommelier, although the individual does not possess a sommelier diploma but backs enough expertise with wine tasting, and also attended wine-related courses. Some upscale restaurants, hotels, or businesses hire sommeliers as their in-house wine experts as they can help to advise the right combination of food and wine to serve the guests. These individuals are given a special role because they possess good knowledge about the countries and regions across the globe. They also have good understanding of the different grapes, harvest, vineyards, wineries, fermentation process, and every detail that is involved in the winemaking. Sommeliers like other profiles in the hospitality industry do not have a desk or fixed place profile as they have to travel and gain knowledge of the winemaking processes. The sommeliers also tend to attend wine tastings to know and understand the ongoing wine industry trends.   Sommelier responsibilities: Duties of a sommelier usually consist of them creating wine lists, maintaining the wine inventory, rotate wine stock, suggest best wine pairing, propose wines based on the guest’s taste, training wait staff on wine, and conducting wine tasting programs. The above is the list of restaurant duties. Whereas, the duty of a sommelier differs in a winery as the sommeliers have extensive knowledge about the grapes and the right way to cultivate them for making the different types of wines.  So, the sommelier here teaches or conducts programs teaching individuals on how to taste wine, distinguish various wine characteristics. Sommeliers are also at times responsible for conducting training sessions for restaurant staff. Apart from a sommelier can find a job at casinos, spas, and other businesses that deal with wine.   Another advantage of being a sommelier is one can open their own wine shop and simultaneously conduct programs on wine tasting, serve different wines, and share their expertise with the guests and staff equally. Sommelier's job is termed exclusive because of their profile and adept knowledge. When an employer is on a lookout for a sommelier, they look for the following requirements: Experience as a wine steward/stewardess Creating a good pairing of food and wine Extensive knowledge of different wines and the places of produce The familiarity of local vineyards and wineries Awareness of the winemaking process High communication skills Flexible to travel and conduct wine tasting events Open for availability at any hour, which is inclusive of weekdays and holidays Having a degree or diploma in Sommelier is an added advantage Not everyone can achieve the Master Sommelier tag. Only a few in the entire world could achieve it and have special positions in all esteemed establishments. To achieve like the others enroll yourself in the best programs and in case you have a degree in sommelier then get a job through the best site . Job seekers  can register and upload your resume here  and apply to millions of  Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs in USA  across top companies in the hospitality industry in your desired locations Now! Connect with 10000+ employers and get the latest job alerts about similar jobs now on the  Best Hospitality Jobs portal in the USA .
A Pastry Chef or Patisserie is a professional cook who prepares a variety of baked items, desserts, and other sweet related dishes. A trained pastry chef is responsible for preparing the dessert menu along with the executive pastry chef, involved in creating a wide variety of desserts, bread, and everything from scratch. Other roles of a pastry chef include structure an overall dessert menu, food tasting with staff, don the role of a supervisor in the absence of the executive chef, and assist with scheduling staff. There are varied options to choose from for a pastry chef, such as baking and pastry, being a chocolatier, making candy or cupcakes, or anything that hits the sweet spot. Inventing new desserts with various ingredients and having a good knowledge of the items used is the core of chef training. Before taking the plunge into real-time restaurants or a professional kitchen, the chef needs to have hands-on training. They also need to have a number of skills and abilities, apart from baking goods; they need to know the tricks and ways to bring in customers turn the first-time customers to regular visitors; chefs also should possess leadership skills, time management skills, assign tasks to the chef staff, make well-balanced decisions and be in the moment. Pastry chefs have a chance of working in a wide range of kitchen and culinary environments, right from large and small restaurants to franchise bakeries, hotels to convention centers, and bistros to casinos, there are varied places where a pastry chef can search a job/position. Most of the time, pastry section is maintained separately to the main kitchen. If you want to get your place as a pastry chef in the organization then the structure of training or stages of training starts with the individual being a line or prep cook. A line cook is responsible only for parts of the kitchen like the stove or oven or one specific section, wherein they assist the executive chef or head pastry chef in their tasks like preparing ingredients ahead. This is usually a basic way and the best way to gain experience and understand how a kitchen functions. The roles of a pastry chef changes according to the place of work, if the restaurant is big then an assistant pastry chef role comes into picture wherein, the individual needs to assist the executive pastry chef by creating icings, fillings, preparation of bread and other baking-related activities. The pastry chef is a challenging job they need to be strong and ethical in their work field. They have to foresee the situation, requirement of the customers by bringing and making the right amount of confectionaries. Along with ethics, the patisserie needs to be energetic as their work demands long hours on feet.   One need not have a formal education to become a pastry chef, but they might sure need either prior experience by crossing through the stages explained above or by enrolling into proper training programs. There are universities that offer degree/formal training/other certifications focusing on the skills of baking. Structuring of the programs is as per the requirement of the student. If the individual is aspiring to work in high-end restaurants or cruise ships then the programs/courses are accordingly available. Pastry chef job is a high-demand profile that either allows you to be a team player by joining in restaurants/bakeries/other pastry shops or start a confectionery shop on your own. Choices are jobs are abundant; it is time for you to decide. Job seekers  can register and upload your resume here  and apply to millions of  Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs in USA  across top companies in the hospitality industry in your desired locations Now! Connect with 10000+ employers and get the latest job alerts about similar jobs now on the  Best Hospitality Jobs portal in the USA .
Do you like to bring in customers for your business or place of work? Do you like to play with the market numbers by using your marketing tricks? Then being part of the sales team or even better being a sales manager is the best fitting profile. The sales department is vital for the hospitality industry as this niche helps the business to grow. Although having sales professional in the team might not see immediate high rocketing sales/clientele but there would be definite growth in the business. The hospitality industry is a kind of niche that requires a sales executive to build client relations. Bonding with the customers/clients can happen only by traveling to their locations, contacting them, inviting them over, and performing other priorities that bring in better deals/business. The following are the different formats of sales profiles that you can apply for in the industry.     Reservation Sales Associate: As the title says, these employees help in the reservation process. The reservation sales associate is responsible for making a positive first impression of the hotel or the brand when the guests visit the place. They are the ones who respond to the incoming reservation requests and have access to lead management. They have all the details regarding the packages and the cross-selling amenities of the hotel. It is necessary for the staff to have this information for better promotion of the brand. The must-have for the Reservation Sales Associate is to possess phone etiquette, proper communicating skills, and noting down the reservation information accurately.     Sales Coordinator: Sales coordinating job is an entry-level position applicable for fresh graduates or someone who is looking for a career in hospitality sales. The coordinators are responsible to assist sales directors and managers in achieving sales goals, communicate with clients about the programs booked, organizing event details by aligning with other departments of the hotel.     Business development manager: Every business requires an individual who knows the tricks to boost the economy or woo the guests or the other ways to develop the business; for the same post are the Business development managers. The role of this individual is to work closely with travel agents, tour operators, and other clientele from the same field and increase hotel bookings. The business development managers also spend a lot of time meeting people, representing the hotel brand, organizing meets and advertising about the hotel. Usually success of business development managers depends on their sales pitch and numbers.     Corporate Sales Manager: Corporate sales manager is all about connecting and networking with corporate clients who can propose a hotel for business travelers. Apart from maintaining good relations with the existing corporate customers, the managers have to bring in new businesses and new accounts to the hotel. Their responsibility also includes presenting the strengths and potentiality of the hotel brand by arranging presentations, site visits, meetings, and highlighting it is the right place for any corporate functions and conferences. Other job titles in the sales field are Banquet sales manager, group sales manager, and leisure sales manager – irrespective of the titles, all of these profiles carry the common criterion or goal they possess is to bring in business for the hotel. They are vital and key pillars in the fall or rise of the hotel brand because, they represent the brand in the market, the pool in the guests with lucrative offers or presentations or promotions, partially they are responsible for the profits of the business. Job seekers  can register and upload your resume here  and apply to millions of  Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs in USA  across top companies in the hospitality industry in your desired locations Now! Connect with 10000+ employers and get the latest job alerts about similar jobs now on the  Best Hospitality Jobs portal in the USA .
When you reach a place and see that the diner is untidy with improper then it is never a welcoming sign for the hotel. You need assistance who can keep things in place, tidy, and presentable. Everyone requires a helping hand especially when there is a shortage of staff, the sudden inflow of more guests, and especially if the establishment is a large-scale one too. This is where the busser plays a prime role. Busser's importance is less known by many. These individuals are those who keep the place tidy after every meal, arrange the linens, cutlery, and silverware for the next guests. The dining experience turns into a pleasant one or not based on the ability of these bussers/busboy/busgirl. Busboy/busgirl’s responsibility is to clear the tables, be presentable when approaching the diners, courteously inquiring the guests if they have finished their appetizers/beverage/the main course, and then clearing the table carefully without spilling on the table or the diners. They also have to ensure that if they have replenished the beverages or replace the cutlery based on the meal. Education: A busser has varied tasks and main helpers in either service or housekeeping departments. They assist waiters and housekeeping staff. These individuals are an integral part of the hospitality industry. To be a busboy/busgirl, no formal education is required. If you are targeting higher-end cafes or restaurants then probably a high school diploma or a degree is required. If you are trying for placement in the bars like handling beverages, then you have to be of legal age. Industry: As per the employment analysis, the bussers can find employment in the following industries:         Restaurants         Diners         Bars         Clubs         Cafes         Bistros Experience: Most of the professions require experience, more experience better are the chances to survive in the industry. Similarly, a busser, although it does not have a great deal of growth or advancement having years of experience in the same industry, adds for a better position or in getting the job easy. Job seekers  can register and upload your resume here  and apply to millions of  Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs in USA  across top companies in the hospitality industry in your desired locations Now! Connect with 10000+ employers and get the latest job alerts about similar jobs now on the  Best Hospitality Jobs portal in the USA .
You know how to place orders, but do you know it is an art to know the way to take orders.  Here are a few simple steps that make you stride better while taking in the orders by hand.       Wait out for the guests to settle and feel comfortable with the environment       Smile, make eye contact, and be patient – wait for the guests to call you       Present the guests with the menu and move away to give time for them to decide what to order. Try to evaluate or fill them in with the day’s specialties and let them decide.       When you understand that the guest is ready to place an order, and then courteously ask, “Would you like to order now?”       Prior to taking the order, ensure that you are fully equipped with the notepad and pen/pencil.       What to order is totally choice of the guests but you can suggest them to either have a beverage/soup/starters based on their order   Leaning toward the guest while taking the order isn’t appropriate. Always stay a little away and bend forward to hear clearly and make note of the right items   Concentrate on what the guest is ordering, repeating oneself while placing order makes few guests unhappy and insulted. To avoid such situations it is better to focus on what the guest is saying.   The waiter/waitress must be thorough with the menu items, the availability, and so forth. Guests could ask any kind of question regarding the ingredients of the food items. It is always good to be abreast of every detail on the menu.   At times guests are unsure about what to order. They either are new to the hotel or would like to prefer some specialties of the place. Either way, this is the time; you can pitch in and show your expertise. You can suggest to them the best dishes/most wanted dishes in your hotel, and before that check, what kind of cuisine they would prefer.   No one likes jumbling especially when it comes to food. To avoid confusion, ensure you write the right notes. Make a note of the dishes, the sequence in which the guests ordered/requested, and the people to whom to serve. A simple trick for this is to number the guests of that particular table and accordingly serve.   Generally, few guests do not maintain order while ordering food items. But, being a professional make sure the appetizers are brought in first, then the beverages, the main course follows, and to end it with some dessert time.   Between every course give some time for the guests to enjoy and then go for the next one. If they are having drinks, then check if they would like to replenish/refill. Every time you ask a guest the talk should be straight and well mannered   Not every guest comes in with the same mood, some come in a hurry, some to relax, some really hungry, and some to try out new cuisine. Based on the type of guest you are taking orders from, check their status, and accordingly suggest food items. For example, if a guest is in a hurry you can advise upon having some ready to serve items.   Suggestive selling is a plus point for a waiter but you should be aware of the type of guest you are serving to. If it is a couple or a student, it is better not to advise for costly food items.   At the end of all the courses, ask your guests courteously if they would like to have anything else. Many of them are in the notion that being a waiter/waitress is an easy job. But, a note to all these apprehensions that being a waiter/waitress is not as easy as it appears. The individual should be adept not only with the hotel rules and with regulations, but from the start of the meal until the end, a waiter is responsible for the presentation of the place, food, and the decorum. So, it is not easy! Job seekers  can register and upload your resume here  and apply to millions of  Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs in USA  across top companies in the hospitality industry in your desired locations Now! Connect with 10000+ employers and get the latest job alerts about similar jobs now on the  Best Hospitality Jobs portal in the USA .
Having a getaway at a luxurious hotel isn’t a dream for most of them. Entering into a sprawling lobby, glamorous surroundings, huge chandeliers, spacious rooms with updated amenities, and attendants to look after your requirements all these come along with the royal treatment for the guests at lavish hotels. Although these come with a price tag, enjoying these privileges is one of its own. As we tread through the years, the definition of luxury has been changing. Earlier extravagance meant a huge place to stay by, services at beck and call, plush furnishings, large televisions. A few years ago spas were in high demand. In the current era, the same indulgence has got a different meaning. Now the luxury is less about the furnishing it is more about relationships, memories, experiences, and facilities that are exuberant. The current generation looks for recognition from their frequently visited hotels, and look out for special treatment whenever they visit by remembering their preferences. We have summarized the following luxury requisites that are redefined as per the latest trends: Personal rapport Relationship and communication is a priority for today’s generation. The guests crave for a personal rapport if the place they are visiting is a regular. A hotel is a place that gives a home away from home feeling. Although the amenities fulfill the need, the personal talk/communication/preferences make a lot of difference. Offering designated services to these special guests, assigning designated employees for their services, and rendering to the services at moment ordered – all these make a brand personalized. There are few hotels across the globe, which make their guests feel special by assigning them a team of assistants who are at their service for the entire stay. They provide individualized local trip plans, private tours, and so on. This is not only bonding with your regular customers but also a medium for increasing the guest's inflow rate/marketing your brand.   Services that speak luxury Luxury services speak out special attention to the special members of the hotel. The hotel staff try to pass on their gratitude and pleasantries to the guests in many ways; some of them are by giving turndown services, personal preferences of food/beverage, or surprises like leaving a basket full of the guest’s favorite fruits/chocolates along with a custom itinerary – such a gesture would leave a long-lasting impression about the hotel. As we are speaking about the current trends/redefining luxury, you can do something differently by pitching in a nanny for younger kids and relax the parents with a spa treatment. Alternatively, some kids supplies/toys that would engage the kids on a rainy day or, some pet-friendly services for the pets, special tags for the four-legged guests, and so on. You can let the relationship last for longer time by sending in pleasantries/greetings on their special occasions. Luxury in a new package As mentioned earlier, this era does not mind spending money if they are given the luxury they have dreamt/asked for. Luxury has a different meaning for this generation. They would like to capture moments in the laps of lush green meadows, move around for adventures and listen stories, rather lying around in the room they might want to visit the local markets/ go on local trips, if such small things are looked into and catered at the right moment then you have served them right.   Connecting and understanding the pulse of the customer makes the hospitality industry. This era or the generations to come, the hospitality industry makes itself adaptable as per that generation’s requirements and offer them the best. Job seekers  can register and upload your resume here  and apply to millions of  Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs in USA  across top companies in the hospitality industry in your desired locations Now! Connect with 10000+ employers and get the latest job alerts about similar jobs now on the  Best Hospitality Jobs portal in the USA .
When you enter a hotel, the first thing you observe the presentation, décor, cleanliness, the comforts it gives. The housekeeping department is solely responsible for keeping the hotel clean and presentable for the guests. The aim of the hotels always is to serve their customers the best and feel welcomed to the place. Hygiene is the priority for everyone and if it is reflecting at the place of stay then the guests feel value for money. Great service, splendid décor, nothing equals a tidy venue. The hospitality industry believes that the best way to keep the customers keep coming in is by maintaining order in the place by offering the necessary services and simultaneously upholding sanitization. Although housekeeping is a separate department in itself, responsible to provide a clean and comfortable place to stay every member of the establishment feels equal in charge. Three departments in the hotel specifically concentrate on the accommodation of the place. They are: The Reception/Front Office, whose staff responsible for allocation of the rooms The housekeeping department, which is responsible for planning, servicing, and providing the rooms. The maintenance department, who look into the hot and cold-water provision, lighting, ventilation, and maintaining the room’s condition. What is the role of a housekeeping department? Following are the vital roles played by the housekeeping department in the hospitality industry:     Displaying efficiency in the work by ensuring the care and comfort of the guests.     Establishing and following cleanliness and hygiene standards across all departments and the entire establishment     Ensuring the guests feel welcomed through their reliable service     Provision of tidy laundry in the rooms, restaurants, conference halls, and all parts of the hotel. Simultaneously maintaining inventory for all the linens.     Provision of uniforms for all the staff members and maintaining inventory for the same.     Assisting with the renovation and refurbishing of the establishment when required while consulting the senior management and the designers There are more responsibilities and roles donned by the housekeeping staff than that meets the eye. Housekeeping department’s latest trends: Go Green: The hospitality industry is a trend follower. The latest trends that the hospitality industry is complying with belong to the housekeeping department, wherein all the amenities and commodities provided are designed to conserve both water and energy. The green practices are prominent with the housekeeping staff as they put these practices into use via ceiling motion sensors in the conference and meeting rooms for energy saving. Usage of ecofriendly laundry rather reusing the linens. Tech-savvy: Information Technology gadgets and networking is considered to be taken a big portion of the hotel budget of late. Deploying the latest technology trends in the day-to-day housekeeping activities is new in the hospitality industry. Air purifying systems, remote-controlled curtains, plush pillows, branded gadgets, and so on. This kind of amenities not only attracts the luxury targeting customers but also makes your establishment stand out. As considered by many, housekeeping is a labor-intensive and low appreciated job. In order to maintain the turnover of the employees in the housekeeping department, the sector needs to bring in innovative methods to motivate the employees in joining in or stabilize the existing staff. Training of the new trends and little perks top the list of the housekeeping employee requirements this would lessen the low morale of the employees. Having said that, housekeeping is considered as the backbone of the hospitality industry as the department is not only ensures the cleanliness of the place but also continuously and consistently maintain the upkeep of the establishment. Job seekers  can register and upload your resume here  and apply to millions of  Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs in USA  across top companies in the hospitality industry in your desired locations Now! Connect with 10000+ employers and get the latest job alerts about similar jobs now on the  Best Hospitality Jobs portal in the USA .
Food and beverage are equal vital sections of the hospitality industry and the beverage manager’s profession, which is a unique profile, belongs to the culinary/beverage section of the industry. The beverage manager job is a mid-level job, which requires a minimum degree/graduation along with some experience in the same field. Who is a Beverage Manager? Beverage managers is a person who is licensed to work with drinks/alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Being a manager their responsibility is usually to supervise if the right quantity of drinks are mixed and supplied, making new recipes with them, preparing a menu, and cater to the customers. Beverage manager’s roles are usually prominent/available with large companies or catering companies, where there is a larger role to play. The beverage manager is usually hired in a catering company ensuring that the drinks are served in time and survey that the drinks are managed properly. What are the roles of a Beverage Manager? The responsibilities of a beverage manager vary depending on the place of work/the venue. Usually, a beverage manager ensures that the catering personnel is complying with the licensing standards and catering appropriately based on the occasion. The other possible roles of the manager can also be surveying that enough sodas, drinks, and juices are handed out to the guests throughout the event. As mentioned earlier, the roles change as per the requirement of the venue. The manager needs to don the role of a bartender too when it comes to dealing with brews like wine or champagne. Otherwise, they have to monitor the supply and demand of the concoctions, prepare the inventory, accountable for more supply of drinks, deal with the suppliers, conform to the license and health standards of beverages, and ensure the events run smoothly. How to become a Beverage Manager? Beverage management is a sole role mostly seen within the restaurants (large ones) and catering. Usually, the beverage manager role is attained through years of experience within the same field and probably with the same firm/organization. Formal education is not necessary to become a beverage manager, but most of the managers have at least a graduate or an associate’s degree within the culinary arts department. Beverage management is considered as a separate or unique path as it is a complex mix of dealing with drinks and concoctions. Apart from that, the individual must be in touch with sodas and alcohol distributors. What is the next level for a Beverage Manager? Individuals looking for growth in their profession. The beverage manager if considers moving to the next level in the organization hierarchy then he/she can become bartenders. Bartending needs not to be the next step they can even choose to be a manager in their own right. To attain the next step of being a manager, the individual should have an associate’s degree in business. Beverage managers can also become head bartenders for chain restaurants or catering firms. The field of beverage management is a highly trained profession although a formal education is not on the priority list. One may get a break in this industry by considering beverage management as their career path. Job seekers  can register and upload your resume here  and apply to millions of  Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs in USA  across top companies in the hospitality industry in your desired locations Now! Connect with 10000+ employers and get the latest job alerts about similar jobs now on the  Best Hospitality Jobs portal in the USA .
In continuation of our previous article, here we are to throw some more light on the other positions of the hospitality industry called the advanced positions. Not wasting any more time here is the list of advanced positions that might require formal education and previous experience. Guest Services Supervisor: Guest Services Supervisor’s responsibilities include hiring personnel for departments like housekeeping, front desk, and concierges. The roles of a supervisor totally depend on your place of work. In some of the hotels the guest services, supervisor duty is to check for the guests' needs, and in some, you would require supervising the guest services department and monitor the staff. Front desk supervisor: Front desk supervisor supervises the front desk staff, which requires hiring, firing, or correct the actions of the staff. As part of your responsibility, you will have to welcome the customers, check their requirements, and assign it to the right department. Providing training, rostering workers for every shift is also the responsibly of the front desk supervisor.   Housekeeping Supervisor: Years of previous experience in the housekeeping department gives you higher chances of becoming a Housekeeping Supervisor. Hiring housekeeping staff, monitoring, training, and staffing the right number of workers for each shift are the responsibilities of a Housekeeping supervisor. This is a sure advanced level job in the hospitality industry as this position achieved through a promotion process.     Kitchen Manager: The number of staff in the kitchen depends on the size of the hotel. Usually, there is a number of kitchen workers and so there is a need for someone to manage their activities; Kitchen Manager is the person who does all of these. The responsibility of a manager is to hire the right staff for your department and as well remove that do not befit. Similar to other managerial duties, the Kitchen Manager is also responsible for managing, monitoring, rostering, hiring, training, and even laying off the kitchen staff.     Executive Chef : The Executive chef is the one who hierarchical above all the chefs. His/her responsibility is to supervise all other cooks like the line cooks, sous chefs, and other kitchen staff. They might also be in charge of itemizing the requirements for the kitchen, planning the food budget and even the maintenance of the kitchen. The hospitality industry has different positions available for different calibers. We have spoken about the entry-level and advanced positions; here is the list of jobs in the Administrative section. Advertising and Marketing: Every industry requires their business to be reached to the public and this can happen only when you communicate with them, understand their requirements. The marketing and advertising department can take care of this perfectly. Marketing professionals will help you to reach out to probable customers through advertising (the help of advertising professionals). Accounting : The accounting department or the accounting staff is crucial in any business. Because, any financial transactions recorded, maintained by the accounting staff. Their responsibility is to keep a track of all the income and expenses, payment of bills and taxes, salaries for the employees, and other monetary related procedures. Hotel manager : The hotel manager is the last step in the hierarchical/organizational structure. He/she is the one who is the ultimate in charge of all the departments and responsible for the entire hotel to function smoothly. They are responsible to plan and place an order in the hotel and have second-level managers like assistant managers, supervisors reporting to them about their individual departments.   Purchasing, assistant manager, event planner, these job titles also come under the administrative section of the hospitality industry. They have their individual roles that sum up for the betterment of the hotel. Job seekers  can register and upload your resume here  and apply to millions of  Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs in USA  across top companies in the hospitality industry in your desired locations Now! Connect with 10000+ employers and get the latest job alerts about similar jobs now on the  Best Hospitality Jobs portal in the USA .
The hospitality industry is a great place to start one’s career. The place turns out to be fun totally based on the position you are placed/picked. There is a wide selection of jobs to choose from, some of which require formal education and experience and few do not require any kind of formal education, training, or experience. That is why much fresher considers the hospitality industry as the most welcoming industry. Guest services and administrative/support are the two main divisions of hospitality. In addition, there are different job titles classified below these two divisions. Read further to know more. Under Guest services/ Entry-level jobs: Front office/ Desk clerks: The name says it, the front office executive/desk clerk manages the reception section of the hotel. When the customers visit the place, the guests have their first interaction with the front office executives. It is the responsibility of the desk clerk, to verify the guest’s details, reservation, and in case of no previous booking then to cross-check if there is any availability of rooms. It depends on your place of work if the hotel requires formal education, degree or it could be an entry-level job. Concierges: Based on the place of work, the Concierge’s job can be either an entry-level job or an experienced profile. An individual who communicates directly with the customers anticipates their requirements, and accordingly serves their needs is a concierge. For this profile, the candidate can be either good in the communication skills, understand the nuances of making the guests happy or learn the same skills through previous experience. Housekeeping:   One of the parameters based on which a customer rates a hotel is its cleanliness. A dirty room, lobby, or laundry does not keep the place in the good books of the customers. The people who maintain this and respond to keep the area clean and tidy are called housekeepers. They belong to the housekeeping department. The responsibilities of a housekeeper/a housekeeping department are to ensure that the premises of the hotel are clean which includes the rooms, replacing toiletries, washing laundry (bedding and towels), and tidying up all the areas of the hotel. Room service: Certain hotels are equipped with a kitchen to serve the customers with room service. Room service is an option when the guests can have food within the hotel premises/in their room without having to go out. Room service staff’s responsibility is similar to a waiter/waitress; wherein they take the orders from the customers/guests and deliver it to them. Waiter/Waitress: A waiter/waitress is an individual who works at a restaurant, as part of their work, take in the order details/requests, and serve accordingly. The rosters prepared for the waiter/waitress is although as per the requisites, the individuals should be available whenever they are pitched for work. However, being in this profile, one need not require formal education/previous experience and so it is a clear entry-level job title. Extension to the above list, kitchen staff, and other job titles are part of entry-level jobs. Read on to know what job titles are advanced positions in the hospitality industry. #restaurantjobs #hospitalityjobs #hoteljobs #restaurantmanagerjobs #restaurantbusiness #souschefjobs #assistantmanagerjobs #waitressjobs #assistantmanagerobs  Job seekers  can register and upload your resume here  and apply to millions of  Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs in USA  across top companies in the hospitality industry in your desired locations Now! Connect with 10000+ employers and get the latest job alerts about similar jobs now on the  Best Hospitality Jobs portal in the USA .