There is so much happening across the globe because of the widespread virus – COVID-19 or Coronavirus that it has affected businesses of many industries, one of them is the hospitality industry. Knowland, being the leader in providing deep analytics for group meetings on revenue generation for the hospitality industry; analyzed the impact of the Coronavirus on the group business for the hotel industry. The firm announced the group cancellation percentages across US/North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe regions for the 90-120 day booking window. The Asia Pacific has the highest cancellation rate with 90% and U.S./North America reports about 40% cancellation for group events and meetings. As many companies are restricting travel and the organizations are canceling events to control the spread of the virus and to follow social distancing, the U.S./North America rate has changed. If the hotels are looking forward to reducing Group Business Impact of COVID-19 for the short term, then they have to be prepared for the slow transition of the recovery. As the virus toured from the Asia Pacific to Europe to U.S./North America, similarly the cycle of recovery will be the same. By the time the recovery stage reaches America, there are chances for the situation to turn worse. When the facts are wide open in the market, the hoteliers have to brace themselves for group cancellations into Q2 and a slow booking system in the Q3. It is for the good of the hotel industry that the hotel owners and operators are to be calm and prepared for the reduction in group business using proactive sales strategies focused on transient and smaller local meetings. Knowland had listed the following approaches to help accurate the group business that remains active:     Conduct smaller meetings and events with local companies with focused and limited attendees.     Consider conducting smaller regional meetings. Companies should choose to have meetings within drive markets this limits the exposure for the employees. But you can continue to team management and increase teamwork by offering face to face meetings.     Live streaming to the local event can be offered to the guests. The hotels can partner with A/V providers and create virtual meeting environments for the guests and make it interactive and safe.     If you can help businesses with remote speakers along with applications like Skype or Zoom then they can achieve strategic goals without travel or large group meetings     Be prepared to conduct the meetings by being proactive with hand sanitizing stations, advanced maintenance and housekeeping, and other noticeable actions that bring in confidence to the clients. In the words of Robert Post, Chairman & CEO of Knowland, “The rapid spread of this virus and the speed at which it is re-ordering the Travel and Hospitality world is unprecedented, but as travel professionals, we are NOT powerless. At the center of any and all actions is the safety of our traveling public, and hotels that act in this manner will capture a share of the business that exists in the short terms and be positioned for the eventual rebound.”   Hospitality jobs are with you all in this time of need. As our token of the contribution, we have updated the product price to 0.00 for three months to support businesses to cope up with COVID-19. Visit our website to get more information on .  Job seekers  can register and upload your resume here  and apply to millions of  Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs in USA  across top companies in the hospitality industry in your desired locations Now! Connect with 10000+ employers and get the latest job alerts about similar jobs now on the  Best Hospitality Jobs portal in the USA .
Corona Virus or Covid-19 is declared a pandemic. The virus that affected most parts of China is slowly leaving its footprints on other parts of the globe too, making it a pandemic. As this virus is contagious, people are even more cautious to move or work in groups, which is directly affecting the hospitality industry. The hotel markets have gone into a state of emergency because of the virus and this directly hit the room rates and the occupancy levels. John Lam, Chairman, and CEO of the Lam Group. He is a hotel developer and owner that has a portfolio of about 5,000 rooms in New York, and with many more properties spread across. Mr. Lam, in his viewpoint about the current situation, said, “Right now we have a lot of cancellations coming in.” “We’ve seen vacancies rise to about 30% in our portfolio, and room rates have fallen by as much as 50%.” He also said, “This is worse than 9/11. During 9/11 you still had government employees and the Red Cross coming in and staying at hotels. Now no one is coming to New York.” In one of his statements, Lam said occupancy rates in his portfolio normally are above 90%. One of his particularly hard hit hotel properties just suffered $300,000 worth of cancellations for March, he said, erasing about a third of its usual monthly revenue. Because of the coronavirus, there is a sharp drop-off in business travels, which has affected many hotel owners and the hospitality industry overall. Mr. Lam notes that his hotels have been affected big time as there is a sharp drop-off in the business travels. Majorly, the whole of Europe and Italy stopped coming to the city. Another Manhattan hotel owner who is bearing the effects of the coronavirus stated, “The pace of future bookings is off 30% year over year, and we are seeing group cancellations in April through June.” It is observed that many online booking services have advertised huge discounts for many popular hotels in New York. Another issue that has hit the hospitality industry is the cancellation of several shows. The shows garnered public to the city and this helped the industry in one way. With the withdrawal of these shows, there are thousands of visitors dropping their plans to travel. According to a spokesman, for the large West Side conference facility said that Vision Expo East, 15,000 – person event for the eye care industry, nixed its Javits show at the end of the month. Javits spokesman Tony Sclafani said in his statement, “International travel restrictions played a significant role in the decisions by these event organizers to cancel or postpone their events. The convention center continues to be fully operational, and our staff is working closely with event producers to coordinate the opening of events in the near future.” With the rapidity the virus is spreading, the damage can be seen. The hospitality industry is seeing an unpredictable loss and recovery of it cannot be predicted too. Job seekers  can register and upload your resume here  and apply to millions of  Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs in USA  across top companies in the hospitality industry in your desired locations Now! Connect with 10000+ employers and get the latest job alerts about similar jobs now on the  Best Hospitality Jobs portal in the USA .
Having read in the previous blog about the few trends that the hotel industry is adapting to; it is much appreciated how the hospitality industry can easily adapt to the demands and the trends simultaneously and make it work effortlessly. Here is the continuation of the hotel trends for the year 2020.     Accommodations     Involvement of technology     Accommodations People are getting innovative in day-to-day life and their creativity can be seen in the kind of accommodation options available now in the hotel industry. These accommodation choices like rentals, serviced apartments, treehouses, underwater hotels, and many more have spoilt the guests. Now, these accommodations have transformed into a concept like the one alternative accommodations that popped out of the mainstream accommodations are explained below           Coliving: The number of solo travellers is increasing in large numbers. These solo tourists can also be remote workers or individuals on work purposes, and their requirements would be staying in one place. These set of people mostly like to opt for a coliving space. There are communities like Roam brands that are specifically designed for such purposes where there is a co-inhabitant of the living space or workspaces too.         Coworking: Coworking spaces are the fast developing idea that many are opting for. Right from entrepreneurs to remote workers, everyone is ready and comfortable to share their space with other workers.         Vacation rentals: Unlike earlier vacation rentals is not restricted to the booking of a villa/apartment on a beach or hill station. The process vacation rentals are inclusive of everything, cabins to apartments to airstreams, and more.         Airbnb: As we speak about alternate accommodations, Airbnb cannot be missed, as they are a step ahead in every concept related to hotel trends. Now they are moved forward in the accommodation process by opening an option to rent a room in someone else’s residence for a night. This is strictly to stay and not for any other amenities. There is more to the alternative accommodations trends list for 2020, which includes mobile hotels, underwater hotels, hometels, and Nextgen hotel brands.       Involvement of technology The ever-evolving technology is changing the shape of the hospitality industry and has made it reliant on these trends as it is thriving the business. The hoteliers and the guests also have warmed up to the concepts of the technology sector in the hotel industry as it has made things simpler and easier. Here are some of the technology trends for the year 2020 that will create a better place for the hotel industry in the market.           Selling experience: The technology is giving you more options than you can imagine. Now you have personalized and persuasive upsell options for the upgrading of the rooms, transportation, food and beverage, and others.         Your own: Not all guests are ready to use or download a hotel app, which is a money saver for the hotels. If the guests are looking for information about the hotels and their services, they have to scan QR codes that are readily available or even scan from the web browser.         Mobile check-in: Web check-in for flight login is an old story. Now, technology has hotel logins also easy. Mobile check-in is here to stay. The guest has to enter the digital room key number provided by the hotel and login to the room instantly.         Room of your choice: Similar to the seat selection on an airplane, guests can pick a room of their choice before arrival.         Robot service: How do you like it when you get service from a robot instead of a human for a change? Amazing right? Few hotels are bringing robot services for their guests’ services. Technology trends keep on adding to the numerous ways they can serve the hotel industry. The list has a lot of information to add with features like fitness on the go, social media experiences, contactless payments, and many more. Job seekers  can register and upload your resume here  and apply to millions of  Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs in USA  across top companies in the hospitality industry in your desired locations Now! Connect with 10000+ employers and get the latest job alerts about similar jobs now on the  Best Hospitality Jobs portal in the USA .
The hospitality industry is buckled up for drastically changing future trends. Keeping in view what could be the trends that would change the face of the industry and the dynamics of the business, our team of experts listed out a few. So, what are the hotel trends that we will experience this year? Here is a list of themes where hospitality will observe changes.     Smarter hotel rooms     Environment-friendly     Workforce     Changing in accommodations     Involvement of technology     Preferences     Hotel business     Hotel Design     Globalization       Smarter hotel rooms: Earlier it was the internet that took over our home and space (it still does), and now it is the Internet of Things that has crawled from homes to the hotel rooms too. Hotel rooms have turned from being comfort-driven to technology-driven spaces. Guests demands are now rising with the increasing relaxations the new trends are giving like the following:         Onstream: If you are traveling and want to watch your favorite movies and unsure if your hotel will play, then thank the changing equipment in the market. Carry your very own Firestick to the place of travel and plug it in to enjoy your favorite movies.         Wireless device charging: Untangling the wires is a big task. Just to relieve you from that and upgrade you with cordless charging, we have wireless device charging “mats”. These mats charge any device like headphones, smartphones, and any gadget.         Control smartly: Turning on/off the switches to control lights, temperatures, and power are so yesterday. The same can now be controlled with a tap on your smartphone         Noise control: Some of the hotels that are nearer to the airports or traffic can now have lesser complaints from their guests. You can now replace your traditional windows with the soundproof windows that use acoustic technology that cuts off the noise to the maximum. Apart from this, there are many other smarter hotel rooms’ features such as tablet-based control, voice-based services, keyless entries and many more.       Environment-friendly People turning into being eco-friendly and go green has been spreading faster than expected to bring in changes not only in homes but also in the expectations of guests from the hotel services. The guests or customers became aware of what practices to be followed and choose the place to stay only if they find them to be environmentally friendly. This change in the customer’s demand is pushing the hotel industry to make not only physical changes to the building and the amenities but also to the menu and food choices. Here are some of the environment-friendly trends for 2020         LEED Certification: If a building is given a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification, it means that the building is eco-friendly, which covers essentials like water efficiency and indoor environmental quality. The building can earn different statuses like Certified, Gold, Silver, or Platinum.         Solar energy: Solar power is the best example of energy saving. This power you can either generated by setting up solar panels over the building or by procuring solar power from the electricity provider. The usage of solar power can reduce power bills to a great extent.         Saving water: Water another important source that is being exhausted on a daily basis. If there is conservation happening with this source in mind then that is a necessary place to stay. Ways adapted to conserve water are a slower outflow of water from the showerheads, efficient laundry system. Internal, an IoT provider for the hospitality industry is coming up with water conservation technology.         Say no to plastic: Customers are now choosing hotels that recommend/use reusable alternatives over hotels that use plastic cutlery or amenities. This is the reason why major hotels are transforming their amenities to eco-friendly ones. California regulators have gone a step ahead and banned the usage of plastic altogether.  The other healthy and must-have procedures that the hotel industry will be adapting this year are disposal segregation like using recycle bins and compost bins, motion sensors in the rooms, and planning meat alternative food menus in the food and beverage sections. In this blog, we covered only two themes, read on the thread to know more about all the themes. Job seekers  can register and upload your resume here  and apply to millions of  Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs in USA  across top companies in the hospitality industry in your desired locations Now! Connect with 10000+ employers and get the latest job alerts about similar jobs now on the  Best Hospitality Jobs portal in the USA .
Task Management: Task Management is highly crucial for the success of a project. It is the skill of managing a task that helps in reaching the individual as well as the company goals. The life cycle of a Task Management includes Planning, Testing, Tracking, and Reporting. There are several Task Management software that can assist you at every stage of the project. But, you can always carry out some of the best practices in regular life to become a Task Management Ninja. Here are a few things to be noted down about Task Management:   A few things to be considered about Task Management:   Classify your Tasks: Every project has a different requirement, and you need to plan the work accordingly. If you are handling too many projects, ensure that you manage them individually, and have different strategies for each of them. As a project manager, you need to classify the tasks on a high, low, urgent, and immediate basis. Based on priority, finish the tasks. Use a task management software to help you achieve the work within the stipulated time.   Check status: Opt for a daily or a weekly review depending upon the complexity of the project. Keep a check on the work that is completed, overdue, created, assigned, started, and so on. A status check is a must at every step of the project.   Tracking compliance: Delegation is vital when it comes to project management. Mention the task assigned to the concerned person and check the progress report of it. This will help you to get your work done in less time and maintain a rapport with the team members. Keep the record of every work that is being finished.   Monitor Your Budget: Needless to say that every project has a budget, and the clients would surely not appreciate it if you try exceeding it. There are two kinds of budget, the estimated one, and the actual one. You need to be proactive and monitor your budget so that it doesn’t exceed the estimated amount. You can ask your team to find out ways to manage the project with the estimated budget.    Managing Risks and Collaboration: All the risks must be analyzed at the planning stage. Find out the impact of risks on the project and ways to tackle them. The risks could be high, medium, or low, and you need to evaluate them accordingly.  The high-level risks must have specific plans, as you cannot neglect them. The medium level risks have to be proactively managed. The low-level risks are the assumptions, and the chances of occurrence are 50:50   Use these task management tips to accomplish the results within the deadline.    Have a say? Share your task management tips with us in the comment box below. Job seekers  can register and upload your resume here  and apply to millions of  Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs in USA  across top companies in the hospitality industry in your desired locations Now! Connect with 10000+ employers and get the latest job alerts about similar jobs now on the  Best Hospitality Jobs portal in the USA .
Company blogs serve as a base to connect with the customers and build rapport with them. However, writing a blog isn’t as simple as it appears to be.  A simple error can affect your brand image and pull away from the traffic from your blog. Here’s the anatomy of a perfect blog for your hotel business:   1.Title of your blog A headline or a title is the one that pulls the visitors towards the content of your blog. Curate a title that can arouse the curiosity amongst the readers.  As per the SEO rules, your title should be within 70 characters, along with the primary keyword in it.    Introduce your blog: Once the visitors have landed on your blog, your next task would be to make them scroll your blog till the end. Introduce your topic in a storytelling format or with a quote, an anecdote, or a personal experience. You must be able to connect with the readers through the introduction. This will force the users to read your entire blog.   Add Pointers to your blog: Lengthy paragraphs are a strict NO these days. Readers wouldn’t want to get a feel of reading a textbook. Rather divide your blog into short paragraphs and then add pointers to it. Add sub-headings to each paragraph and ensure that all paragraphs are interconnected. Bold and highlight the relevant points.    Add Visual effects: It’s found out that human brains absorb images six times faster than texts. Images must be relevant to the content. Always prefer high-quality images. Add an image for every 300 words. Assign ALT Tag to every image to help google to crawl your images. If your image contains a watermark, use tools to remove it or add a source to your images.   Add Call-To-Action: Use Call-to-Action (CTA) to urge the readers to take some action post reading your blog. It could be to subscribe to your blog, purchase your product, download your e-book, share feedback, and so on.   Place your CTA at the sidebar or at the footer.   Add Share buttons: If you want your blogs to reach a larger number of people or be viral, don’t forget to add the share button. This will allow the visitors to share your blog on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other such social media platforms.  Once you have written your blog post, the next step is to proofread it. Make sure it is grammatically error-free, and there are no lengthy sentences. Avoid passive sentences too. Readers prefer interesting and informative posts. Give them what they want, and they would soon be your regular readers. Have tips to write a perfect blog for the hotel business? Add in the comment section below: Job seekers  can register and upload your resume here  and apply to millions of  Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs in USA  across top companies in the hospitality industry in your desired locations Now! Connect with 10000+ employers and get the latest job alerts about similar jobs now on the  Best Hospitality Jobs portal in the USA .
Write content that resonates: Write content that’s more relevant to the visitors and closer to your brand. Feel the pain points of the users and customize your content accordingly. Don’t curate content that sounds like a sales pitch. An impeccable content that is creative, attention-grabbing, error-free, and informative will do justice with your restaurant business.   The frequency of posts:  You cannot afford to bombard your pages with frequent social media posts. 2 posts per day would suffice your purpose.    Facebook: 3-10 posts per week. Twitter: 5 tweets per day LinkedIn: Since it is a professional networking site, keep your posts limited to 2-5 times per week. Pinterest: Ensure that you post 5-10 times per day.   Consider these content tools: These content tools will help you to pick the most relevant and trending topics connected to your brand. A wrong keyword or irrelevant content will affect your traffic and brand presence. Thus, be wise while picking up the ideas and topics related to your hotel business.   Buzzsumo: Type the keyword related to the hotel industry and this tool will return you the most relevant post associated with the keyword. You can further research on the topic to create your Facebook or Twitter posts. Use this tool to find out the most relevant and trending content related to your brand. The tool is free and is one of the most useful tools to find out informative content related to all social media profiles.    Use the social media editorial calendar tools: Publish the posts by scheduling them using these tools once the content is good to go:   Basecamp: This tool helps you to manage multiple projects. As a project management app, it helps in content curation and content scheduling. And, guess what? This tool is absolutely free!    WordPress Editorial Calendar Plugin: If you want your blogs to be shared on all the social media platforms, WordPress Editorial Calendar Plugin will take care of it.   Edit Flow: Do you wish there was a tool to help you with customer comments and content engagement? Use Edit Flow to have a monthly editorial calendar view.    Google Calendar: Working as a team? Want your teammates to share their ideas on the social media calendar posts? Use Google Calendar to invite your team to review the social media calendar and share their ideas and suggestions to the same calendar.   Do use the above tips to create an effective social media calendar for your restaurant brand.    Have ways to create an impeccable and meaningful social media calendar? Do share with us in the comment section below. Job seekers  can register and upload your resume here  and apply to millions of  Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs in USA  across top companies in the hospitality industry in your desired locations Now! Connect with 10000+ employers and get the latest job alerts about similar jobs now on the  Best Hospitality Jobs portal in the USA .
Be it Subway or Burger King, one has to be proactive in meeting the demands of the customers. As the restaurant grows bigger and bigger, handling a single Tweet or responding to a single Facebook post becomes tedious. Marketing Automation is one such tool that allows reaching every individual customer in a more personalized manner to make them lifelong patrons. Here are three benefits of using Automate Marketing: Better Management: The automated program will relieve you from the burden of handling promotions and marketing events. It will channelize the marketing strategies right from reverting to an Email to handling your posts.    Finance Management: Thinking about some wise investments in the Restaurant business? Automate Marketing will reduce your expenses on several communication channels. You will be surprised to manage your marketing budget with optimum results.   A systematic process: Who wouldn’t want a centralized system to take care of all the marketing activities with bare-minimum efforts? An automated marketing system will set a marketing base for your restaurant business. Try it out!   Ways to Automate your Restaurant’s Marketing:   Optimize Social Media: With the help of Automation Marketing, you can schedule your posts, automate replies, create a new blog, follow a blog, post new content, and so on. Don’t forget to customize your posts, depending on the platform that you are sharing. For example, A Tweet and a post on Instagram have to be different. Also, keep a check on your page followers, number of likes, shares, and comments on the posts. You can tweak the posts based on the response from the visitors.   Channelize your Emails: Are you constantly checking your emails so that you don’t miss out on even a single customer? Worried about your Welcome-emails? Want to update your patrons with the latest events and celebrations? An automated program will not only communicate on your behalf but will also send an alert to your customers as and when required. A miss you email will be sent if the customers haven’t placed an order for a long time. Blog posts about the food industry and the latest dishes will hit the mailbox to keep the customers updated. An email requesting the customers to share their dining experience can assist you in making the respective changes.    Track your Loyalty rewards: A lot of time and money can be saved if the loyalty rewards are automatized. No longer the employees have to take the strain of punching and printing the cards. A single registration will allow you to save the contact details of the customers. Use the software to check if the customers have earned any rewards points, the unused points, the last redemption date, and other such offers and discounts.   Needless to mention that automate marketing has a significant impact on the hotel business. If you’re still struggling to manage your day-to-day clientele, it’s time to switch to automate marketing.    Are you already using automated marketing? Yes! Do share your experience in the comment section below! Job seekers  can register and upload your resume here  and apply to millions of  Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs in USA  across top companies in the hospitality industry in your desired locations Now! Connect with 10000+ employers and get the latest job alerts about similar jobs now on the  Best Hospitality Jobs portal in the USA .
There would hardly be any organization where meetings aren’t organized. It’s a part of every organization, rather every department as communication is a vital part of every team. Ever heard of meeting etiquettes? Yes, they do exist and can help you to leave a powerful impact on all the other members. Here are 5 habits of an effective meeting:   Timings: The first rule of a meeting is to adhere to the timings. If you have scheduled for a meet at a particular time, then you should be the first to follow it and either be ahead of the slated time or on time. This will ensure that all the important aspects are covered within the stipulated time and latecomers will be careful from next time. You should also finish the meeting on time as there might be a different schedule for a different person.    Agenda of the meeting: You cannot randomly invite people and start discussing a topic. A meeting must have an agenda as in the objective of the meeting must be known. A written agenda must cover the objective of the meeting, topics to be discussed and the facts and figures required. You can also circulate it to the attendees so that they can prepare well for it in advance.   Set the desired Outcome: There are times when the meeting may not be as effective as you would have expected it to be. Thus, it is better to set the desired outcome before forming the agenda. This will prevent the meeting from going off the track.   Review the minutes: Minutes are the gist of a meeting. If you have scheduled a meeting earlier on the same objective, you can read the minutes of it in the meeting. This will allow the participants to connect themselves to the context easily. If anything is pending from the previous report, you can ask the concerned person about it. Also, you can assign the next task to the person.   Read the action items: Once you are done with the discussion, it is always better to remind people of the actionable items. The person who is recording the minutes must read the actionable tasks and the responsible person for it. Remind them of the stipulated time within which the task must be completed. You can also declare the next date of a meeting if you are sure about it.   Thus, a professional meeting must be carried out effectively and efficiently. Every important topic must be covered and the objective must be met. The attendees must feel that they have invested time in meeting rather than feeling it as a waste of time. Punctuality is the essence of a meeting and all the participants should stick to it. Formal dress code is mandatory in a meeting. The participants should allow the other person to speak before making a point. Interrupting a speaker is not a good idea in a meeting. A perfect meeting can generate great results for a business. Job seekers  can register and upload your resume here  and apply to millions of  Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs in USA  across top companies in the hospitality industry in your desired locations Now! Connect with 10000+ employers and get the latest job alerts about similar jobs now on the  Best Hospitality Jobs portal in the USA .
Teamwork plays a vital role in the success of a company. An individual cannot manage all the tasks on their own all the time. Thus, it’s always better to approach colleagues and collaborate with other teams to get the best output. If you’re in the hospitality industry, here’s how teamwork can help your business:   Improved Morale: When people are assigned different work, they tend to be supportive and responsible. The team members feel a part of the work and they tend to be more sincere towards the work. When ownership and authority go hand in hand, the result is more than satisfactory. It also increases the morale of the team members. They will tend to be more positive and happier towards the work.       Greater Flexibility : If there is any major problem in a business, one can take help from any member as every individual is skilled in a different way. Organize a brainstorming session and you will be surprised to see the multiple ideas that pop up during the session. Remember, no problem is as difficult as it appears to be. There are several departments and if there is any particular product, one can form a team from several departments to get the best output. This gives the team members flexibility to work in a better way.   Increased customer satisfaction: A hotel business demands constant improvement when it comes to customer service. A blend of creativity and customization can help in better customer satisfaction. Based on the requirement, the team is formed and a manager is appointed to finish the task.    Better learning: When two or more people form a team and work together, they tend to improve their skills and learn more and more. The team comprises of junior as well as senior levels. Hence, the juniors can always learn from the seniors and other team members. There are certain projects that require a specific skill set and one can learn these skills with the help of other team members. Thus, teamwork paves a way for better learning and improved skill set.   Better Relations amongst each other: The employees must know each other and only a healthy relationship can help them to perform better and better. Teamwork allows the members to not only work together but also strengthen relations. Research says that when people have better friend circles and relations in office, their productivity goes to a higher level.   If you have solely been dependent on a single person and haven’t seen much of the results, It’s time to form a team and see the change in your hotel business. Job seekers  can register and upload your resume here  and apply to millions of  Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs in USA  across top companies in the hospitality industry in your desired locations Now! Connect with 10000+ employers and get the latest job alerts about similar jobs now on the  Best Hospitality Jobs portal in the USA .