With the rising demand in the hotel industry, you must cater to the needs of your customers. Today’s consumers are more advanced and would want things to be done with the click of a button. Here’s how you can retain your customers with the help of a customized website:       Make a responsive site: As more and more people are using their mobile phones to book their accommodation, you need to ensure that your website is responsive. A responsive website will ensure that your site can be accessed on any device irrespective of the layout.       Easy to use: Your website must be designed in such a way that both technical, as well as non-technical visitors, must be able to use it easily. Most of the visitors turn away from the websites if the site is too complicated to be used. You need to have an impressive landing page so that the user is attracted to visit further pages. Make sure that you have a contact page or online booking page so that the users can take an action immediately or contact the company in case of any need.       Information: No matter how stylish or attractive your website is, incomplete information is a turn-off. The visitors will look for information that can help them to book their stay. Your content must be so eye-catching that the visitors will be compelled to book the rooms instantly. As an add-on, you can also mention about the exchange rates, the must-visit places, the weather conditions, the food, the public transport and so on. Don’t forget to write about hotel bookings and discounts.       High-quality images: A website represents your business. Along with creative content, it also requires high-quality images. Your brand value and offerings must be conveyed by these images. Do not use a low-quality image. Avoid too lengthy images. Be careful with watermarks as they can spoil your brand name. Try to use the original images and do not forget to mention the source of the images if you have taken it from the internet.       Call to action button: You would want your visitors to turn into your customers. Add some call-to-action buttons on your website so that you can hit their inbox whenever there is an offer that would interest them. You must add a blog section to your site so that the visitors are updated with the latest hotel industry trends. Do not miss to add Facebook, Google plus, and Twitter share buttons. This would work as a promotional platform for your website. Follow these simple tips to create a user-friendly website to draw more and more traffic. Don’t forget to check on the performance of your website. Any errors must be rectified immediately. Job seekers  can register and upload your resume here  and apply to millions of  Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs in USA  across top companies in the hospitality industry in your desired locations Now! Connect with 10000+ employers and get the latest job alerts about similar jobs now on the  Best Hospitality Jobs portal in the USA .
There is advancement in science and technology and it must be used to the optimum level to boost your business. Today there’s a solution to every problem. Gone are the days when stones were rigorously rubbed just to make a fire. Today, we have a cooktop which runs on electricity and can be easily carried from places to places. Thanks to the development era that we are into!   The rising business challenges:   The consumers have also widened their knowledge and are curious about new products and services. They do not hesitate to experiment with the ideas or buy a newly launched product or service. This leads to more innovation and competition in business. The business world is growing at a drastic level. With the increase in FDI, the business has global access. People can manage large and multiple businesses with the help of technology. Being in one corner of the world, one can find out what's happening at the other end of the world. The hotel industry has also experienced a drastic change which demands them to be more advanced and professional. This calls for the usage of hotel management software for better customer experience.    Benefits of the hotel management software: The hotel management software can make your task very simpler and easier irrespective of your occupancy rate. One doesn’t have to physically monitor and manually operate the system. When the guest checks in, the receptionist must enter all the details related to the check-in time, duration of stay, type of room, identification proof, number of people and other relevant details that are mandatory. Once all these data are captured, the guests will be allowed to check-in the rooms. This not only saves time and the chances of fraud, but also serves as proof of record. The data can be pulled off as and when required. The electronic digital card also minimizes the chances of robbery when the guests aren’t in the room. The house cleaning staff can also be given a separate card for cleaning and maintenance purposes. The entry and exit time will automatically be stored on the card. The hotel management software has ample features to make the hotel business more reliable and quick.   If you are in the hospitality industry and want to minimize your efforts, it’s time to switch to Hotel hotel management software. There are multiple companies that offer customized software to cater to your needs at affordable prices. Opt for a software demo to get access to the best hotel management software.    If you are planning to make a career in the hospitality industry, visit to find out jobs as per your requirements. Register on the website and upload your resume along with the details of your desired job, you are sure to attract some of the best employers.  Good luck! Job seekers  can register and upload your resume here  and apply to millions of  Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs in USA  across top companies in the hospitality industry in your desired locations Now! Connect with 10000+ employers and get the latest job alerts about similar jobs now on the  Best Hospitality Jobs portal in the USA .
As mentioned over the previous blog, any businesses that deal with customer satisfaction by meeting their leisure needs come under the umbrella of the hospitality industry. This industry comprises of several units such as theme parks, restaurants, amusement parks, cruise lines, along with these there are facilities like housekeepers, kitchen workers, bartenders, and many more. This multi-billion industry is dependent on leisure times, non-refundable incomes, and customer satisfaction. It is primarily divided into Accommodation and Food & Drinks, which are further subdivided into various sectors or services. The previous article dealt with the accommodation part of the hospitality industry and now we are going to explain about Food & Drinks.   Food & Drinks Food and drinks are essentials, but most food and drinks services come under the hospitality industry because this sector caters to all kinds of cuisine or varieties to the liking and satisfaction of the customer that is inclusive of locals, tourists, passers-by, or anyone. Moreover, this service is offered along with entertainment and luxury. These food and drinks are catered to the clients through a different medium and each one of them belongs to the hospitality industry.           Restaurants: Restaurants are one of the service providers of food and drinks. You can consume the food in the same place or take away home. There are different varieties of restaurants that come under the hospitality industry like the fine dining restaurants, fast food joints, takeaway restaurants, and many more.         Catering: Catering services are also a kind of food service provider that belongs to either a particular place or a remote location; they do not have to be the main service provider but an alternate. For example, if there is an event or a party, you can call a catering service provider to prepare and serve and drinks for you. These catering units can provide food at the parks, stadiums, event venues, and even hotels.         Bars & Cafés: Bars and Cafés are a casual form of restaurants; as these places give a chance to socialize and enjoy food. While bars tend to serve both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for the customers. Bars usually tend to serve beverages and offer entertainment too. Whereas, cafés target customers who indulge in coffee, tea, snacks.         Nightclubs: The hospitality industry is all about giving luxury and catering to the customer’s needs, which even means looking after the entertainment in the night times as well. A place that serves food and drinks along with entertainment is a nightclub. These clubs serve alcoholic drinks until late in the night, at times few places play music, and dancing is encouraged. Each nightclub works on a specific theme catering to the locals, tourists, and all forms of customers.         Tea and Coffee shops: Cafés, tea and coffee shops the functionalities of these two places are similar. Both the places serve coffee and tea along with some snacks. Having said that, tea and coffee shops are usually individual rooms located in a larger establishment or building such as hotels, which might include merchandise to take away such as teabags, coffee beans, or coffee mugs, and so on. Now that you are little educated, about what the hospitality industry umbrella caters to, and the sectors it is subdivided into. Hope there is no room for doubt or confusion between this industry and other service-based industries. Job seekers  can register and upload your resume here  and apply to millions of  Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs in USA  across top companies in the hospitality industry in your desired locations Now! Connect with 10000+ employers and get the latest job alerts about similar jobs now on the  Best Hospitality Jobs portal in the USA .
Definition of the hospitality industry “Hospitality industry,” this term is quite common among everyone. But how many know what actually this sector comprises? How is built? How does it function? And many more How’s and what’s that need to be answered. Before divulging into what the hospitality industry is all about, let us first define what it is. While many of us are aware of what consists of the hospitality industry, but the minute ratio of people knows what makes this industry workable. Varied businesses and services related to leisure and customer satisfaction come under the umbrella called “The hospitality industry.” The focus of this industry is to provide pleasure, enjoyment, experience to its customers, whereas it is mainly mistaken for an industry that caters only to necessities and essentials. Many people get confused between the hospitality industry and the travel industry. Although there are many commonalities between these two industries, there are also subtle differences that one should know. Coming back to our discussion, the sectors within the hospitality industry are read as follows:     Accommodation: The hospitality industry consists of accommodation as a major sector that deals facilitating the customers with a place to stay on a short term or a temporary basis. Though the accommodation is commonly associated with the travel industry, the accommodation sector offers a local touring for the guests, or for those customers who require temporary accommodation for any purpose. This accommodation is further segmented into the following     Bed and breakfasts: Bed and breakfasts are places that offer a night stay and breakfast in the morning to the guests. The owners, who live in the same property, where the guests are given a separate room and probably a separate bathroom too, usually give this accommodation.     Hotels: These are the most common format of accommodation that is within the hospitality industry. Hotels provide customers with stays either overnight or for longer durations. Apart from a stay at the establishment/lodging facility, hotels tender other services like room service, housekeeping, eating, and drinking.       Motels: These are similar to hotels, but designed specifically for motorists who can rest/stay overnight. This is the reason most of the motels are usually located on the roadside with free car parking services. Although motels do provide a place to stay, usually they do not provide as many amenities as hotels such as housekeeping, and so on.     Resorts: Resorts are similar to hotels but with a larger range of amenities. The guests are facilitated with stay, food and beverages, shopping, entertainment, and other facilities without getting out of the resort. A few resorts put a price tag that is inclusive of all the mentioned facilities, and the customer is free to use them.     Serviced apartments: Serviced apartments is another form of accommodation that falls under the umbrella of the hospitality industry. These apartments are offered to the customers for either short or long-term stays. These places are usually fully furnished, working kitchen, and at times may include services similar to hotels like housekeeping, laundry, and so on.   Accommodation and its subsets are one part of the hospitality industry. The next set is Food and Drinks, which will be explained over the coming blog. Job seekers  can register and upload your resume here  and apply to millions of  Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs in USA  across top companies in the hospitality industry in your desired locations Now! Connect with 10000+ employers and get the latest job alerts about similar jobs now on the  Best Hospitality Jobs portal in the USA .
Growth is one such word that echoes in everybody’s mind. It is a sign of development both for the individual as well as the organization. Being stagnant is synonymous with non-existence. There is a dire need to update oneself with the latest tools and techniques to survive in the market. Moreover, what better way than coaching and mentoring? Coaching and mentoring are the development techniques used to enhance an individual’s skills, knowledge and work performance. It is a one-to-one basis program aimed at specific skills and specific results.  Difference between Coaching and mentoring: Coaching usually focuses on specific goals and skills to improve the productivity of the individual and make him/her more efficient. It is only for a short tenure. Mentoring is usually carried out by a very senior and efficient professional who is assigned the role to transfer the knowledge to the inexperienced member of the team. It is for a longer period. Need for coaching and mentoring: More and more companies have started believing in the concept of coaching and mentoring and are implementing it. It brings the desired changes in the individuals’ apart from collectively contributing to the growth of the company. There is always a gap between the potential of the individual and the achievement of the person. To bridge this gap, coaching and mentoring are used wherein several tools and techniques are applied to bring the best in the individual. There could be problems related to productivity, behavioral issues, performance issues and so on. Thus, the coaches and mentors are appointed to get these problems sorted out. The coaches and mentors could be managers, professional trainers, supervisors and so on. Here are some of the Business Mentoring Models: One-On-One Mentoring This is one of the most frequently used mentoring models and the successful one as well. It allows the mentor and the mentee to build a smooth relation and to be comfortable with each other. It focuses on individual problems and achievements. Resource-Based Mentoring : It is also a one-on-one mentoring model, but the mentor and the mentee aren’t chosen by the Mentoring Program Manager. Experienced and senior professionals can be requested to be a mentor. An individual can have a single mentor or more than one based on the requirement.    Group Mentoring A group of 4-6 members is chosen for the mentoring program. The sessions are scheduled twice or thrice in a month. The group members under the guidance of the mentor to assist each other in developing certain skills and knowledge. Training-Based Mentoring A mentor is hired to train the individual or complete the specific task or develop a specific skill set to finish a particular project or task. It is usually for a short tenure.  Executive Mentoring     The senior managers are asked to train their junior members in particular skills so that the organization isn’t deprived of the human resources when certain skills are asked for. It usually happens when there is a new joinee or when the seniors are leaving the organization. Benefits of Coaching and Mentoring: To the coach or the Mentor:         It enhances their own skill levels.         It gives them job satisfaction.         It helps them to build a professional network and interact with more people.         It boosts their self-esteem. To the Learner:         It Increases their skill sets.         It helps them in raising their self-esteem         It enhances their professional career growth         It turns the weakness to their strengths.         It helps them to build a good rapport with their supervisors and seniors.         It opens the gate for better opportunities.         It helps them in improving their personal life. To the organization:         It leads to higher employee retention.         It leads to better productivity levels.         It  Increases the skill set and knowledge levels of the employees.         It paves a path to achieve goals         It helps in succession planning         It leads to complete utilization of human resources         It strengthens the company culture and ethics If you have a mentor or are being coached by your manager, do let us know the experience. Were you benefited by them? Did you see a change in yourself? Could you increase your productivity? Job seekers  can register and upload your resume here  and apply to millions of  Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs in USA  across top companies in the hospitality industry in your desired locations Now! Connect with 10000+ employers and get the latest job alerts about similar jobs now on the  Best Hospitality Jobs portal in the USA .
Every firm or organization looks for security for the building, staff, guests, and for the processes within the building to run smooth. Hotel security executives do not move around carrying firearms, although they have access to weapons on the premises they can access if required. Based on the state law and hotel policy, the security officers usually get on the job training or a few get the formal training before joining the organization. The responsibilities of hotel security officers are to monitor for any unusual activities near the restaurant/hotel, illegal or hazardous activities near the premises. The day-to-day activity of the officer would be patrolling of hallways, parking areas, lobbies, bars, stairs, and the entire restaurant. Normally the responsibility of the security officer is to be active and on the feet but at some hotels, there are securities who have a stationary position/seated at one place. Their duty involves being near the entrance as a guard. Moreover, in some hotels, the officers are supposed to monitor the activities across the establishment by looking at the surveillance videos (real-time). The roles and responsibilities of a security officer changes based on the place of work. For example, some clubs or bars require officers to take care of guests who are intoxicated than the normal levels and abusive/pugnacious. Based on the hotel policy and the circumstances at that moment; the security officer either evicts the guest, or escort them to their vehicle, or hold them up for the police officer to take over the situation. Security officers have lots of responsibilities, as part of their duty, they are required not to let the loiterers or the trespassers near the hotel. They should ensure that these people are evicted from time to time. Another duty they have on the list is escorting guests or employees to their vehicles in case it is too late in the night or there is no valet parking availability. At times, the peers/co-employees might need security assistance to deal with an aggressive guest. On the other hand, the guest themselves might call in for monitoring the hallway or corridor in case of any suspicious activity.  Hotel security officers are required to maintain order in the establishment by continuously monitoring and surveilling the work premises. They should always be alert and attentive while on the roster. In case the occurrence of any accident or a false alarm, the security officer requires being there in the place. Ensure that the guests and staff are safely evacuated and in case of a false alarm have to calm the situation. As mentioned, each establishment have their own set of rules, similarly, some of the hotels might require the security staff to keep a log of activities happening during their shift, which includes unusual events like evicting a loiterer, responding to a guest’s complaint, suspicious activities like the restricted areas are used, and so on. Hotel security is a 24-hour job that is maintained by a group of officers maintaining a roster of the shifts. Making an entry in the logbook or recording these activities, helps in assisting the police officer or investigating officers with the right information. Hotel Security profile may not be of much liking for many. However, it is considered to be one of the best jobs as you get a chance to be there as a support system when required. Job seekers  can register and upload your resume here  and apply to millions of  Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs in USA  across top companies in the hospitality industry in your desired locations Now! Connect with 10000+ employers and get the latest job alerts about similar jobs now on the  Best Hospitality Jobs portal in the USA .
Those were days in the past when travel agents would handle all the bookings and plan a vacation for you, Hospitality industry has an all-new-face in terms of marketing strategy. Vacationers choose their next travel destinations and plan on their own being selecting a place that their friends, family members recommended or from social media reviews, or finding the best deals and hotels from the “web” just from their phone or laptops. Now, these facilities bring in a lot of tug-of-war for hotels and property owners to be on the limelight and lure the front-line consumers to be their potential guests instead of depending on travel agents and age-old printed ads. Having said that, there is also a whole new game started among vacation rental marketing which has beefed up between peers. Vacant homes provide a wonderful and luxurious stay for visitors providing a secure and affordable private space, which also earns a good vow to the owners. The trending hospitality industry marketing They are trending too, yes, big and small players of the hospitality industry are also changing their game plan to fit the market is bidding farewell to advertise and paving the path through customer reviews about places to visit, eat, and entertain. “Rate us on the scale of ..” this is the slogan of the new age marketers who encourage customers and end-users to publish their views on social media for fruitful marketing that are available free and in bulk. These marketers pair up with social media influences to make most out of it. Hotels and their marketing strategies A wide variety of hotels and their chains are cultivating strategies like influencer relationships and organic content marketing across social media to reap more customers. Even though these techniques have a broad scope, the hotel industry has stepped up the approach by making it the more personalized approach of making customized vacation packages Social media and email marketing are the pawns played to grab the attention of the vacationers, which not only describe the location but also provide insights of history and art coupled with food and culture creating a more profound visitor footprint. Vacation rentals – marketing trends Vacation rental marketing businesses are undoubtedly relying on social media as it is more suitable and worthy because people depend upon these sites rather than browsing through numerous sites where even the most extravagant picture gallery would not meet their basic zest for a perfect outing. Guests are your promoters when vacation marketers understood this concept they are providing vacation packages that would leave them enthralled. They customize the tour package providing the guests with guided tours, themed itineraries, and even personal chefs! Futuristic and affordable ideas collaborated by the millenarians; in making vacation rental property for their family and group trips by making them their home base since such places offer more solitude and amity than most large hotels fail. Such venues provide a better prospect in creating a more convenient environment to enjoy the locale features and provide much value for group travels at a reasonably priced vacation. Guests with a memorable vacation would provide their own content to boost a profound vacation rental marketing strategy, which in turn helps owners and managers to use such content to their advantage in improvising these strategies. To concise, vacation rental owners and managers would inculcate the best practice and viable options listed above to boost their business as few hotels already have.  This will bring in a healthy competition among other players within not only the same location but also other similar travel destinations worldwide. Since the strategies like attractive visual media and events posts across social media reviews and direct email advertising reach out to the farthest corners, making the world a global village, there would be multi-fold growth in the vacation market and pleasing experience to the vacationers.  Conclusion I would bet my last penny to say that vacation rentals will see fission of ideas and deals in the year to come. No deal was won without sweating for sure but with the right strategies and planning, owners or managers can make the best with smart planning and cautious stepping.  Job seekers  can register and upload your resume here  and apply to millions of  Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs in USA  across top companies in the hospitality industry in your desired locations Now! Connect with 10000+ employers and get the latest job alerts about similar jobs now on the  Best Hospitality Jobs portal in the USA .
You might be mistaken if you think that the interview panel doesn't judge you. When you just enter the venue, you are being noticed. You may not be aware that your presence is being noticed, but beware! Here are the seven things the interviewers notice first:   Your arrival time: Time is the most critical factor in the success of any business. And if you fail to adhere to it, it might cost you the job. It is always better to arrive 10 minutes before the interview schedule. You may not be questioned on coming late. However, you might be noticed.   Your attire: Your dressing sense will definitely be considered if you are attending an interview. A shabby and untidy person fails to create a good impression. Thus, try to understand the dress code of the company and dress accordingly. Give a professional look.   Your body language: Yes, this is non-verbal communication, and it is more powerful than words. If you are stressed and tensed, your body language shows it. Be confident, but not over-confident. Be humble and polite. Avoid signs of nervousness. Drink water and stay calm. A firm handshake and eye contact are necessary. Do not cross your arms and avoid fidgeting.   Your communication style: Do not speak too fast as it shows that you are nervous. At the same time, you do not be too slow as the interviewer might think that you are borrowing time. Keep a medium pace. Pause where required and be confident with your answers.   Your preparedness: Do not come unprepared as it has an impact on your selection process. Learn about the company's mission, vision products, services, and other vital details. It implies that has you are serious about the job and have taken extra effort for the interview.   Your enthusiasm: Be excited to be a part of the organization. Show interest in your interview process. The company would definitely hire somebody who is keen on working with them. At the same time, do not show that you are desperate.   Your Qualifications: You might have great communication skills and team spirit; however, they are just additional skills to your core skills. The more important thing is your qualification. You are hired for your knowledge. A basic degree is a must to get selected. Thus, check the job profile thoroughly before appearing for the job. Do not be rejected on being overqualified or underqualified. The interviewer will match your qualifications before proceeding further.   Be prepared before you enter the interview venue and score brownie points once you are being noticed for the above-mentioned points. Cracking an interview is not always easy, as there are several factors to be taken care of. However, once you are aware of the basic interview skills, getting a job is not tough, as well. Visit to know more about job openings in the hospitality industry. Job seekers  can register and upload your resume here  and apply to millions of  Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs in USA  across top companies in the hospitality industry in your desired locations Now! Connect with 10000+ employers and get the latest job alerts about similar jobs now on the  Best Hospitality Jobs portal in the USA .
It is never an easy decision to quit your regular job and get into entrepreneurship. Most of us have thought of becoming an entrepreneur, but how many of us actually plunge into it? Very few!  “It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.” - Scott Belsky, co-founder of Behance.  Being an entrepreneur is all about contributions. It is about being positive, believing in self, and leading that belief to benefit the society on large. Peer networking plays a major role in spreading a positive word about entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur, you need immense support, and it is possible through your friends and fellow entrepreneurs. Having a strong peer network helps you in getting referrals, advice, and appreciations.   Importance of peer networks in entrepreneurship: Support system : Your peers will know what you are going through during your tough times. Sometimes all you need is a few encouraging words to get back to your track. No, you do not have to listen to great motivational speeches, just talk to your peers, and it would help you out.       Sharing skills: Though an entrepreneur manages all the departments, yet he cannot be a master of all. There are certain skills that he masters, whereas there are certain skills that he needs to improve. Why do you have to outsource the work when you have highly skilled fellow entrepreneurs? The gap can be bridged with the help of peer networking.       Mentoring: There cannot be anything better than being mentored by the serial entrepreneurs or the ones who have left a mark in their field.       Prosperity: Prosperity is possible when there is a healthy environment amongst entrepreneurs to grow and let grow.   Here are a few ways to build a peer network for entrepreneurial benefits:     Family and Friends: Our friends and family members are our greatest critics as well as appreciators. It isn't necessary to involve everyone in your entrepreneurial journey. Have a look at your contacts, or try recollecting some good old school friends who always bubbled with ideas or did things differently. Let them know about your journey and ask them for their contributions. If you belong to a business family or have professionals at your home, talk to the experienced ones and ask their suggestions. You can also use the social media platform to support you.       Add value: You cannot be relying on favors all the time. How about adding some value to some fellow entrepreneurs? Remember, there is a price for everything. If you want X to promote your link, you definitely can endorse his products and services. This networking will help people to add value to each other’s work and build a strong base. The professional networking social media platform like LinkedIn is a great way to showcase the skills as well as promote the business. Endorse your peers and get endorsed.     Connect with a co-working space:  The Inc. Magazine reported,” The rise of coworking space in the past ten years has changed the face of the start-up office.”  If you want to network with the right set of people, there cannot be anything better than sharing a coworking space. Entrepreneurs will always surround you, and your regular talk over a coffee or near the water coolers would surely be more meaningful. These innovative centers are growing in number, and more and more entrepreneurs can connect easily. Whether you are a freelancer or have an office set-up at home, sharing a coworking space can make a hell lot of difference.        Join the existing groups: There are several formal network groups that allow the entrepreneurs to network. You do not have to hunt for such groups. Remember the college Alumni meet? Yes, it is the most active networking opportunity to share your experience and let people know what you are up to. Several colleges run incubation centers for budding entrepreneurs to let their ideas born. Next time, whenever you have an alumni association, never miss it! There are exclusive entrepreneurial meetup groups that expose entrepreneurs to several opportunities.      Be qualitative than quantitative: There is no point in having a network of 500 people who would hardly understand the journey of entrepreneurship. Build a close-knit relation with people who can influence your business. They might help you in generating leads and might get you referrals as well. Find out people who can vouch for you. Remember, entrepreneurship is all about building trust.  You are fortunate if you have already had a strong peer network of entrepreneurs. They will lend you their shoulders when needed and will help you to overcome the challenges of your entrepreneurial journey. If you are yet to build an entrepreneurial network, do try out the above-mentioned tips and see if it helps you out. Job seekers  can register and upload your resume here  and apply to millions of  Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs in USA  across top companies in the hospitality industry in your desired locations Now! Connect with 10000+ employers and get the latest job alerts about similar jobs now on the  Best Hospitality Jobs portal in the USA .
  Every industry has its own terminologies and if you are a hospitality professional, it’s wise to be familiar with the industry jargon. This will not only help you to remain updated but will help you to build a better professional image in the Hospitality industry and amongst the clients. Here are 5 important terms every hospitality professional must know:     Walking a client:   You might be familiar with the terms check-in and check-out but would have rarely come across the term ‘walking a client’. When a client with a reservation drops-in late to the hotel and the rooms are completely occupied, the client will be requested to occupy a room in a different hotel where they have tie-ups. Next time when you are walking a client, pat yourself for doing a wonderful service. It is always better to accommodate the guests in other properties rather than turning them away, isn’t it?   Comped Rooms: The word comped is derived from the word complementary which basically means free. The term comped rooms are the rooms offered to high-end customers in a casino. The clients might also get free meals and drinks apart from the comped rooms, after all, they are valued-customers who regularly participate in the casino games. The valued customers always expect augmented services from the service providers as they are the regular source of income generators for the casinos.   Demand Generators: This refers to the factors that help in purchasing an existing hotel or a new one. The factors could range from natural features like beaches, mountains to commercial properties such as shopping malls or a convention center. The higher the demand drivers a destination has, the better are the chances for it to be purchased. If you are a part of the hospitality industry, you must map your demand generators before purchasing a new hotel.    MICE: Wondering if we are referring to the small rodents? Absolutely not! MICE stands for ‘meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions’. Most of the corporate book hotels for meetings, events, conferences, and exhibitions. This gives an additional advantage to the hoteliers to generate money by serving food & beverages, and meeting room rentals. This guest segment of the hospitality industry helps the hotelier to capture the corporate segment and increase their presence along with the business.   Tourists: As a hospitality professional, you would have come across this term ample times. So, what could be the difference between visitors and tourists? As per United Nations World Tourism Organisation, business travelers and holidaymakers are said to be tourists only when they take an overnight halt at the destination or they would just be referred to as visitors.   These are the five most common hospitality terminologies that every hospitality professional must be aware of. As a hospitality professional, one must constantly make efforts to upgrade their skills. Looking for hospitality jobs? Interest in making a career in the hospitality industry? Get in touch with us or visit to know about job opportunities in the hospitality industry. Job seekers  can register and upload your resume here  and apply to millions of  Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs in USA  across top companies in the hospitality industry in your desired locations Now! Connect with 10000+ employers and get the latest job alerts about similar jobs now on the  Best Hospitality Jobs portal in the USA .