• Pietanza's Italian Restaurant
  • Bartlett, IL, USA
  • Sep 25, 2019
Full time Servers

Job Description

Pietanza's is a family run Italian Restaurant, offering many dishes from Italian-American to traditional-Italian.

The position is for: Morning Shift (10:30 am -4:30 pm)

Full time or Part-time

Hourly wage + tips

Qualifications: Minimum 1 year of experience

Proficiency in English

18 years or older

Friendly and people oriented

Eye for detail

Able to stand for 90% of shift

What is expected from position: Comprehensive knowledge of menu Knowledgeable on wines and beers that are carried

Able to take orders through phone

Portioning and stocking

Uphold dining room to clean and sanitary conditions, including bathrooms

Able to multitask

Able to effectively communicate with co-workers

Pietanza's is an Italian restaurant operated by the Pietanza family and its staff.

Chef Vincenzo is a culinarily trained Chef in Abruzzo, Italy.

He operated a restaurant in Italy for over a decade and now he bring his knowledge and expertise to transform his signature dishes to american palates.

We focus on quality food and service, offering Italian-american dishes alongside dishes from our home-region of Puglia.

Working here, you'll be able to experience firsthand and taste some amazing dishes!