Care Room Attendant (Contractual)

  • Chicago High School for the Arts
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Sep 13, 2022
Full time

Job Description

We are seeking Care Room Attendants (CRA) that will support the needs of students in a Care Room. The Care Room is a temporary transitional space for excluded students who are ill or who have failed a daily health screening awaiting pickup by a parent or guardian. Available Hours : Must be available Monday - Friday throughout the school day SUMMARY OF CLIENT'S DESCRIPTION OF THIS OPPORTUNITY Track Care Room attendance and supervise students in the Care Room Record the reason a student has been sent to Care Room If the lunch period is involved, provide the student with a meal in the care room. The student may remove their mask during the meal as strict social distancing is observed. Track and report Care Room metrics, including student attendance, PPE supply maintenance, etc. This will require use of tools such as an iPad or computer Assist school leadership with movement of Care Room students including, bathroom breaks, parent guardian hand off, etc. If the health condition of a Care Room student deteriorates and requires immediate emergency attention, calls 911; notifies the principal, school nurse (if available), and then parent or guardian Provide coverage for assigned staff members who are unable to attend their staffing duties Practices aggressive hand hygiene Maintains social distance to the extent feasible Wears appropriate PPE as determined by OSHW (CPS will supply PPE) REQUIRED EXPERIENCE AND EDUCATION FOR SCHOOL CARE ROOM ATTENDANT (CRA) Minimum of a High School Diploma Completion of Office Of Student Health and Wellness (OSHW) training on COVID-19 safety, transmission, health protocols, and communication with families. Experience working with high school aged children ASPEN and Google Access will be required for this role Ability to maintain calm and professional demeanor in stressful situations Demonstrated ability to effectively communicate with school staff and parents Ability and willingness to follow written and oral safety protocols and instructions Job Type: Contract Pay: $15.00 per hour