• CorTech LLC
  • Miami, Florida
  • May 10, 2022

Job Description

JOB SUMMARY: The Cook works under the direction of the FANS Management team to ensure that all work is performed utilizing all safety and sanitation guidelines. Performs routine daily tasks related to hot production needs of the Nutritional Service Department. The position will prepare and cook all hot food and related items ensuring a clean and sanitized work area in accord with recipe requirements. Provides the highest level of customer service at all times.

Prepares hot foods in sufficient quantities to cover requirements according to production sheets, while avoiding over-production, thus eliminating waste and/or leftovers.
Grills, cooks, prepares food for food service areas and fills in for cafeteria workers as needed in their absence.
Times preparation of foods to meet food service schedules.
Prepares food according to standardized recipes.
Places hot food items in steam tables just prior to serving to ensure correct temperatures.
Serves meals on the patient tray line, using standardized portion sizes, or as marked.
Provides quality food preparation and service, which can be seen by color and consistency of therapeutic diets.
Follows recommended serving portion size from recipe or production sheets.
Follows menus provided and makes changes according to food supplies after consulting with Director or Dietitian.
Checks next day menus for necessary pre-preparation (i.e. pulling frozen meat for tempering, cooking roasts).
Labels hot food items for modified diets.
Utilizes creativity and know-how in producing food items that are aesthetically pleasing and taste appealing.
Uses proper techniques in storage, handling, holding of hot food items, including leftovers, label and date.
Prepares and uses appropriate garnishes on patient trays based on approve therapeutic diets.
Attends all mandatory hospital and department in-services.
Completes duties quickly and efficiently, without compromising quality of work.
Uses all necessary food service equipment as needed, using proper safety precautions and operation procedures (convection oven, microwave oven, bain marie, slicing machine, kettles, steamers, steam tables, grill, broiler, deep fat fryer, mixers, blender, and knives.
Participates in Quality Improvement Control activities as required.
Cleans work areas on own initiative, continually maintains a neat and sanitary work area.
Completes other duties as assigned


EDUCATION: High School Diploma or its equivalent, preferred.

EXPERIENCE: One year of experience in healthcare food and nutrition services preferred.


Adaptability - Effectively adapts to work within new work structures, processes, requirements, or cultures.
Energy - Maintains high levels of activity or productivity; sustaining long working hours when necessary;
Empathy - Deals effectively with others who may be experiencing stress and loss to reduce tension
Stress Tolerance - Maintains stable performance under pressure
Communication - Communicate clearly, proactively, and concisely with all key stakeholders, customers, and management
Customer Engagement - Able to effectively engage with patients and family member as appropriate to meet there need and expectation for cleanliness during their stay

SPECIAL DEMANDS: Must be able to work in environments containing human blood and body fluids. Must be able to speak, write, and read in English.

Age legend does not apply. This position does not have responsibility ­for the assessment, treatment and care of patients.
Responsibility for the safety of others: Position requires that the employee be on constant alert for possible hazards that may create unsafe conditions in the hospital. Possible hazards that should be watched for include, but are not limited to: faulty equipment or machinery; spills on floors, etc. Such conditions must be immediately reported to the employee's supervisor or the Plant Operations department.
Responsibility for physical assets: The employee will be responsible for the equipment and supplies that are issued to perform job functions during his/her shift. Employees are responsible for tagging and depositing with the Security Department personal property found during their duties.

WORK ENVIRONMENT: The individual spends 75 % or more of their time inside. Frequent variation in temperatures may occur as individual collects frozen and refrigerated food items from the walk-in freezer/refrigerator and extremes of heat from ovens. Moderate intermittent noise from kitchen equipment. The potential for exposure to blood-borne pathogens, bodily fluids, or other potentially-infectious materials is minimal to none.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES: This position requires a knowledge of internal policies and procedures relating to the preparation, cooking and holding of foods. Familiarity with therapeutic diets, portion control and reading production tallies is essential. Has a understanding of all policies and procedures concerning the cooks position and related responsibilities. Is knowledgeable in basic food preparation techniques including receiving, storage, preparation and holding of foods

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: This position is primarily medium work in nature. The maximum amount of lifting is fifty (50) pounds, with frequent lifting and/or carrying of objects weighing up to 25 pounds. The position requires constant standing and walking. Must meet the hospital's established health requirements. Requires the ability to exchange ideas by means of the spoken and written word.

DEGREE OF SUPERVISION: Moderate, must be able to follow instructions and verbalize understanding of tasks.

EQUIPMENT USED: This position involves minimal exposure to infectious waste, that mandates the wearing of gloves. Protective clothing and equipment include rubber soled shoes, oven mitts, aprons, hair covering, steel slicing gloves, safety belts and freezer jacket