Beverage Manager

  • Nusr-Et Steakhouse
  • 999 Brickell Avenue, Miami, FL 33131
  • Jan 12, 2022
Full time F & B Managers General Managers and Management Executives

Job Description

I. Job Summary

The Beverage Manager is responsible for overseeing and directing the seamless running of the bar and wine team, by providing a highly efficient and effective service while ensuring that all financial and statutory requirements are met and supporting the delivery of outstanding customer service.

II. Essential Job Functions

Objectives and Goals

· Effectively oversees and directs the bar and wine department in a smooth and operational manner.

· Manages all staff members in the agreed standard of bar service during shifts.

· Guides and leads by example in all areas of bar conduct.

· Liaises and co-operates effectively with all other associated members of staff in relation to all aspects of the production and service of food.

· Trains and develops employees, ensuring they have the necessary skills to perform their duties.

· Promotes the safe use of the bar, its equipment and building under the Health and Safety at Work acts, Hygiene and other regulations.

· Responds to any changes in the bar as dictated by the needs of the operations and the company.

· Assumes full accountability for the bar stock and profitability.

Job Activities

Customer Service

· Provides friendly, courteous and professional service at all times.

· Provides a quick and efficient service.

· Demonstrates a high standard of personal appearance and ensures good personal hygiene.

· Ensures that the agreed standards of bar service are adhered to at all times.

· To manage employees ensuring that the correct standards and methods of service are maintained.

· Ensures the efficient flow of service and standards are constantly met during service periods.

· Ensures all customer requests and queries are responded to promptly and effectively.

· Positively deals with and learns from all customer complaints and comments.

· Actively seeks feedback from customers on a regular basis.

· Greets customers and answers any and all questions.

· Alerts team members when tables are in need of attention, if they are not present assists them in helping with their tables.

· Has knowledge of the menu, with the ability to make suggestions.

· Ensures tables are enjoying their meals and takes action to correct any problems.

· Collects payments from tables.

People Management

· Builds and maintains an efficient team of employees, driving the team towards the objectives of the business.

· Ensures that the bar’s personnel budgets are strictly adhered to.

· Recruits and selects employees to the agreed staffing levels.

· Develops a learning culture and ensures that all team members feel valued and rewarded.

· Produces employee Rota’s and ensures that employee levels match the needs of the business.

· Ensures that all new employees attend induction.

· Promotes the training and development of staff to ensure standards are maintained and monitors all training and development within the department.

· Manages all employees in line with the agreed skills and standards, giving regular feedback and appraisals.

· Manages all disciplinary and grievance issues within the department.

· Assesses staff performance against the agreed skills and standards.

· Constantly monitors the grooming and personal hygiene of the team.

Department Responsibilities

· Ensures that the department is maintaining its agreed level of operating performance at all times.

· Communicates and delegates activities to the team.

· Ensures that all up-selling opportunities are maximized within the department.

· Directs the setting up of the restaurant, ensuring all necessary work is completed prior to the commencement of service.

· Ensures that the bar’s agreed operational budgets are strictly adhered to, all costs are controlled, and any expenditure approved.

· Is aware of all relevant suppliers and their products and orders accordingly as and when necessary due to business demand.

· Prepares department budgets or re-forecasts, as requested by the General Manager.

· Ensures that all department staff work hygienically and productively.

· Ensures that the standards and controls for health and safety, hygiene, risk assessments, COSHH, manual handling and produce are maintained as prescribed by legislation, the company and independent auditors.

· Ensures that all restaurant personnel strictly adhere to manufacturer’s instructions of use of all machinery and equipment.

· Ensures that all restaurant equipment is maintained to operating specifications and completes weekly maintenance lists where necessary.

· Manages the completion of all administrative documentation including requisitions and internal transfers relevant to the department’s accountability.

· Has a detailed knowledge of department brand standards and is able to explain the standards to the team.

· Creates and implements sales promotions and staff incentives, strictly requiring the authorization of the General Manager.

· Ensures that all in house control systems/ audit requirements are adhered to at all times.

· Cleans tables and removes dishes after the customer leaves.

· Carries loads of soiled dirty dishes to the dishwasher to be cleaned.

· Ensures availability of clean dishes, flatware, glasses, straws, napkins, and other dining materials.

· Resets tables when customer leaves for next customer party.

· Is able to remain focused and on-task.

· Sweeps and mops floors, even in the event that items are broken or spilled.


· Provides a clear handover during shift changes.

· Ensures that all staff are well briefed on the daily responsibilities and are given constant supervision and motivation on all aspects of their work.

· Notifies the staff to all menu changes, specialties, event menus and changes to standards prior to the commencement of service.

· Ensures that the daily briefings take place.

· Develops an open culture of communication, both formal and informal.

Making it Happen

· Stimulates change, challenges assumption and ways of working to move the business forward.

· Develops a positive and direct relationship with all colleagues.

· Supports a culture of pride, ownership, and desire to exceed expectations within the department.

· Fosters a culture of flexibility. Responds quickly and positively to changing requirements whether within the department or outside in order to meet business demands and guest service needs.

· Understands what is happening in other competitor bars and the external environment, and the implications for your own department.

· Plans ahead to ensure adequate resources are available.

· Is aware of potential highs and lows in the business and customer trends, and plans accordingly.

What Success Looks Like

Customer Service

· Ensures the provision of courteous and professional service at all times.

· Achieves at least 90% on unannounced guest reports, and demonstrates a planned approach to improvements.

· Responds to customer complaints in liaison with the General Manager.

· Demonstrates a high standard of personal appearance and ensures good personal hygiene.

· Ensures that the agreed standards of drink preparation and presentation are adhered to at all times.

People Management

· Ensures that individual team members to have individual development plans.

· Motivates and inspires the team to perform.

Department Responsibilities

· Maintains constant quality control of all areas of the bar, ensuring the required standards are always met.

· Prioritizes actions and delegates effectively.

· Is self-reliant, working with minimal control and direction, acting on own initiative where necessary.

· Ensures that all necessary work is completed prior to the commencement of service.

· Ensures that all working areas of the bar are maintained in a clean and hygienic condition at all times.

· Ensures that the agreed standards of service are supervised and adhered to.

· Manages all aspects of the financial performance of the bar, in liaison with the General Manager.


· Communicates openly and clearly both verbally and in writing.

· Pitches information at the appropriate level.

· Ensures that all staff within the team are well briefed on the daily responsibilities and are given constant supervision and motivation in all aspects of their work.

Making it Happen

· Ensures that communication with all relevant parties is clear, consistent and transparent.

· Is flexible within the role in supporting the business.

· Accepts personal responsibility for making things happen.

· Thinks ahead, developing contingency plans where necessary.

· Takes calculated risks to achieve results.

Personal Competencies

These describe the behavior you will need to demonstrate to carry out your job effectively:

· Maintains a high customer awareness by approaching your job with the customers always in mind.

· Is financially aware of costs involved in the operations and are responsible to control costs.

· Is motivated and committed to your personal development, approaching all tasks with enthusiasm and seizing opportunities to learn new skills or knowledge in order to improve your personal performance

· Is adaptable, responding quickly and positively to changing requirements, which may mean getting involved in procedures that are not normally part of your day-to-day responsibilities.

· Maintains high level of teamwork by showing co-operation and support to colleagues in the pursuit of department and restaurant goals. To have a positive impact, taking personal responsibility and initiative to resolve issues, always clearly communicating with both customers and colleagues

· Ensures that the quantity of work is sufficiently productive under the normal business levels.

III. Additional Duties

· Performs other job-related duties as directed.

· Work as a team player at all times and is prepared to be flexible in order to ensure that operations are always as efficient and profitable as possible.

III. Education, Experience and Skill Requirements

· Ability to train and develop team members.

· Ability to work effectively in a team environment and take initiative.

· Analytical skills

· Computer skills (word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software).

· Self-motivated individual with excellent written, verbal, and organizational skills.

· Ability to work independently and with others.

· Ability to work independently by prioritizing workload and meeting deadlines.

· Must be flexible and able to work with a variety of people.

· Ability to handle stressful situations and to prevent and/or handle emergency situations.

· Ability to multitask in high pressure situations based on company requirements.