Shift Manager

  • Denver Pizza Company
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Oct 03, 2021
Full time General Managers and Management Executives

Job Description


Department: Operations
Reports to: AGM, GM, RGM
Status: Hourly
Job Purpose: The Shift Manager is responsible for inspiring, leading, and overseeing the restaurant and its crew members to ensure a positive work environment and customer experience.

Essential Job Results-You will be evaluated in the following areas:

  • Professional Image: Comes to work neatly groomed; in a clean uniform or appropriate clothing; a person you are proud represents the business.
  • Attitude: Comes to work happy-Leaves personal issues at the door. Is passionate about the business, the crew, and the guest. Creates a fun working environment. Able to manage his/her difficult emotions (frustrations and anger) in a positive productive way.
  • Professional Conduct: Works scheduled shifts; on time; follows standards and policies. This person completes all duties and holds themselves to the highest standards so that holding others accountable is easy.
  • Team Player: Leads by example-would never ask someone to do something they wouldn't or haven't done. Knows exactly when and where to pitch to be the most useful. Never leaves crew in a lurch.
  • Strong Communication Skills: Is able to verbally express a message. Checks to make sure message was received as intended. Listens to understand. Asks to make sure the received message was the correct message.
  • Engages in Constructive Conflict: Willing to state thoughts and ideas even when they are different from leadership, peers, or those he/she manages. Stays curious when others present a point of view that differs from his or hers. Believes it is more important to understand and be understood than to be "right."
  • Holds people accountable: Able to give and receive timely positive and critical feedback. Appreciates a job well done and shares his/her appreciation. Can deliver critical feedback in a way that does not create defensiveness but rather promotes honest 2-way communication, trust, and improved performance.
  • Uses Personal Power and influence as a rule: Leading by example, being a great communicator, and creating a fun productive working environment inspires strong working relationships with crew members who follow policy and perform at a high level because it is the right thing to do. Does not use fear or intimidation to hold people accountable.
  • Uses Positional Power as the exception: Understands that when difficult situations occur with a crew member, guest, or emergency he/she is in charge and must make decisive quick decisions for the benefit of the business.


  • Oversee and direct all crew members during shifts and ensure they stay on task.
  • Maintain fast, accurate service, positive guest relations, and ensure products are consistent with company quality.
  • Make sure cooks don't get too far ahead of drivers resulting in delivery of cold food.
  • Plan order of deliveries to maximize use of driver's time on road.
  • Ensure the correct tools & procedures are used to prepare, build and deliver perfect food.
  • Continuous training, coaching and development of crew members.
  • Keep kitchen clean and organized in accordance with all health and safety regulations.
  • Manager comes into a spotless store and leaves a spotless store at the end of shift.
  • Proper Sanitation, Cleaning and Preventative Maintenance of Oven, Reach-in coolers, Oven hood, Dough Mixer, Slicer, Cook top, Blender, Cutlery and other miscellaneous kitchen utensils.
  • Proper Sanitation and Preventative Maintenance of walls, floors, drains and shelves.
  • Maintain presentable appearance and professional demeanor by DPC's standard - open kitchen.
  • Timely completion of all checklists.
  • Execute cash management duties with POS and shift reports Every shift. Cash out drivers and in house tips. Record all owed tips accurately in spreadsheet.
  • Ensures every customer is happy and resolves all complaints