Hotel General Manager

  • Silver Cloud Hotel - Portland
  • Lake Oswego, OR, USA
  • Sep 08, 2021
Full time General Managers and Management Executives

Job Description

Silver Cloud Inns & Hotels

Silver Cloud Hotel-Portland

Position Description:

Position: General Manager Department: Front Office

Reports to: Corporate Director of Operations, FLSA designation: Exempt

Position Summary:

Manages the activities of the hotel operations which include: guest relations, front desk, housekeeping, maintenance, finances, food & beverage, team building, and staff improvement. This position works closely with the Director of Sales who manages hotel sales, catering and customer service activity.

Key Functions:

- Promotes an atmosphere that ensures the company mission statement: "Friendliness and Cleanliness".

-Provides an environment where staff and individual departments can support each other and achieve goals.

- Planning for future requirements in operations.

- Coordinate the efforts of operating departments to achieve goals, objectives, and budgets.

- Support the Sales Department in seeking increased occupancy, ADR, and quality customer service.

- Ensures that all departments comply with federal, state, and local regulations.

- Interfaces with corporate accounting, sales, and managing partners as required.

Position Requirements & Responsibilities:

A. Guest Services:

- Promote an atmosphere that insures the company mission statement "Friendliness and Cleanliness" is understood and practiced by all employees.

- Encourage effective guest communication between staff, management, and guests.

B. Management Skills:

- Communication: Communicates well both verbally and in writing, creates accurate and punctual reports, delivers presentations, shares information and ideas with others, has good listening skills.

- Decision Making: Makes decisions systematically, can make decisions under pressure, builds a consensus, can make difficult/unpopular decisions, considers impact of decisions.

- Delegation: Assigns authority and tasks to promote growth and enhance productivity. Insures tasks are supported and fulfilled.

- Dependability: Meets commitments, works independently, accepts accountability, handles change, sets personal standards, stays focused under pressure, meets attendance/punctuality requirements.

- Hiring: Defines position requirements and necessary skills, selects appropriate candidates, builds teams with complementary skills, promotes diversity in hiring.

- Initiative: Tackles problems and takes independent action, seeks out new responsibilities, acts on opportunities, generates new ideas, practices self-development.

- Interpersonal Skills: Has good listening skills, builds strong relationships, is flexible/open-minded, negotiates effectively, solicits performance feedback and handles constructive criticism.

- Judgment: Uses good judgment, applies previous experience, prioritizes tasks, provides manager with feedback, manages resources well.

- Leadership: Is persuasive and convincing, is fair and impartial, sets high standards, establishes a clear focus and direction, implements company policies, tackles tough issues.

- People Development: Provides feedback and coaching, rewards hard work and risk taking, takes mentoring role, challenges and develops employees, accepts mistakes, provides visibility/opportunity.

- Personal Organization: Keeps information organized and accessible, maintains clean/functional workspace, works systematically/efficiently, and manages time well.

- Problem Solving: Anticipates and prevents problems, defines problems, overcomes obstacles, generates alternative solutions, helps solve team problems.

- Teamwork: Works well in groups, helps resolve conflicts, facilitates meetings, works well with other departments, is flexible and open-minded, focuses team on strategies and goals.

- Work Environment: Promotes mutual respect, keeps workplace clean and safe, supports safety programs.

C. Adherence to Company Policies and Procedures

D. Physical Plant and Equipment:

- Conduct Property Inspections

- Coordinate all property and plant and equipment inspections with state, local, and third party inspectors.

- Establish and maintain safety & compliance requirements.

- Train key personnel in all emergency procedures.

- Confer with corporate staff on needed capital improvements or emergency repairs.

- Maintain physical plant and equipment.

E. Fiscal Administration:

- Daily examination of all revenue and expense areas generated by the hotel.

- Weekly review of supply inventories and approval of orders.

- Timely (twice weekly) deliveries of daily reports and invoices to corporate office.

- Monthly review and analysis of all reports received from corporate office.

- Monthly preparation of required reports sent to corporate office:

- Compile and process employee payroll information on a semi-monthly schedule.

- Compile and submit recommendations for annual capital improvements and major maintenance projects.

F. Departmental Supervision and Communication:

- Coordinate personnel management within each department.

- Involve employees in an action plan for continuous improvement.

- Establish and maintain effective communications.

- Perform annual performance evaluations with department heads.

Position Factors:

1. Degree of supervision: Supervises or oversees the supervision of 20-200 people in a wide variety of activities.

2. Working conditions: Requires 45-50 hours per week as required to meet the responsibilities and is on call evenings and weekends.