Kitchen Manager, BOH Manager, KM

  • The Meteor
  • Austin, Texas
  • Apr 08, 2021
General Managers and Management Executives

Job Description

The Meteor Kitchen Manager:

MISSION STATEMENT: It is our mission to provide our customers with excellent food and coffee in a fun and energetic environment.

We strive for friendly, intentional, and knowledgeable service that provides our customers with a consistent

experience each time. We are committed to serving high-quality products while creating a dynamic and

engaging atmosphere for our clientele and staff.

We strive to create and foster a supportive community that emphasizes clear and direct communication and

mutual respect. All members of our staff are valued for the unique experience that they bring to our company

and are offered opportunities for personal and professional growth throughout every stage of employment.



The BOH Manager is expected to help execute the mission statement of The Meteor with a specific focus on

back-of-house operations and with the ultimate goal of providing an uncompromised food service experience

to the customer.


Average of 40-50 hours/week

Ability to work weekends

1 hour/week of meeting time

Specific Duties:

Supervising daily tasks, performances and functions, such as ensuring completion of shift


Ensure all food and products are consistently prepared and served according to The Meteor's

recipes, portioning, cooking and serving standards

Complete and oversee purchasing of food, kitchen supplies as well as FOH items based off FOH

inventory list (all purchases made must follow predetermined product specifications and

received in correct unit count and condition)

Control food cost and usage by following proper requisition of products from storage areas,

storage procedures, standard recipes and waste control procedures including checking and

maintaining proper food holding and refrigeration temperature control points

Delegating to bakers, cooks and dishwashers any special/irregular duties or projects that

contribute to overall maintenance of kitchen/bakery

Lead team by example (execution, personal appearance, attitude) and by doing such,

contribute to personal, individual and collective growth

Re-enforce standards (health, safety, sanitation, customer service, general performance) as well

as encourage team members to stay positive and motivated

Training new bakers/cooks on current recipes, technique and protocol, and guide team

members to expand their personal skill set by providing them with avenues for growth

Provide supplemental work for BOH team members to ensure efficient operation

Work with GM and Owner to design, plan, and price menu items, in addition to establishing

portion sizes and preparing standard recipe cards for all new menu items

Develop, maintain, and print food menus

Ensure that all equipment and working spaces are kept in excellent condition through personal

inspection and consistent upkeep

Report appropriate guest and team member concerns, complaints, conflict and feedback to


Maintain strong communication with team by giving appropriate updates on group apps as well

as facilitate communication during shift change

Prepare for and attend special events and catering as needed

Keep notes on weekly performance to report at manager's meeting