Frosting Mixer

  • TreeHouse Foods, Inc.
  • Tonawanda, New York
  • Jan 13, 2021
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Job Description

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Full time


NY Tonawanda

Job Type:

Production Operations

Job Posting Title:

Frosting Mixer

Job Description:

Specific Job Duties & Tasks:

1. Mixing and producing batches of frosting.

  • Weigh out and add correct amount of ingredients according to product formulas. Product formulas can be obtained from the supervisors.
  • Pump 6xx sugar into the mixer you are using by setting the switch on the panel to pump and set the counter to the amount specified on the batch sheet and releasing it into the mixer during the proper step.
  • Shovel old or extra frosting back into mixers to be reused in batches.
  • Use frosting tubs when running flavors if they are available
  • Check the frosting batches to make sure that the feel of the frosting is right such as the creaminess and texture of the batches.
  • Dump and shovel out finished batches into frosting carts and place them in the production end where the carts are staged.
  • Put batches on line in a timely manner to keep the line running at all times
  • If the sugar system is not pumping sugar properly, put the sugar system on drain and notify supervisor immediately. Do not bang on hopper.
  • Put bags of 6xx sugar into the mixers manually when there are problems with the bulk delivery system or when old bag ingredients need to be used up.
  • Make sure that anything with peanut in it or has been used for peanut is properly labeled.
  • Proper hand covering according to the glove policy must be worn.
  • Change apron when mixing different flavors.
  • Step #1 Notify a Utility person or supervisor that you need sugar.
  • Step #2 Bring the mixer a quarter of the way down
  • Step #3 Bring over a ladder to the mixer that needs sugar.
  • Step #4 Use a fork-lift or pallet-lift truck to raise the sugar skid to the height of the lip of the mixer.
  • Step #5 Go up the ladder and slide a bag of sugar over to the lip of the mixer.
  • Step #6 Cut the bag of sugar down the length of the bag with 1 cut.
  • Step #7 Pull the cut opening upward to open the cut.
  • Step #8 Grab both ends of the bag and pour it into the mixer.
  • Step #9 Put the used bag in the waste container.

2. Accurate recording and monitoring quality:

  • Accurately transfer lot numbers on the batch sheets on your shift and the sheets for the following shift.
  • Accurately mark down any changes in the mixing times of the frosting on your batch sheet and communicate these changes to your relief for breaks and the following shift.
  • Accurately mark down any changes to the frosting formula on the batch sheet for your shift and the following shift and relay the changes to your relief for breaks and the following shift.
  • Monitor the quality and consistency of batches throughout the day and communicate any inconsistencies to the supervisor.

3. Miscellaneous:

Make Food Safety and Employee Safety top priory.

A. Housekeeping

Make Food Safety and Employee Safety top priory.

  • Sweep of setup table for half bag ingredients.
  • Sweep and mop the floor in front of and behind the frosting mixers.
  • Scrape out mixers when changing frosting formulas from different flavors.
  • Wash off coloring and flavoring cups.
  • Wash off the catch trays for the coloring and flavoring cups.
  • Wash out frosting mixers during flavor changes.
  • Wash off utensil & coloring, flavoring cup carts daily.
  • Wash out flour salt and flavoring bins for setups daily.

    B. Restocking supplies

  • Bring out skids of bag ingredients from the storage area using a motorized pallet jack truck and place them on the lift tables when needed.
  • Wipe off lift tables with wet towel so wood chips and/or plastic wrap don't fall into frosting
  • Lower skids of bag ingredients using a fork-lift truck.
  • Make sure to leave at least 7 cubes of shortening on each of the tables for the next shift.

Making set ups when Necessary

  • Put stickers on bags and mark down the proper amount of each product going into the bags. The labels must be have the date and initials of the employee who made them.
  • Weigh out the right amount of the required setup (soda, ammonia, salt, vanilla, vanillin, flour salt) using the digital scale.
  • Make sure there are even amounts of each setup on the tables for the dough mixers.
  • Rotate older setups to the front of the table and put the newer setups in the back.
  • Refill the setup barrels with the proper ingredients.
  • Make sure that all lot numbers on the setup barrels are correct.

Assisting other personnel when asked or needed

  • Assist dough shovelers with the cleaning of dough carts.
  • Assist dough shovelers with sweeping their area.
  • Help the dough shovelers with die changes.
  • Give dough shoveler breaks when needed.
  • When bagging sugar help the other frosting mixer with that task.
  • Help the other frosting mixer with making his batches.
  • Give the other frosting mixer a break when needed.
  • Take out the garbage to the dumpster when needed.
  • Take the cardboard to the compactor when needed.
  • Any reasonable job or task assigned by your supervisor.


  • Adding sugar to creamy batches under the direction of your supervisor.
  • Adding shortening to stiff batches under the direction of your supervisor

    Basic Skills Required:

  • Locating information.
  • Applied mathematics.
  • Reading of information.
  • Teamwork.
  • Listening.
  • Effective communication-both written and verbal.
  • Troubleshooting items


Notify Supervisor of any suspicious personnel or incidents occurring that relate to plant security.

Ability to initiate action to prevent the occurrence of nonconformities relating to Food Safety and the Quality of the product, processes, quality system, or safety system.

Identify and record any problems relating to Food Safety and the Quality of the ingredients, processes, quality system, or safety system.

Controls further processing or delivery of nonconforming product in terms of Food Safety and Quality issues until the deficiency or unsatisfactory condition has been corrected.

Inform Supervisor or any other Management personnel of ANY Food Safety or Quality issues or of any processes which become noncompliant with specified requirements.

Work Location: Indoors

Temperature Extremes: No

Physical Requirements:

  • Lifting: Frequent Carrying: Frequent

  • Distance Carried: 20 - 50 Ft.

  • Position of Lifting: Waist to shoulder Maximum Weight: 50 lbs.

    Materials: 6xx sugar, dark cocoa, light cocoa, corn starch, flour, salt, pineapple flavor, fudge flavor, mint flavor, banana flavor, green color, blue color, yellow color, orange powder coloring, red powder coloring, citric acid, natural cocoa, liquid vanilla flavor, lecithin, 6xx evaporated can juice, peanut cubes, shortening cubes, dextrose.

    Tools used: Utility knife, putty knife, shovel, measuring cups, buckets, spatula, broom, mixer scraper, ladder, motorized pallet jack, fork-lift truck, hot water hose, large floor and mixer squeegee.

    Misc. - Indicate any other special or unusual job demands: pushing of frosting carts manually which can weigh up to 2000+ lbs.

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