Issues that only management knows!

Hotel management or management portfolio in the hospitality industry comes with a lot of responsibility. Hotel managers need to deal with multiple tasking right from monitoring the staff, checking the balance sheets, managing the customers, and till ensuring that all the activities in the hotel are running smoothly. While doing so many things the management might also go through some rough patches some of which are common across the hospitality industry. We have made a note of these challenges come across by the management staff:

  1. Customers and their ever-changing expectations:

“Happy customer” is the only motto across the hotel industry. But this motto can be constant if the customers’ expectations are fixed. Customers satisfaction and expectations are always wavering graphs throwing a tough challenge for the hotel management. Being hotel managers, one needs to be in a continuous search for ways to keep the customers happy by updating the technology or the services list or any other format that gives an understanding about the customer's requirement and satisfies them.

  1. Technology – boon or bane

Tech-savvy is the new gear everyone’s donning with pride. Technology has taken over the hospitality industry too wherein the customers have raised their demands graph. This savviness has got in more troubles to the hospitality industry than benefits. The customers are now opting for hotels that can cater to free Wi-Fi, flat or LEDtvs, USB ports, and so on. One of the biggest challenges of the hotels managers is to   kkkeep up with the upgrading technology demands. The managers need to convince their higher managements or owners to get these upgraded tech gadgets which is a challenge again.



  1. Politically right

Political and other social-related issues are one of the main concerns of the hotel managers. These challenges are unpredictable and at times uncontrollable. The hospitality industry requires to be ready and prepared for such problems that might create disturbance in the smooth functioning of the hotel. While speaking about political and social issues there are micro to large issues one of which is economic challenges. As mentioned earlier, these challenges are unpredictable the responsibility comes to the hotel manager. This is a huge responsibility as the Manager needs to make sure all kinds of surveillance and the security systems are intact ensuring the safety of the customers. Managers need to have an idea and should be able to anticipate the forthcoming threats and try their best to prevent any kind of inconvenience to the customers.


Few other concerns that hotel manager needs to be prepared are

  •         Skilled staff or any staff always look for better options. The hotel manager should be able to either retain this staff by offering good benefits or be prepared for new joiners. As the hospitality industry is all about surprise, the hotel management should be prepared for this as well.
  •         Technology has spread its roots even in the payment gateway. The hotel management should be adept with these applications or payment options giving the customers the feasibility to be able to pay through any gateway and should be able to track it down.

·         Seasonal changes, this is another unpredictable state wherein there will be a peak in the customers in coming whereas on unseasonal times there are chances of low incoming. These factors also are challenges for the hotel management as they need to keep the balance of profits in both seasonal and unseasonal periods.

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