Email marketing – Inbox benefits!

A hotelier knows the pulse of the customers than anyone in the industry. He/she is the person who understands and values personal connections with customers and knows that creating a good impression is a much-needed thing. Another important aspect of being an owner is to keep the relation with the guests constant, and how do you do that? 


Email marketing is the concept that making rounds in the hospitality industry. Another way of tracking the customer’s inflow is having a regular online presence, check the comments or views of the guests when they check in and check out from the place, see what drives the customers to visit your restaurant, keep the connection with your regulars strong by staying touch, greeting them during their important events, and so forth.


The hospitality industry is both competitive and adaptable industry that strives for customer satisfaction. It is a business sector that can survive competition only when a proper strategy is planned coupled with the right marketing process. Email marketing is one such process/theory that gives in a good ROI. So, here are a few steps for how you can do a structured email marketing:


  1. Write down your list

Before you make plans to draft an email to all your email subscribers, list out a strong email marketing customers list. It is an open secret that email marketing brings in the highest ROI, so it all depends on how effectively the mailing is done.

Two things to do before emailing are:

  •         Cross check the email list

Take metrics on who all are loyal to your brand and interested in receiving your emails.  With the metrics, you can gauge who is inclined to your brand and accordingly join them in the email list. Try re-sending/camping again through email to the lost subscribers.

  •         Increase the list count

You can reach out to a larger group by making subscription easy. Send emails to your guests and reach out with all your restaurant updates.


  1. Brand it

Brands make a lot of difference while marketing. Instead of simply putting out your restaurant while emailing, ensure the key points of the place are highlighted along with what is in store for the customers that are better than your peers. You can as well highlight your neighborhood like places of visit, tourist attractions, or any occasions.


  1. Personal touch

Personalization is another best option while drafting an email. Understand your customers, check what their preferences are, emphasize on those, in case of any upgrades to the regular preferences keep your guests informed about it. There is a pact of trust you will be signing in if you add a personal touch to your emails.


  1. Images speak

While email marketing, send in pictures of the locale, your hotel, the scenery or attractions around the place. Images make a good impact and attract customers easily.


  1. Wrap up

For the hotel industry, email marketing is the best way to build a business. To see the best results you have to keep metrics, track the growth, and repeat the process of marketing by offering the right information to the customers.


Let the email be engaging and informative and that which calls for action. These are the prime steps required when you do email marketing. 

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