Trends to watch out in 2020 – part II

Having read in the previous blog about the few trends that the hotel industry is adapting to; it is much appreciated how the hospitality industry can easily adapt to the demands and the trends simultaneously and make it work effortlessly. Here is the continuation of the hotel trends for the year 2020.

  1.     Accommodations
  2.     Involvement of technology
  3.     Accommodations

People are getting innovative in day-to-day life and their creativity can be seen in the kind of accommodation options available now in the hotel industry. These accommodation choices like rentals, serviced apartments, treehouses, underwater hotels, and many more have spoilt the guests. Now, these accommodations have transformed into a concept like the one alternative accommodations that popped out of the mainstream accommodations are explained below


  •         Coliving: The number of solo travellers is increasing in large numbers. These solo tourists can also be remote workers or individuals on work purposes, and their requirements would be staying in one place. These set of people mostly like to opt for a coliving space. There are communities like Roam brands that are specifically designed for such purposes where there is a co-inhabitant of the living space or workspaces too.
  •         Coworking: Coworking spaces are the fast developing idea that many are opting for. Right from entrepreneurs to remote workers, everyone is ready and comfortable to share their space with other workers.
  •         Vacation rentals: Unlike earlier vacation rentals is not restricted to the booking of a villa/apartment on a beach or hill station. The process vacation rentals are inclusive of everything, cabins to apartments to airstreams, and more.
  •         Airbnb: As we speak about alternate accommodations, Airbnb cannot be missed, as they are a step ahead in every concept related to hotel trends. Now they are moved forward in the accommodation process by opening an option to rent a room in someone else’s residence for a night. This is strictly to stay and not for any other amenities.

There is more to the alternative accommodations trends list for 2020, which includes mobile hotels, underwater hotels, hometels, and Nextgen hotel brands.


  1.     Involvement of technology

The ever-evolving technology is changing the shape of the hospitality industry and has made it reliant on these trends as it is thriving the business. The hoteliers and the guests also have warmed up to the concepts of the technology sector in the hotel industry as it has made things simpler and easier. Here are some of the technology trends for the year 2020 that will create a better place for the hotel industry in the market.


  •         Selling experience: The technology is giving you more options than you can imagine. Now you have personalized and persuasive upsell options for the upgrading of the rooms, transportation, food and beverage, and others.
  •         Your own: Not all guests are ready to use or download a hotel app, which is a money saver for the hotels. If the guests are looking for information about the hotels and their services, they have to scan QR codes that are readily available or even scan from the web browser.
  •         Mobile check-in: Web check-in for flight login is an old story. Now, technology has hotel logins also easy. Mobile check-in is here to stay. The guest has to enter the digital room key number provided by the hotel and login to the room instantly.
  •         Room of your choice: Similar to the seat selection on an airplane, guests can pick a room of their choice before arrival.
  •         Robot service: How do you like it when you get service from a robot instead of a human for a change? Amazing right? Few hotels are bringing robot services for their guests’ services.

Technology trends keep on adding to the numerous ways they can serve the hotel industry. The list has a lot of information to add with features like fitness on the go, social media experiences, contactless payments, and many more.

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