Camp Counselor at Summer Day Camp Where Kids Rule

  • Steve & Kate's Camp
  • Denver, CO, USA
  • Jan 28, 2020
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Job Description

At Steve & Kate's, we put kids in the driver's seat and staff come along for the ride. Campers choose minute to minute what they do, with whom, and for how long, because kids who learn to make decisions today build the self-confidence they'll need to wrangle unknowns tomorrow. Sound like something you can get behind? If so, we're looking for motivated babysitters, teachers, coaches, students, athletes, art, tech, food and education enthusiasts, and anyone else that's ready to play hard, be goofy, and help kids learn to trust themselves, to join our team. As a Summer Staff member, you'll sharpen your inherent leadership skills and do meaningful work, while getting an immersive summer of creativity and play.
The job in a nutshell.
We have a range of full-time Summer Staff roles at our summer camps including:

  • Support Staff for our youngest campers, who are tireless advocates for our 4 and 5 year olds that help them transition into camp by introducing new activities, encouraging friendships and ensuring their basic needs are met.
  • Activity Leads, who act as guides and facilitators to inspire camper's curiosity while ensuring children are safe, engaged and supported in activities such as The Sewing Salon, The Media Lab, The Bakery, Blocktopolis, The Arcade, The Drawing Room, Karaoke Club, Crochet Corner, and more.
  • Sports & Rec Leads, who run epic Dodgeball tournaments, fierce Capture the Flag competitions, and spirited Soccer matches (along with other sports activities), in addition to operating outrageous recreational equipment like giant inflatable slip and slides and obstacle courses.
  • Photo Video Lead, who will spend most of their time organizing live action film shoots with kids and helping them in our Media Lab, but also snap pictures and videos of campers in action to send to their parents (Note: You'll shoot on an iPhone / iPad and do basic editing using iMovie for iOS)
  • Food Operations Staff, who interact with and keep hundreds of campers, staff, and parents nourished and happy each day by overseeing The Market. (Note: There is little to no food prep on site, so no culinary experience is required, and it's totally fine if you don't own one of those silly chef's hats.)
  • And there's typically plenty of opportunity to mix and match roles, so if you're a coder who likes to crochet, or a sporty seamstress, you won't have to settle on just one of your passions!

How do you know if you're the right candidate?
If you answer yes to all of the questions below, definitely apply now.

  • Do you appreciate and agree with our self-directed approach for kids?
  • Are you comfortable leading groups of kids on your own, but also working with and being accountable to a team?
  • Do you have the stamina to keep up (literally) with 4-12 yr. olds bursting with energy and creative potential? And, if needed, can you bench press a kindergartener (or at least lift up to 30 lbs)?
  • Are you serious about having fun, willing to work hard but also let loose when the time calls?
  • Please read for additional details regarding Steve & Kate seasonal staff responsibilities and requirements

Even if you're new to working with kids or don't have experience in our specific programs, if you're motivated to learn, we'll get you up to speed with our paid training and development program. And if you're inspired by what we do but not cut out for a Summer Staff role, we're also hiring for Assistant Director and Admin positions at our Winter, Midwinter, Spring and Summer Camps (check out our to see our other openings).

A bit more about us.
We're the people who pie-oneered self-directed summer camps starting way back in 1980 and introduced the most flexible and fair attendance system in the industry. At Steve & Kate's, campers have license to determine wherever across camp they'd like to explore: The Media Lab, Sewing Salon, Blocktopolis, The Bakery, Crochet Corner, and more. Kids decide what they do and where they do it, giving them the confidence to risk, fail and rise and develop self-knowledge and deep trust in their instincts and capabilities. We're owned by a husband and wife named Steve and Kate, and we've grown to nearly 40 locations in 10 states.
In order to create a camp where every child feels safe, respected, empowered, and a sense of belonging, Steve & Kate's needs seasonal and year-round teams that represent the richness and diversity of our local communities. We are an equal-opportunity employer that strives to have staff members of all races, genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations, religions, socio-economic backgrounds and abilities join us in helping kids (and adults) learn to trust themselves and one another. We also strive to create an environment where work, learning, and play is inclusive, equitable, and accessible for all.

As the artificial becomes more intelligent, the future demands adaptability. Kids will need confidence to navigate and course-correct, which won't flip on with a switch or come packed in a lunchbox. It's honed and owned, when adults dare to step aside.At Steve & Kate's, campers have always driven decision-making. We create context for exercising choice, control, curiosity. We place radical faith in next-generation thinkers who will set the might of their minds upon whatever the world becomes.The future requires our kids lead.
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