Restaurant Manager

  • El Pelon Taqueria
  • 92 Peterborough Street, Boston, MA, USA
  • Nov 01, 2019
Full time F & B Managers

Job Description

Restaurant Manager Qualifications:




  • 2-3 years Food Service Experience
  • Experience in front and/or back of house
  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Some Spanish preferred
  • Ability to work 50/wk
  • Reliable and Willing to work at both locations
  • Good attitude
  • One-year commitment  

Restaurant Manager Duties:

  • To hire/interview new staff as needed
  • To train and coach new and existing staff (FOH and BOH) while maintaining documentation
  • Oversee food preparation and safety
  • Train and help resolve to customer service issues at your store
  • Taking Weekly Inventory
  • Food and Paper Ordering for your store with proper planning for sales and Catering
  • Manage and ensure caterings go out the door on a timely manner
  • Assist with Restaurant Depot ordering
  • Be reliable, available and flexible understand there might be issues that will require attention outside of work hours
  • Working a position in operations, either FOH or BOH during peak hours during each shift
  • Create and manage the work schedule for your store
  • Cooperate with other store manager and find ways to resolve each other’s issues
  • Be aware of marketing opportunities and contribute to social media
  • Attend manager meeting weekly to review financials and set goals looking for areas of improvement
  • Be available in emergency and help prevent them from coming up

Job Description 

Looking for a restaurant manager to lead all aspects of your locations and contribute to the overall success of the business 

Restaurant manager responsibilities include using the existing systems and tools to maintain the restaurant’s sales and quality overall. You will ensure efficient restaurant operations, as well as maintain high production, productivity, and customer-service standards. Leadership comes from you; people choose to follow people who care about them. People are willing to work with someone rather than work for someone. You will need to be willing to work as hard as you ask a staff member to work. Pointing, yelling or bullying never works for very long .