• Nocturne
  • Denver, CO, USA
  • Sep 10, 2019
Full time Hostesses

Job Description

Invest yourself in everything you do. Theres fun in being serious. Wynton Marsalis At Nocturne, we believe that hospitality is a sacred and noble enterprise. We are looking for people who find joy in striving for excellence and take great pride in being hospitality professionals. If you have a casual approach to the hospitality business, we recommend saving your time and applying elsewhere, because we only invest in those who chose invest in themselves as professionals.The host is responsible for one of the most valuable resources in hospitality: the first impression. Through an artful blend of thoughtful planning, graciousness and quick thinking, this position sets the tone for every single guest experience. Additionally, the host must be adept at reading guests to strategically place them in a seating area that will ensure their unique needs for the evening are being met.We're looking for a part time host, available Friday and Saturday evenings from 4:30 - Midnight and potentially 1-2 other nights per week. Opportunities to cross-train and get promoted are available, making this a great foot in the door with our company.Job Duties: Other duties might include all the details that go into the seamless delivery of the guest experience. These include, but arent limited to: Meeting arriving guests as they enter Nocturne with a cordial, warm and personalized greeting. Quickly building rapport with guests to ascertain their needs, expectations, and special requirements. Taking coats, hats, and utilizing the phone check service if guests would like. Escorting guests to assigned tables. Seating guests, providing menus along, and educating new guests on the nightly music, the artist fee, and fair trade jazz. Managing section balance and connecting servers with guests to ensure that everyone receives immediate and personalized attention. Consistently maintaining a presence at the host stand and periodically circulating through the front of the room to assess the energy and balance of the room. Engage with departing guests to thank them for their time with us. Correctly return coats, hats, phones, etc to guests upon departure. Call taxi or car service if required for guests and coordinate pick-ups Attend all pre-meal and departmental meetings to enhance communications and gain knowledge of products, service and facility. Responding to customer inquiries and comments in person and on phone by providing timely and knowledgeable information in order to provide quality customer service. Presenting a clean and professional appearance at all times. Maintaining a warm, courteous, and refined demeanor at all times. Performing other duties as assigned, requested or deemed necessary by management. (In other words, as a team player, you might be asked to pitch in for things we havent even imagined yet and so we couldnt include them on this list). During the course of your shift, if a ball is dropping, your job is to catch it.Qualifications Must have a great attitude and high regard for upholding service standards. Must have high attention to detail and ability to follow specific standards and procedures with consistency. Must be fluent in oral and written English and able to communicate professionally by email and over the phone. Must have vision ability to clearly see detailed guest checks, computer print outs, written instructions and to observe entire restaurant in dimly lit conditions. Must have manual coordination to punch buttons, grasp items in hand, and to balance and carry trays loaded with food and beverages. Must have ability to perform multiple tasks at one time and be adaptable to a constantly changing pace of work. Must have the ability to handle challenging customer service situations with professionalism and efficiency. Must be able to follow verbal and written instruction, and be able to communicate both verbally and in writing. Must be able to calmly perform job duties in crowded and noisy situations, particularly when handling multiple tasks. Must have minimum 1 year of experience in customer service, preferably in hospitality. Must have High School Diploma or GED equivalent. Not required, but nice to have: Previous experience in fine dining service teams Knowledge of wine and spirits Appreciation for live music and the performing arts Materials/Equipment Used Computerized order machine, touch screens, basic writing materials, restaurant equipment including but not limited to coffee machines, ice machines, and beverage dispensers. Environment Physically strenuous: prolonged standing, walking, lifting and carrying throughout entire shift in indoor environment. High noise levels, fast-paced, fun, and rewarding.