Salon Assistant

  • Headbetter
  • Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Sep 06, 2019
Full time Other

Job Description

Hello Everybody! Check out our if you are looking for a new salon, I can help you.

Assistant needed immediately: 2-3 days a week, with the ability to start cutting and color on your off time. Please read the rest here for more information.

Hi, if you are looking for a salon and a team, please take the time to read this. I can help you advance your career, whether you are just starting or a you are a veteran pro. My name is Johnny. I just opened up a new salon in Sherman Oaks and we are looking for new talent.

RENTERS!!! 2 WEEKS FREE for serious stylists with a full clientele. then... $300 a week, for one of the coolest, cleanest and most beautiful boutique salons in all of Los Angeles. IF YOU RENT YOU WILL GET A KEY TO THE SALON and you will in essence have your own salon. .... Join The collective, there is room to grow as an entrepreneur with us. I have much respect for us renters.... our salon is cooler than a "suite" and more affordable as well.

NEW MAKE UP STATION STATION ALERT!!! If you are a MAKE UP/EYEBROW artist who wants a home and a big beautiful station.... hit me up... I have the deal of a lifetime, and we are shooting models every week... so come take the lead at the salon and join the most creative team ever!

The Salon is beautiful, Its really modern and natural feeling in here, you have to come see it yourself. It's upscale and also laid back. We are a great group of hairdressers and we want to build up the strongest team in Los Angeles.

We have professional photography equipment in the salon, backdrops and lights and flashes and you name it, we are producing media at a steady rate. if you need help with your social media, there is not a batter place for you.

Haircuts are about $100 at the salon... just to give you an idea of the type of work we want to do... independent contractors have flexibility on pricing...... but that's the baseline we want to attract.

We want leaders. We want people to vibe off of, who bring something to the table. We are striving to grow Headbetter into a world recognized salon and we know its YOU, the hairdressers who drive that force. We can't do it alone =)


There are only two chairs left =) get in during the beginning. I need all types of help around here... things are moving fast and growing way faster than I imagined =)

Rent is $300 a week. You get a key and 24/7 access...
If you are Legit with a solid clientele and you are moving salons, I can do a 2 weeks free for your troubles. I will do whatever it takes to make your transition comfortable.

Commision is on a rent sliding scale basis but is 60% your favor... i can help you get started.

Everybody must Be prepared to do a model and show your work...


Assistants... I am really picky... like... extremely picky... back in the day I was an assistant for Umberto and Giuseppe and the best hairdressers Los Angeles... I can train you. I am a Vidal Sassoon stylist who has/does work with celebrities and television and fashion... if you want me to teach you, you must be willing to learn and you MUST bring models, correct models for correct haircuts. I would prefer people who are somewhat experienced... but if you have the right Attitude, come talk to me. If you assist me, you can have the entire tip from the client.. basically i tell the client... tip them... not me...

Thank You!!!!