• Bondadoso Coffee and Tea Collective
  • Walnut Creek, CA, USA
  • Sep 06, 2019
Full time Barista

Job Description

Bondadoso, Spanish for "Kind" embraces kindness. We promote organizations who are trying to make a difference in the lives of people suffering from cancer or substance abuse and more globally to the issues of poverty in the coffee growing regions of the world.

We understand everyone has issues in their lives, from minor to major, so we try to provide an uplifting experience for each of our guests through our store design to how they are greeted. Most importantly, we are passionate about coffee and tea. We strive to create the very best coffee and tea drinks in our market...and we are succeeding (see yelp).

Our working environment is casual and fun but still demanding. We can teach you a lot but here is what we need from you that we cannot teach:

  1. Are you a happy person?
  2. Do you drink coffee or tea?
  3. Can you speak to a stranger while making eye contact?

We need a commitment of working at least 20 hours per week. Must be available mornings (5:30 am weekdays, 6:30 am weekends).

Please check us out on Instagram Yelp, Facebook, and . We look forward to meeting you soon!

I opened my first coffee shop in 1996 with a mission to provide the very best coffee and tea and the very best customer service in our market. By 2010 my team had accumulated multiple awards for product quality, customer service, and building design. We were especially proud to win the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) TOPS award 5 consecutive years for "retailing excellence." This award was given annually to 25 coffee shops world-wide.

After selling the business in 2010 I went into a short retirement. I had an idea for a new type of coffee shop but I needed a catalyst to get me off my butt. That catalyst was my sister.

Inspired by my late sister Lori, whose kindness always embraced family and friends, Bondadoso, Spanish for "kind", embodies her character. Simply stated, a place for people to gather and share great coffee and tea in an environment that is uplifting, welcoming, and kind.

We don't have a mission or a vision but a way of "being". We are crazy about coffee and tea…everything about coffee and tea; how it's grown, where its grown, how it is bought, roasted, blended, and enjoyed but most of all we are passionate about how it is shared.

We feature a traditional espresso bar and a single cup brew bar. One of our unique features is our tap wall with 8 types of cold-brew coffee and tea offerings including nitro-coffee and nitro-tea.

Our retail area houses an extensive collection of unique coffee and tea. We feature relatively unknown micro-roasters and micro-tea producers from around the world. Each roaster and producer has a story of their own that embraces our "kind" theme.

We invite you to experience Bondadoso Coffee & Tea Collective. We promise a great experience.