Chef Wanted - We Are Looking For The Best New Fresh Chefs In Nyc With

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  • Brooklyn, NY, USA
  • Aug 08, 2019
Full time Chefs, Cooks, Food Preparation Workers

Job Description

CookUnity is looking for Chefs!New York- Freelance ChefCookUnity was founded in 2015 and is a New York-based technology company passionate about empowering busy individuals to live healthier and happier by providing them weekly meal plans tailored to their diet by real independent chefs. We the first platform connecting independent chefs and foodies. We are on a mission to help humans to eat healthily and enjoy their food even when they dont have the time to cook. We believe food is the greatest connector, food is energy and food is a joy. By empowering a community of independent chefs, we can provide an infinite supply of high-quality meals tailored to everyones diet. Put your food in auto-pilot with your own personal chef crafting weekly meal plans for you. Today, CookUnity connects thousands of customers with more than 50 chefs in the Northeast. By building a human-centric community platform powered by technology, CookUnity aims to reconnect the farmer with the chef with the human enjoying that food on a plate. The opportunity: We are looking for the best new fresh Chefs in NYC with signature menu ideas for our subscription service. Our growing company needs more passionate chefs that are able to develop high-quality meals and produce them on a large scale.How does CookUnity work?CookUnity is the first platform connecting independent chefs with food lovers. We will provide you with a digital platform and a fully equipped and licensed kitchen to cook your signature dishes and sell hundreds of meals directly to consumers. You will get a % of each meal you sell. We have established a partnership between our Independent Chefs and CookUnity, and commitment is the key to success:Chefs commitmentMenu development & Creativity CookingPackingPhotosMeal datasheet (full recipe, spice level, meal description)Chef profile (photo, bio)Define schedule availabilityDefine how many portions maximum you want to cookConstant quality improvement (read reviews, and reply to reviews)Marketing (through word of mouth and Instagram)Content creation (images, video to share on social media)Food safety and best practices while cookingAlways wear cooking clothing instead of street clothing Bring your own knivesCookUnitys commitmentKitchen space DishwashingIngredient provision Marketing to drive sales LogisticsDigital experienceApp for chefsFood safetyEquipment maintenance Calculate Nutritional info Nutrition support Who you are?We like our Chefs to show their unique and personal cooking style, the food you create is an expression of who you are. Your meals must taste and look great, with an emphasis on the latest trends, freshness, quality and responsible cost control. Candidates we are looking for must be experienced with a range of techniques and approaches, be kitchen resourceful and possess the ability to work independently, while at the same time holding your own in a very busy kitchen with other very experienced Chefs. Our kitchen is not in Gotham, we are actually in Williamsburg, with scenic views of Manhattan. There are a set of skills that any of our Chefs should have:Attention to detail (cooking is a sense, so a Chef should be precise)Business sense (A good Chef is also a businesswoman/man)Cleanliness (Chefs need to know hoy to keep kitchen sanitary)Culinary Expertise (The most important hard skill chefs need is an ability to cook, as well as knowledge of the kitchen)Fast-paced decision making (A chef should be able to make decisions quickly and efficiently)Motivational (A good chef will motivate those working in the kitchen)Multitasking (In the kitchen, a chef is always working on multiple tasks at once)Organization (this may sound obvious, well because it is, right?)Team Player (A chef is part of a team and must be able to work well with others).Last, but not least, anyone working in CookUnity should be adaptable to the fast-moving nature of the internet and the growing, ever-changing needs of a company like ours.Want in? We get it! Please send your resume to