Chef Wanted - Health Nut Seeks Personal Chef For Weekly Meal Prep

  • MeetA USD
  • Dallas, TX, USA
  • Aug 07, 2019
Full time Chefs, Cooks, Food Preparation Workers

Job Description

I am seeking a chef to prepare my meals on a weekly basis in my home and came across your company online. I'm very particular about what I eat and where the food comes from.Grocery Shopping Standards:* Nearly all organic. If it's not organic and I buy it, it's because I've spoken to the farmers and understand how they treat the crops for pests, etc. I only attend the Dallas Farmers Market and the options for produce that is both local and organic can be limited sometimes. The vast majority of my produce is purchased from Williams Farm, Winona Orchards, and Market Provisions Co. at the Dallas Farmers Market* Organic, pasture raised eggs and meat, local when possible. Meat that is grass fed and grass finished. The only thing that could make the meat better is if it were also kosher or halal.* I use Kalona Supernatural butter. It comes from small family farms in Amish country where the cows are well treated and sometimes hand milked. If you know of a better, local option, I'd be open to it. I think hand milking is the gold standard because of the DEHP that is absorbed from the plastic tubes used in milking machines.* No plastic. I bring my own cloth grocery bags, produce bags, and bulk bags and will forgo purchasing an ingredient if it's only available in plastic. The few items I buy at Whole Foods or Central Market are organic bulk items like grains, beans, nuts, seeds, tea, pantry items like flour and sugar, and spices. All of which I put in my own bag or container with the tare clearly marked. This is part of my aim to live a zero waste lifestyle and not produce unnecessary trash. I've only emptied my small trash can twice this year, as most everything else is either recycled or composted.Diet:* I am 30 years old and in my menstruating years, so I eat to support my body's hormonal cycles by eating in accordance with the food recommendations from the book Woman Code by Alisa Vitti, which change depending on which phase of my cycle I'm in. * I eat to balance my Ayurvedic doshic constitution, which is Pitta Vata. * Most recently I've aware of the work of Dr. Weston A. Price and the importance of the highest quality animal products such as organ meats and raw milk.* I soak/sprout all grains and legumes to reduce the phytic acid and make the nutrients more bio available. I dry roast all nuts and seeds for the same reason.* When I do eat bread or tortillas, it's from sprouted grains like Ezekiel bread from good for Life. I'd love a local or homemade option for this.* I don't use the microwave. I feel it's an unnatural way to treat food and prefer to heat up leftovers on the stove. * I only use cast iron or stainless steel, no Teflon or non-stick pots/pans because of the harmful chemicals that leach into food, especially when exposed to heat. * I store all my food in glass or metal containers. Except a few frozen items where the leaching of chemicals is less likely or non existent