Catering Manager

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  • Georgia, USA
  • Jan 30, 2019
Full time General Managers and Management Executives Banquet Staff

Job Description


Assists the Director of Catering and solicits and coordinates all conventions, meetings, and banquets by:
  • Coordinating all banquet event orders for all business booked at the Resort.
  • Maintaining and perfecting the coordination of weekly banquet event orders and the functions outlined therein.
  • Booking and servicing all types of business, including directing weddings.
  • Understanding limitations and capabilities of space being sold, facilities, and staff.
  • Maintaining control of all functions space through use of Cobra and selling space as often and effectively as feasibly possible.
  • Soliciting banquet food and beverage business and any other business as directed by Director of Catering.
  • Maintaining a good appearance , good personal hygiene, and personality in rapport with customers and other employees and remember that at all times is a representative figurehead of the professionalism of the management of the Resort.
  • Understanding , without a doubt, that the most important function of the sales office is to book and coordinate room nights and functions at a profitable level.

A typical flow chart of booking a meeting group or function is outlined as follows:
  1. Check function room availability.
  2. Prepare and complete function sheets (BEO's).
  3. Block function space in Cobra.
  4. Mail or e-mail BEO's
    1. Weekly banquet event orders must be completely finalized and duplicated in preparation for weekly catering meeting.
    2. All details must be obtained with reference to menus, prices, audio visual, room setup detail, etc.
    3. Prepare weekly and daily cover sheets/itineraries.
    4. Prepare and distribute change orders as necessary/daily.
    5. Reconcile banquet event orders (before distribution) with Cobra summary and future bookings.
    6. Order all audio visual equipment and rentals as necessary.
    1. Communications daily and weekly with the Director of Catering is crucial.
    1. Each file in Cobra should include all data, call reports, or past activity of that account.
    1. Thirty days prior to function:
      1. Reconcile future bookings file with function book
      2. Obtain signed BEO's and collect deposits as necessary.
    2. Two weeks prior to function:
      1. Call customers and obtain signed BEO's and deposits, if not yet received.
      2. Obtain revised counts.
    3. Three seven working days prior to function:
      1. Obtain guarantee for all functions.
    4. Day of function:
      1. Greet guest and introduce to banquet personnel in charge of function (or M.O.D.) in way of a pre-con.
      2. Introduce to staff where possible.
  • Review room setup prior to beginning of scheduled function.
  1. Post-Function
    1. Assure that thank-you letters are mailed promptly following function.
    2. Ask for future business or referrals.
  • Rebook or follow-up on leads referred.
  1. See that client file is updated with any new information learned about account and is traced accordingly.
    1. Fill out an application for direct billing privileges. Any charges for rooms of functions can be billed providing an approved application is on file in our accounting office prior to the function.
    2. Assist as needed with special projects or activities as directed by the Director of Catering and/or General Manager.
    3. Be creative and feel free to make contributions and suggestions with regard to office procedures or the services Sales can provide to make a Resort guest stay more enjoyable or made more profitable for the Resort.
    4. Remember, at all times, both on and off the job, you are a public relations figurehead and a professional representing the Resort.
  • Remembering that the satisfaction of the guest is paramount before, during, and after any stay or function.
  • Obtaining signed confirmations for all functions.
  • Maximizing revenues and space productivity as much as possible and selling effectively during peak and valley periods.
  • Qualifying all contacts with regards to all future potential referrals, and affiliated business for the hotel in terms of rooms, meetings, banquets, restaurant, and lounge business.
  • Maintaining scrapbooks and display albums of successful functions and any items that may ease the selling or up-selling of food and beverage functions.
  1. High School Graduate
  2. College degree preferred
  3. Two years of food and beverage experience
  4. Computer literate.

The duties and responsibilities of the Catering Manager are considered excellent when he/she:
  • Arrives rested and ready for work no later than 8:30 am in professional attire.
  • Coordinates all functions smoothly, effectively, and efficiently for maximum satisfaction of guests.
  • Organizes time well and keeps desk and work area clean and presentable for clients at all times.
  • Entertains, tours and meets with booked clients
  • Reports to Director of Catering weekly with productivity.
  • Is able to sell effectively during peak and valley periods, always striving to attain and exceed personal, team, and budgeted goals and quotas.
  • Is able to maintain a pleasant working relationship with all employees and department heads.
  • Is able to "manage" Cobra and all its reporting.
  • Is able to recognize maximum business potential in all areas from every client contact.
  • Distributes and presents to staff perfected weekly function sheets.
  • Issues change orders when necessary in clear, concrete, specific terms with all pertinent details and sees that instructions are communicated to all as necessary.
  • Books targeted banquet revenues and up sells functions when possible.
  • Attains a perfect record of functions with no complaints from misunderstandings between guests and service crew.
  • Is able to sell professionally as a representative of the Resort displaying professionalism and meeting the expectations of the Resort's management.

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