• Harlem Hookah
  • New York, New York
  • Feb 11, 2024
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Job Description

Overall Role Description:

The primary role of a Maître d' is to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the front-of-house service. Here is a detailed job description for a maître d.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Guest Reception: Greet and welcome guests upon their arrival, providing a warm and professional first impression.
  2. Reservations: Manage reservations, allocate tables, and maintain an organized reservation system.
  3. Seating Arrangements: Ensure efficient and equitable seating of guests, taking into account special requests and the restaurant's layout.
  4. Customer Service: Address guest inquiries, concerns, and special requests, ensuring exceptional customer service.
  5. Staff Coordination: Coordinate with the waitstaff to ensure that the service runs smoothly and guests receive prompt and attentive service.
  6. Sidework: Verify that ALL Sidework is completed to satisfaction
  7. Scheduling: Post weekly staff schedule
  8. Payroll: Verify hours worked, tips paid & tips paid out. Submit for processing.
  9. Inventory/Order: Get items needed from each department and submit order according to schedule or in case of emergency. Complete weekly inventory
  10. Log Book: Log in notes for each shift, this also includes Tip Out for each employee.
  11. Table Maintenance: Oversee the cleanliness and organization of dining tables, ensuring they are properly set up with the necessary utensils, glassware, and tableware.
  12. Special Occasions: Assist in planning and organizing special events, celebrations, and private dining experiences.
  13. Conflict Resolution: Handle any guest complaints or issues professionally and effectively, striving to resolve them to the guest's satisfaction.
  14. Communication: Maintain open and effective communication with kitchen staff, bartenders, and management to ensure seamless service. This also pertains to answering call/text messages that are work related that are urgent matters.
  15. Training: Train and supervise host/hostess staff on guest service protocols, including seating etiquette and guest interaction.
  16. Etiquette: Ensure that staff members maintain proper etiquette and appearance, including dress code compliance.
  17. Record Keeping: Keep records of reservations, guest preferences, and any incidents or issues for future reference.
  18. Suggestive Selling: Offer recommendations on menu items, wine pairings, and specials to enhance the guest experience and increase revenue.
  19. Emergency Response: Be prepared to handle emergency situations such as fire alarms or medical emergencies and follow established safety procedures.

Additional Notes: This is a general scope of the role specified above. It is not limiting to the description in this document. Other duties may present itself as the need for business and shall be conducted accordingly.