Cook -Senior Living- No Nights Ever!

  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Nov 15, 2023
Full time

Job Description

Essential Responsibilities - Cooking 3 meals a day for up to 114 residents. Following Serv-Safe guidelines.

Slow Food

Farm-to-table approach
Green house
Giving to local soup kitchens, fire departments, EMTs, etc.

Convivium Trilogy

Friends - Research shows that social interaction/relationship is the primary key to longevity and quality of life
Fixtures - The milieu of the meal setting is important - some call it fine dining and some call it a picnic

Food - Nutrition is key from nutritional density, preparation and delivery. Slow-food is our food.

Impress the Guest

Work with CRD for marketing events Tour training
Packable takeaways for tours
Meals for tours

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Excellent written and oral communication skills
Good knowledge of day-to-day operations
Excellent conflict resolution skills
Demonstrates the ability to quickly develop positive working relationships Good organizational skills

Strong problem solving and decision-making skills