Sous Chef

  • Perry' Restaurant Group
  • Sep 11, 2023
Full time

Job Description

Position Summary

A Sous Chef will work alongside management to ensure that kitchen and support staff are upholding Perry's standards while providing our guests with great food and a superior dining experience. The Sous Chef is responsible for the accurate creation and presentation of all food items served to guests. The incumbent will be responsible for maintaining kitchen operations, including labor management, kitchen cleanliness and product consistency in accordance with Perry's standards and expectations. Holding each employee accountable for their assigned duties, while consistently maintaining a professional and respectful work environment.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities
  • Supervise and ensure setup is complete for each station(s) according to restaurant guidelines and expectations.
  • Order, stock, report and/or maintain proper inventory of items needed for the kitchen to ensure that proper items are on hand.
  • Log inventory nightly to ensure that the Opening Chef team is aware of their proper
  • Ensure that the kitchen is maintained at a high level of cleanliness throughout all back-of-house areas.
  • Assist and train subordinates in preparing ingredients for cooking, including portioning, chopping, and storing food appropriately.
  • Ensure that food items are stocked and maintained according to the chef's specifications as needed throughout each shift.
  • Consistently train subordinates to accurately weigh, measure, and mix ingredients to recipe instructions.
  • Coach and ensure the safety of subordinates to properly operate ovens, stoves, grills, microwaves, and all kitchen equipment.
  • Develop and maintain positive and respectful communication with coworkers.
  • Ensure that food items are prepared, cooked and plated consistently as directed in a sanitary and timely manner.
  • Back up to the kitchen staff, as needed, to ensure basic preparation duties, including washing and peeling produce and handling raw meats, are completed for each shift.
  • Ensure that employees are following the proper portion controls and presentation of all recipes as indicated according to recipe specifications.
  • Ensure and train employees on how to monitor food quality while preparing and prior to setting it on the expo line.
  • Consistently work alongside employees to ensure they are trained and practicing good safety and sanitation by ensuring that their stations are clean and neatly organized.
  • Ensure that employees are properly using and maintaining equipment in their designated stations.
  • Expected to move throughout each kitchen station, assisting with multiple stations to assure proper production procedures are being followed and Perry's standards are being met.
  • Check that all areas are clean, sanitized, and organized in the kitchen, walk-in coolers, and storage areas at the beginning and end of each day.
  • Perform additional responsibilities, although not detailed, as requested by the Chefs or Managers as needed.
  • At least 3 years' restaurant chef experience required, fine dining setting preferred.
  • Advanced knowledge of the principles and practices within the food profession is required; this includes experiential knowledge required for the management of people and/or problems and excellent oral, reading and written communication skills.
  • Understanding of recipe, preparation, cooking and knife handling skills.
  • Understanding and knowledge of safety, sanitation and food handling procedures
  • Ability to work calmly and effectively under pressure in a fast-paced environment.
  • Must have a positive attitude and be self-motivated.
  • Having pride in quality service, and food knowledge.
  • Basic mathematical skills are required.
Physical Requirements
  • Substantial movements (motion) of the wrist, hands, and/or fingers in a repetitive manner.
  • Exerting up to 50 pounds of force occasionally to lift, carry, pull, or otherwise move objects.
  • Ascending or descending stairs, ramps and the like, using feet and legs and/or hands and arms while balancing items.
  • Maintaining body equilibrium to prevent falling when walking, standing or crouching between narrow, elevated and/or slippery walkways.
  • Raising objects from a lower to a higher position or moving objects horizontally from position to position.
  • Visual awareness and hearing are sufficient to interact in a kitchen environment.
  • Must be able to stand for extended durations (7-12 hour shifts).
  • Ability to reach, bend, stoop and frequently lift 50 pounds without issue.
  • Ability to withstand a work environment in which average temperatures can exceed 90 degrees.
  • Adhering to the proper safety equipment standards and uniform procedures (wearing the proper slip-resistant shoes, chef coat & chef pants, proper head attire, etc.)