• OLS Hotels & Resorts
  • West Hollywood, California
  • Nov 14, 2022
Full time Other

Job Description

UTILITY You may not have a lot of work experience but would like to start somewhere. You are not scared of hard work. In fact, you like to keep yourself moving and thrive on physical work. You have an eye for detail and like to keep your stuff organized. You pride yourself as a team player and get along with everyone. We have a UTILITY position open at our hotel. Are you ready to gain some experience? Then, you're welcome to apply. Here's your main responsibility: To wash all kitchen utensils such as pots and pans and also to clean kitchen floors, walls, as well as any equipment such as mixers, bruisers and steam jacketed kettles. These are what you need to do: Wash pots and pans following A.S.I. guidelines Maintain a clean work environment in pot washer area. Maintain kitchen area, floors, walls, equipment clean. Maintain clean walk-in coolers. Handle F&B deliveries and re-stock/store food products according to first in/first out guidelines. Help with basic food preparation when all other work is done. You may be assigned these tasks: Coordinate with Executive Chef/Sues Chef/Supervisor work priorities and provide assistance and perform other duties as requested by management; attend meetings as required by management. Our expectations from you: Abide by payroll policies, procedures (punch in/punch out), Meals and Rest Periods policy and OLS Rules of Conduct. Demonstrate a working knowledge of all hotel safety and security procedures Read and abide by all the regulations and rules of conduct stated in the OLS Associate Manual. These are what the job requires: Education: No formal education required; High School diploma or equivalent desired. Experience: Previous experience preferred. Skills and Abilities: Operate dish washing machine, dishwasher handling, Floor maintenance, physical work No. of associates supervised: None Travel required: None Hours Required: Flexible; Scheduled days and times may vary based on business needs.