• OLS Hotels & Resorts
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Aug 30, 2022
Full time Other

Job Description


To wash all kitchen utensils such as pots and pans and also to clean kitchen floors, walls, as well as any equipment such as mixers, bruisers and steam jacketed kettles.


Wash pots and pans following A.S.I. guidelines
Maintain a clean work environment in pot washer area.
Maintain kitchen area, floors, walls, equipment clean.
Maintain clean walk-in coolers.
Handle F&B deliveries and re-stock/store food products according to first in/first out guidelines.
Help with basic food preparation when all other work is done.


Coordinate with Executive Chef/Sues Chef/Supervisor work priorities and provide assistance and perform other duties as requested by management, and attend meetings as required by management.


Abide by payroll policies, procedures (punch in/punch out), Meals and Rest Periods policy and OLS Rules of Conduct.
Demonstrate a working knowledge of all hotel safety and security procedures
Read and abide by all the regulations and rules of conduct stated in the OLS Associate Manual.


Education: No formal education required; High School diploma or equivalent desired.

Experience: Previous experience preferred.

Skills and Abilities: Operate dish washing machine, Dishwasher handling, Floor maintenance.

No. of employees supervised: None_____ employees

Travel required: None

Hours Required: Flexible; Scheduled days and times may vary based on need

Lifting/Pushing/Pulling/Carrying Describe the type(s) of required lifting, pushing, pulling, and/or carrying to include objects, weights and frequency.

All of these functions are essential primarily because the heavy product associated from all the outlets. Dish racks/10-15 lbs., Trash cans/50-70 lbs., Bus pans/10-15 lbs., Pushing queen Mary's,

No Lifting/Pushing/Pulling/Carrying Required.


Bending/Kneeling Describe the type(s) of required bending and/or kneeling to include when, why and how often.

Bending is necessary, dish rack stacking, storing of equipment/ dishware, unloading queens, moping/sweeping floors, cleaning ovens also requires bending.

No Bending/Kneeling Required.


Mobility Describe the type(s) of mobility required to include distances and % of time involved.

Full range of mobility required. Ability to travel 30-50 ft. on a regular basis throughout the day.

Stationary Position

---------------------------------------------------------------- Continuous Standing Describe the reasons to include time period and frequency.

Usually all day - during service hours.

No Continuous Standing Required.


Climbing Stairs: Up to approx. 15-20 steps 5 % of 8 hours (time period)

Ladders: Up to approx.______feet______% of_____________

(time period)

No Climbing Required.


Driving Describe type of vehicle, distances, % of time involved and frequency.

No Driving Required.


Work Environment Inside: 100 % of 8 hours

(time period)

Outside: % of

(time period)

Describe any abnormal temperature exposures:


Hearing Critical Moderate X Minimal

Explain: Need to hear equipment/timers and communicate with other staff


Vision X Critical Moderate Minimal

Explain: Must be able to inspect for cleanliness of dishware and kitchen.


Speech Critical Moderate X Minimal

Explain: Enough to communicate with staff


Literacy Critical Moderate X Minimal

Explain: Only enough to ensure proper cleaning chemicals are used on dishware.


Chemicals/Agents Describe any chemicals/agents to include what they are, warnings and frequency of use.

Dish washing chemical. Sanitation chemicals. All purpose cleaners.

No Chemicals/Agents Used.


Protective Clothing Type: Rubber gloves, back supports, protective eye ware

Approx. 100 % of 8 hours (time period)

None Required.


Equipment Operation List type of equipment and frequency of use.

Dishwasher (75%), Garbage disposal (25%)

None Required.


Other Considerations