Team Member

  • Jack In the Box
  • West Columbia, Texas
  • Jul 30, 2022
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Job Description

POSITION SUMMARY: Responsible for delivering an exceptional guest experience by consistently providing excellent service, great tasting/quality food, and a clean restaurant environment for all guests by performing one or more workstations in accordance with JIB procedures, systems, and standards, and 20/20 guest expectations.

Guest Expectations


(Hassle Free) Always says "YES" to the guest and works with the team to help solve problems; follows the 3-steps (Listens, Says Sorry, Makes it Right) if a problem occurs; and uses JIB Smart Selling standards as appropriate.
Is very knowledgeable and answers guest questions quickly and accurately
Is well prepared and remains calm and productive during busy times; does not look rushed.
Neat and Well -Groomed

(Clean) Follows JIB uniform and grooming standards.
Cares about looking nice and professional; shirt is tucked in; hair is contained via a hat, visor and/or hairnet, and uniform is clean and unwrinkled.

(Friendly) Acknowledges each guest with a smile, treats everyone with care and respect, always has a positive and friendly attitude.
Makes guests feel welcome and special by being ready, smiling, and connecting.
Follows the JIB Hospitality Model on how to treat guests.

(Clean) Maintains restaurant cleanliness (interior/exterior).
Is ready and prepared to serve guests as they arrive.
Is organized and responsible.
Asks for help, when necessary, to meet guests needs.
Is a good team player and assists co-workers when able.
Follows the JIB Restaurant Policies and Rules in regard to scheduled working hours, breaks, and timekeeping.
Food Tastes Great

(Food Quality) Makes sure the food looks and tastes great and is high quality.
Cares about food presentation; takes the extra time if needed.
Ensures taste, appearance, and temperature standards are met for all products.
Consistent and Quick Service

(Fast) Shows a sense of urgency, hustles, begins cooking and assembling orders immediately, greets guest.
Offers consistent, quick service and is always ready and prepared.
Order Accuracy

(Accurate) Communicates and works with team to ensure order is accurate for the guest, repeats orders following JIB standards.
Always provides the appropriate number of condiments, napkins, and utensils.
Repeats the order to guests by looking in the bag/basket as they hand them their food.
Follows bagging standards to ensure quality and accuracy.
Food Safety

(Food Safety) Makes sure food is safe for the guest by following all food safety policies and procedures.
Follows all hand washing and glove procedures.