Crew Member

  • Wendy's
  • Tampa, Florida
  • Jul 30, 2022
Full time Other

Job Description

What you'll do

Families come in all shapes and sizes. And that includes the Wendy s family - the people you work with as a Wendy s Frosty Cart Crew Member. This position will be located onsite at ZooTampa.

The stuff you want - like fun people, quality food, a schedule to meet your needs, and a paycheck - done. Our founder Dave Thomas had three rules for everyone who works here: Do the right thing. Treat people with respect. Make food better than they d expect from a fast food place. No doubt you do the first two already. We can teach you the third!

Sound good? Keep reading.

Our burgers are square, which means we don t cut corners. So hopefully, neither do you.

Your natural friendliness is just one of your talents.You can handle a lot of stuff and not wig out.You re good with blending Frosty Fusions one shift and taking customer orders the next.You like making customers happy. For real.

What you bring to the table:

Solid social skills - you act like your grandma is standing behind you (at least while you re at work).You see whatever s low - cups, lids, toppings, etc. - and you fill it back up.You pitch in and help your fellow crew member and customers alike.You take and receive direction like a pro.You want to learn something new and be a part of something good.If something doesn t seem right, you make it right.

You must be willing and able to:

Stand and move for most - if not all - of your shift.Lift up to 25-50 lbs. now and then.Handle some weather-related conditions like rain, wind and potentially higher heat and lower cold temperatures in particular when the Frosty Cart is in operation outdoors.Use typical restaurant equipment such as a Frosty machine, hand-held point of sale / register, dishwashing equipment, and follow Wendy s brand standards and guidelines.For more information on specific equipment or job requirements, see the job description or talk to the hiring manager.Perform facility cleaning and product retrieval/loading as dictated per the host venue needs and accommodations.Perform product and equipment prep, open, rush ready, and closing checklist tasks, equipment and facility cleaning procedures, etc.Perform outside tasks such as plugging in/unplugging shore power electrical per procedures, securing all items prior to cart movement, filling/emptying both fresh water and gray water tanks on cart per the capabilities and procedures of host venue.

We get it. We get you.

Our food isn t one size fits all and our job opportunities aren t either. Whether you re looking for your first job or to build a career, a lot of hours or something to keep you busy on the weekend, you re an early bird or night owl, we ve got you covered.

We are also a proud equal opportunity employer - that means all races, religions, nationalities, genders and the LGBTQ+ community are welcome. We provide reasonable accommodations in order to enable people with disabilities to perform the essential functions of their jobs.

What you'll do:

The following are examples of some, but not all, of the essential job functions of a Crew Member position at the Wendy's Frosty Cart:

Physical Elements

Ability to stand for long periods

Frequent bending, kneeling, lifting (25 - 50 pounds)

Ability to reach, turn and maneuver frequently in narrow spaces (50 square foot Cart)

When Cart is in operation in an outside location, manage potentially higher heat and lower cold temperatures as well as adverse weather conditions such as wind and rain may be applicable.

Equipment Use

Ability to use a hand-held POS device to take customer orders or to take or give direction

Ability to use general restaurant equipment (e.g. Frosty machine, Vitamix blender, etc.)

Ability to install/remove/store a trailer hitch per procedures as needed for movement of Cart to a different service location

Performance Elements

Ability to come to work promptly and regularly

Ability to take direction and work well with others

Ability to accomplish multiple tasks within established timeframes

Ability to concentrate and perform duties accurately

Ability to learn and apply policies and procedures

Ability to react to change productively and handle other tasks assigned

Ability to complete all applicable training programs

Working Conditions

Ability to work in a fast-paced environment that may involve exposure to noise, heat, cold or other elements

Very minimal space for movement/operations due to equipment layout and design

Use of available shared facilities for breaks and restrooms as aligned with the contracted/licensed host venue

What we expect from you

Wendy's is an equal employment opportunity employer who may provide reasonable accommodation to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of the job.