• Grainmaker
  • Woburn, Massachusetts
  • Jul 29, 2022
Full time Office and Administrative Support

Job Description

Grainmaker Job Description: Shift Supervisor

Be a part of a truly Boston-based start-up and make a real impact! We are looking for leaders who strive for upper management to come in and help take us to the next level. You will work with a passionate management team that supports inclusion and working smart.
Every day in our stores, our teams make real food from scratch - you'll oversee a full-service BOH operation, as well as a quick-service FOH model. The shift supervisor is the lifeline of the store - you're an enthusiastic leader, a quick thinker, a problem-solver a skilled communicator & a motivator. Your crew is relying on you to inspire them and develop them personally and professionally. This position comes with a lot of visibility, entrepreneurial fostering, and potential for growth as the company expands.
We believe Grainmaker to be a true gamechanger and we pride ourselves on providing a clear career path with opportunities for leadership, personal growth & professional development. Our culture is Meritocratic, which basically means we don t hire or promote based on experience, but more so on work ethic and production.
What you'll do:
Here at Grainmaker we have 5 core "mantras" that help guide us every step of the way:
• Be Original: Think outside the box and never compromise who you are.
• Make It Grain : Make an impact on the world around you whether that is directly through the people you interact with or indirectly through the food you are creating. Each of us can contribute to making a difference.
• InGrain Yourself: Make food the common language. Food brings people together and is a special moment where we sit together and share stories, laugh, and truly connect with one another.
• Nourish Your Roots: Strengthen the community by building small, local businesses. Every supplier we work with should be as close to home as possible and as small as acceptable to where we can help influence growth and change throughout the local economy.
• Good Vibes: Take all of your energy and use it to have a positive influence on everything around you.

Your Duties:
• Understands, in detail, all company standards and procedures as described in training materials describing Grainmaker s expectations.
• Understands and supports all of the health and safety protocols every shift, every day and without fail.
• Ensures that all guests feel welcome and are given immediate, friendly, and courteous service at all times; the Supervisors and his/her team are "guest-obsessed."
• Ensures that all food and beverage products are prepared with care, detail, and consistency according to the Grainmaker food procedures, preparation, portioning, cooking, and service standards. Supervisors are "Food Fanatics."
• A Grainmaker Supervisor sets a positive tone and instills a sense of urgency in the team by working fast and efficiently with an inspirational attitude that elevates the level of play of the team. The Supervisor demonstrates Honor & Integrity when interacting with team members and guests, and embodies the true "spirit" of the brand. The Supervisor is a shining example of our core mantras.
• Understands company objectives in sales, service, quality, appearance of facility, sanitation, and cleanliness through training of employees and creating a positive, productive working environment.
• Understands Grainmaker concept, core brand pillars, and our story. The Supervisor ensures that these ideals come through in everything we do.
• Controls cash and other receipts by adhering to cash handling and reconciliation procedures in accordance with Grainmaker policies.
• Prepares all required paperwork, including forms, reports, and schedules in an organized and timely manner. Can navigate easily through the P&L, Revel POS Portal, and order systems.
• Works with management to execute budget expectations, maximize profits, and achieve sales and guest count targets.
• Is able to execute, at a high level, all ordering and receiving of product and wares. Ensures that all products are received properly including pack size, count, condition, and temperature of product. The Supervisor ensures that deliveries are received according to Grainmaker standards, policies and
• The Supervisor must demonstrate a passion for never running out of an item that our guests expect, and must take ACTION when shortages occur.
• Manages crew to maintain building and equipment, cleanliness, and standards.
• Ensures that the team follows all approved food handling systems, including food storage, shelf life programs, timers, temperature and receiving logs, daily line check, and ops log.
• Gives fair and direct feedback to crew members on their performance. Actively takes part in formal crew evaluations and appraisals.
• Controls labor; fills and reduces positions when and as needed to meet labor cost objectives.
• Understands completely all policies related to handling personnel issues. Administers prompt, fair and consistent corrective action.
• Ensures that the restaurant and crew fully understand and comply with all federal, state, county, local, and municipal regulations that pertain to health, safety and labor requirements of the restaurant, team members, and guests.
• Assists and/or takes a leadership role with restaurant marketing, advertising, and promotional activities.
• Understands how to manage all parts of the business including opening, closing, and transition periods. The Supervisor should be able to demonstrate success in managing both high and low traffic times.

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Job Type: Full-time