Crumbl Cookies - Baker/Crew Member

  • Crumbl Quarry
  • San Antonio, TX, USA
  • Jul 14, 2022
Full time

Job Description

TIPS on average add $3+/hr to base pay. Base pay + TIPS puts baker pay in the $11-$14+/hr range. Minimum age of 16.
We search for skilled, creative bakers who strive to provide high-quality baked goods and services in an efficient, professional manner. The Baker understands recipes, performs quality checks on ingredients and finished products, uses frostings, glazes, fillings, and other toppings to enhance item presentation, and process orders from customers.
As a baker, you will greet customers, answer questions, clean workstations and equipment, make sure the kitchen is stocked, and perform other duties as needed. We are looking for individuals that want to have a good time while also working hard. We will expect our employees to represent the Crumbl brand well by bringing a smile and a positive attitude to work.
To be a successful baker, you should be efficient, friendly, focused on food quality and customer satisfaction, be decisive, attentive, and have a strong understanding of baking techniques.
Baker Responsibilities:
  • Read and understand Crumbl recipes
  • Measure and combine ingredients using mixers, blenders, heat sources, and other equipment to make cookies
  • Decorating and displaying the finished product
  • Testing ingredients and finished goods to ensure that each item meets food safety and quality controls
  • Greeting customers, answering questions, making recommendations, accepting orders and payment, and providing exceptional customer service
  • Keeping records relating to deliveries, inventory, and production levels
  • Taking client information and ensuring that deliveries accurate and timely
  • Cleaning and restocking the workstation and ensuring all equipment is sanitized and prepared for the next shift

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time Shift Times: Morning, Afternoon, and Night shifts ranging from 5:00 AM-12:00PM
Hours per week: Less than 10 10-19 20-29 30-39

Company Information
two crazy cousins It all started with one big dream, two crazy cousins, and the perfect combination of flour, sugar, and chocolate chips. After thousands of dollars in wasted dough, recipes that did not live up to their expectations, and cookies that were just plain embarrassing to them today, the cousins decided to try something a little unique, A/B test their way to the perfect cookie. McGowan, coming from the software world, was accustomed to this methodology of testing. They would take the exact same cookie, change out one ingredient like chocolate chips and randomly visit local gas stations and grocery stores simply asking one question "Which one of these two cookies is the best?" They continued this testing on ingredients and cooking methods until they came up with what they believe is the world's best chocolate chip cookie.

OUR CONCEPT rotating menu At Crumbl, warm milk chocolate chip and chilled sugar cookies are always on the menu, along with 120+ specialty flavors that rotate weekly! Visit us in-store at any location nationwide for an unique open-kitchen experience where you actually see your Crumbl crew mix, bake, and prepare fresh cookies. Don t have time to visit the store? Don t worry, we offer local delivery, curbside pick-up and nationwide shipping, all of which can be easily accessed on our app or website. Make your next catering or gifting need SWEET, with Crumbl.

EST. 2017 logan, ut The very first Crumbl opened in Logan, UT while Sawyer, Crumbl s COO and Co-founder, attended Utah State University (go Aggies). Since then, the franchise has expanded to over 75 locations in 11 states, nationwide. Each one, growing our Crumbl family and spreading fast, fresh, & gourmet cookies to Crumblrs everywhere!