SLH Cook

  • Alameda Health System
  • San Leandro, California
  • Jun 22, 2022
Full time

Job Description


SUMMARY: The SLH Cook prepares and cooks food in accordance with current applicable federal, state and local standards, guidelines and regulations, with our established policies and procedures, and as may be directed by department leaders to assure that quality food service is provided at all times. Responsible for hot food preparation, including accompaniments and garnishes. Performs related duties as required.

DUTIES & ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: NOTE: The following are the duties performed by employees in this classification, however, employees may perform other related duties at an equivalent level. Not all duties listed are necessarily performed by each individual in the classification.

1. Responsible for hot food preparation, including accompaniments and garnishes. Follows standardized recipes, portioning and presentation standards. Completes and utilizes daily production worksheet and waste log sheets. Tastes completed meals to ensure quality. Plans and prepare menus for special events as may be requested by the Client. Portions and plans menu foods accurately according to established guidelines. Follows oral and written instructions to prepare and cook all foods; weighs food items for cooking. Sets up patient and cafeteria steam tables for meal service in attractive & timely fashion. Prepares, serves & delivers food for catered functions meeting departmental quality standards. Assists with serving customers as needed.

2. Carves meat for serving, and serves or oversees the serving of food, ensuring the prompt apportionment of food to tray line and the cafeteria. Cooks meats, fish, vegetables, soups, cereals and other foods, using steam-jacketed kettles, revolving or other large ovens, meat roasters and other commercial cooking equipment or kitchen equipment. Prepares meats and vegetables for cooking, using electric meat grinders, vegetable peelers and slicers, and hand tools. Properly thaws and cuts meats. Uses separate cutting boards following HACCP guidelines.

3. Prepares for following meals, orders supplies and keeps records and accounts. Requisitions, receives, inspects and stores food. Keeps supervisor informed of supplies needed. Assists department leaders in taking inventory as necessary. Stores, labels and dates all food items according to policy. Checks assigned areas for expired food products. Maintains, organizes and rotates storage of dry goods, refrigerated and frozen products. Stores food and supplies in correct containers and in proper storage areas according to department guidelines as indicated by non-spoilage of food.

4. Maintains cleaning and maintenance schedules for equipment, storage and work areas. Operates and cleans equipment per department procedures after each use and in compliance with the master cleaning schedule. Identifies and utilizes cleaning chemicals following directions recommended by manufacturers and per SDS sheets. Reports needed maintenance or repairs of equipment used.

5. Orients and trains staff, as applicable.

6. Communicates any patient or customer related problems/concerns to appropriate personnel, in a timely manner following departmental procedures.

7. Completes all daily, weekly or monthly logs/reports on a timely basis meeting all prescribed deadlines.

8. Adheres to hospital confidentiality and patient's rights policy as outlined in the hospital's HIPAA policies and procedures. Complies with federal, state and local health and sanitation regulations and department sanitation procedures. Utilizes equipment in performing job functions according to department's safety procedures. Read and complies with all policies and procedures as appropriate. Follows HACCP guidelines when assembling and distributing food supplies to ensure quality and safety of food supply. Follows hospital and department safety policies and procedures to include incident reporting. Follows hospital and departmental infection control policies and procedures in food handling, storage, wearing gloves, washing hands, grooming, maintaining personal hygiene and proper uniform, etc. Maintains a clean, sanitary working environment.

9. Participates in hospital-wide and department Performance Improvement Program and on Performance Improvement teams to improve processes and patient care. Projects and practices consistent ownership attributes, which provide a high level of customer service at all points of contact. Exhibits pleasant and cheerful demeanor and maintains a helpful attitude towards employees, physicians, patients, and visitors. Contributes to patient satisfaction goals by providing quality service. Exhibits teamwork in performing daily responsibilities.

10. Adheres to Emergency Preparedness Program. Participates in disaster drills as appropriate. Adheres to Life Safety Program and participates in fire drills as appropriate. Responds to utility failures following department guidelines. Follows the hospital's protocols for Hazardous Materials and Waste Program.

11. Participates and attends departmental meetings and staff development programs as appropriate.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Education: High school diploma or equivalent, plus further education in cooking school; or 5 years related experience and/or training.

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