Creative Lead Agency123

  • McDonald's Corporation
  • Jan 13, 2022
Full time Other

Job Description

Job Description

As an energetic In-House Agency at McDonalds, Agency123 is now seeking to elevate our creative product and transform into the world-class agency designed to deliver on our commitment to a be a better McDonalds.

We are looking for a Creative Lead to join our team and help be the creative voice. One who is passionate about the brand, is a strategic visionary, and working with the Account Team, can help bring creative concepts to life and over see their execution.

* MCDONALDS IS BUILDING AN IN-HOUSE AGENCY AND A CREATIVE POWERHOUSE: McDonalds has a proud design heritage, resulting in some of the most powerful visual equities in the world. However, these are often applied in an inconsistent, transactional way. As with many brands over time, inconsistent applications have caused somewhat fractured creative quality. We see design and creative output as a critical element of the brand and we have an opportunity to reflect that in everything we do.
* NEW VISUAL IDENTITY SYSTEM: McDonalds new visual design system was successfully launched and needs to be infused into the fabric of the company and touch every aspect of our marketing, communications and operations.
* WE HAVE BUILT CLOSE RELATIONSHIPS WITH DESIGNERS INSIDE AND OUTSIDE THE COMPANY: Agency123, has recently restructured to better serve McDonalds evolving needs. We forged a working partnership with Global Marketing/Brand to support the visual design system rollout, collaborating with designers and Art Directors at our creative agencies.


The Creative Lead (CL) is dedicated to a specific account team within A123. They are responsible for working directly with their Account Lead partner to supervise and deliver exceptional quality and creative work for the account partner.

The Creative Lead will supervise, concept and manage execution of all creative deliverables for their account and work with the Account Lead to present the creative ideas to the client and be responsible for their execution and delivery.

The Creative Lead, while working closely with the Account Lead, will need to build a strong and collaborative relationship with the account stakeholders. Understanding the account stakeholders goals and objectives and work to bring strong, strategic and creative ideas to the table.

The Creative Lead must work to build trust with the account stakeholders to bring fresh, innovative and proactive ideas working with Account Leads.

They will also work with Agency 123s creative resourcing to help make sure their creative ideas and deliverables are executed to the highest standards.

The Creative Lead is responsible for working in partnership with the Creative Director to ensure alignment and quality of creative concepts, direction and output for a variety of results including: videos, experiences, activations, campaigns and a variety of aligned assets for corporate initiates and communications. This will require them to make conceptual and stylistic decisions. Creating layouts, mockups and prototypes may be required to illustrate their design idea to other members of the team or management.

1. Administration and Inspiration of creative output: McDonalds partners with agencies and creative providers but overall creative guidance is needed. This aspect of the job will require close collaboration with these agencies to ensure the concept and strategy of ideas are executed to the highest standard and our creative output is fresh and evolving.

* Contribute to client projects, providing overall direction and advice
* Highly responsive and able to think/act quick under pressure
* Oversee and guide the development of strong creative briefs within Agency123
* Work to stay abreast of the latest trends and design practices
* Continually research design and video trends, strategies and technologies and leverage ways we can bring those to our clients

2. CREATIVE LEADERSHIP: Agency123 produces internal communications, large-scale events, video and marketing materials for the McDonalds system. These are critical in setting the tone, direction and eliciting action for the corporation. The role will involve:

* Be the creative voice and work hand-in-hand with Account to bring clients creative needs to life
* Work directly with the Account Lead to facilitate concepts, schedule and execution of projects for clients
* Advise in selection and appointment of resources for project delivery
* Gaining/maintaining familiarity with internal clients business
* Provide creative vision, inspiration and direction for the account
* Work to produce the highest quality of creative which leads to results and lasting client relationships
* Support account teams in building and nurturing client relationships
* Understands marketing, digital, and media industry trends/developments and uses this knowledge to present business building ideas for our clients
* Able to articulate to clients and team members the rationale behind each concept
* Work with the Account teams to identify solutions through creative and marketing strategies
* Provide support to functional areas focusing on strategic objectives and consistent delivery of the creative product
* Carry out responsibilities in accordance with McDonalds policies and guidelines
* Manages the creative process from inception through the review phastoes of the creative plan
* Collaborate with Creative Director to ensure a high-level of alignment and best practices


* Strong Visual/Design Sensibility: Able to storyboard and visualize possible future design states and articulate concepts to both internal business partners and external industry professionals.
* Enthusiasm and Energy: Be an evangelist for the power of design and creative production (in an organization where this has not been obvious in the past). Educate others on basic design concepts. Strike the right balance between principle and pragmatism.
* Strong Persuasion Skills: Ability to convince people of a point of view, build coalitions, win friends and act diplomatically. Comfortable working with many different types of people across offices and borders. Sense of passion about the importance and potential of design to transform both a customer/audience experience and a company.
* Ability to Operate in a Fast-Moving Team: Ability to toggle between tasks, work on several projects at once, prioritize and get results.