DFW Chocolate Concierge

  • Chocoholic.com
  • Nov 15, 2021
Full time

Job Description

The Chocoholic.com Chocolate Concierge position is an easy way to augment your sales income especially over the Holidays.

Many small to medium sized companies would like to thank, curry the favor of, or influence: customers, vendors and patrons who contributed to their past success and likely future success. This is best done through a thoughtful and well organized Holiday gifting program.

Unfortunately many small to mid-sized organization lack the staffing, familiarity and expertise to carry out a successful gifting program. Consider the priorities such a program will have (in descending priority): 1) the gifts need to be reasonably priced, 2) the gifts must be gender neutral, 3) the gifts should be appreciated by recipients of all ages, 4) the gifts should be memorable and leave a favorable impression, 5) the gifts should be safe and non-controversial.

What meets all of these requirements?? If you exclaimed "Chocolate!" we want to hear from you!

This is not a hard sell proposition. In fact many clients would gladly off-load this task to someone who has the skills, expertise and credibility to do this efficiently. With our training and highly automated on-line facilities you will master this position in a matter of hours.

You should have at least 1 years sales experience, or lacking that, the motivation, drive and conviction to succeed at something you believe in.
Having existing accounts to whom you sell other products or services would be a plus as you will be an established and trusted entity to whom gifting could be easily outsourced to.

You should have a laptop or tablet for giving presentations and good internet connectivity (e.g. know how to use your phone as a mobile Hot Spot in case your client does not have reliable WiFi). You should have Excel or a similar spreadsheet program to open and edit the Gift Order Forms, which are fill-in-the-blanks *xls files.

It would be beneficial if you were a chocoholic, were passionate about chocolate or liked chocolate, or at least recognized that most others appreciate chocolate and don't share your disability.

Job Type: Commission


  • Sales to Businesses and Organizations: 1 year (Required)


  • Associate (Required)