Barista, Cashier, Dishwasher, Food Prep, Runner, Server

  • CareersUSA Inc.
  • Miami, FL, USA
  • Sep 29, 2021
Full time Barista Cashier Chefs, Cooks, Food Preparation Workers Dishwashers Servers Banquet Staff

Job Description

Job Description: Baristas - serve and refresh coffee to customers throughout the restaurant Cashiers - in charge of collecting payment from customers Dishwashers - wash dishes and attend to other kitchen tasks Food Preps - prepare foods such as sandwiches and salads Runners - support Wait Staff and transport plates of food to various tables and prepare table set-ups Servers - wait on tables, serve food and beverages and provide excellent customer service


High School Degree or Equivalent (GED) Must wear all black - Black Pants, Black T-Shirt or Polo - Restaurant provides aprons