• Denver Pizza Company
  • Denver, CO, USA
  • Aug 31, 2021
Full time Chefs, Cooks, Food Preparation Workers

Job Description


Department: Operations
Reports to: Shift Manager, AGM, GM
Status: Hourly
Job Purpose: This crew member is an asset and someone the whole team looks forward to work with. We count on them to put out perfect salads, appetizers, pizzas and calzones according to DPC standards and portions.

Essential Job Results-You will be evaluated in the following areas:

  • Professional Image: Showered, clean, tidy appearance.
  • Communication: Able to listen to others for understanding AND effectively communicate a message; accepts feedback and coaching; friendly to all DPC employees.
  • Team Player: Understands current role; asks for help when needed; offers help when able; encourages others; never leaves crew hanging.
  • Attitude: Positive and enjoyable to work with.
  • Conduct: On time, adheres to all standards, and expectations. Uses time at work in an efficient and effective matter. Stays on task.


Cook Duties

  1. Proper utilization of all equipment: dough machine, knives, ovens, refrigerators, chopper and any other miscellaneous kitchen equipment.
  2. Responsible to put away all stock/inventory deliveries.
  3. All items properly rotated--First in first out (FIFO)
  4. Prepare all recipes to specification-date, label, and properly stock to appropriate par level.
  5. Prepare all food items to specification-date, label, and properly stock to appropriate par level.
  6. Maintain presentable appearance and professional demeanor by DPC's standard - open kitchen.
  7. Take orders accurately with a positive attitude at all times.
  8. Keep kitchen clean and organized in accordance with all health and safety regulations.
  • Cook comes into a spotless kitchen and leaves a spotless kitchen at the end of shift.
  • Proper Sanitation, Cleaning and Preventative Maintenance of Oven, Reach-in coolers, Oven hood, Dough Mixer, Slicer, Cook top, Blender, Cutlery and other miscellaneous kitchen utensils.
  • Proper Sanitation and Preventative Maintenance of walls, floors,
    drains and shelves.