Barback Fs

  • Grand Hyatt - Nashville
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Jun 11, 2021
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Job Description

This is the job description for BARBACK.

Job Title: Bar Back
Department: Food & Beverage; F&B Outlets and Banquets
Company: Dimension Development
Reports To: F&B Outlets/Restaurant Manager; Bar/Beverage Manager; Director of F&B
Supervises: N/A

Job Purpose: The bar back assists lounge and bar operations. The Bar Back provides assistance to bartenders by maintaining the outlet's supply levels for glassware, mixers, ice, beverage and other needed supplies. The Bar Back assists with equipment clearing, ware washing, and guest service, as needed.

Job Responsibilities:
1. Prepare bar for service, inventorying and restocking needed glassware, ice, disposable supplies, and other
2. Assists with maintaining a perpetual inventory, including the retrieval of ordered / requisitioned items,
unboxing/storage of products, securing and storage of empty bottles, etc.
3. Assists the beverage manager/bar chef with the production of craft syrups, gastriques, bitters, pickles, juices,
4. Replenishing supplies during service, including beer, wine, liquor, dry snacks, juices, glassware, ice, and other
items as needed.
5. Changes beer kegs and retrieves specialty wines/spirits from remote and secure storage locations.
6. Assists with clearing, cleaning, sanitizing bar surface between guests.
7. Assists with serving guests, as needed.
8. Provides ware washing and transportation of equipment to keep bar stocked during operation.
9. Cleans and breaks-down bar at the conclusion of service.
10. Other duties as assigned.

Job Skills:
1. Strong service communication skills (Verbal & written) to assist both guests and team.
2. Ability to read, comprehend, and explain information from menus and food orders.
3. Ability to utilize kitchen equipment safely and properly, including blenders, coffee brewers, juicer, etc.
4. Ability to understand spatial arrangements to navigate quickly through a large area.
5. Ability to lift large trays and carry safely + properly with great frequency.
6. Attention to detail for accuracy of orders and protection with allergens / dietary restrictions.

Job Qualifications:
Education: Completion of High School, GED program, or equivalent.
Experience: One-year F&B experience preferred
Licenses/Certifications: TIPS Certification required; Food Safety Certification (or equivalent) required

Physical Requirements and working conditions:
Ability to speak and hear. Close and distance vision. Frequently lifts/carries up to 50 lbs. Continual use of manual dexterity and gross motor skills with frequent use of bi-manual dexterity and fine motor skills. Job conditions involve a majority of time working in an active kitchen, with movement through F&B outlet dining areas. Additionally, some level of time is spent working in storage areas.

Additional physical, visual and working requirements:
X Outdoor weather conditions
X Stand for long periods of time
X Extreme cold (non-weather)
X Walk extended distances
X Extreme heat (non-weather)
X Near moving or mechanical parts
X Lift/carry over 50 lbs.
X Reach hands and arms in any direction
X Kneel and/or stoop repeatedly
X Able to work overtime and/or irregular hours

While this job description is intended to be an accurate reflection of the requirements of the job, management reserves the right to add or remove duties from particular jobs when business need dictates.