• Jackmont Hospitality
  • Miami, Florida
  • Jun 08, 2021
Full time Servers

Job Description

Role Purpose

Sets places at dining tables, takes orders, serves food and drinks, answers inquiries about menu and attends to wishes of Guests, as well as suggestively selling food and drinks.

Key Responsibilities & Accountabilities

Greets Guests, builds rapport, and ensures an enjoyable, quality dining experienceBuild rapport. Ask questions to identify the experience the Guests wants.Promptly and accurately takes food and beverage requests from GuestsEnsures expedient service of food and beverages to the Guest, checks frequently to ensure everything is to the Guests' specificationsLearn TGIF menu and beverages, expertly recommends and upsells on itemsID all Guests ordering alcoholic beverages who appear to be 40 years old or younger.Following all relevant brand standards for serviceAccurately rings all orders into the POS system

Key Decisions


Guest experienceExercising standards of Responsible Service of Alcohol

Measures of Success

Consistently fulfill the Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities aboveGuest satisfaction scoresMeeting all key metrics outlined on the myPerformance scorecard

Qualification Requirements

Must be able to deliver plates and food and clear tables, which may require lifting up to 30 lbs.Must be able to hear well amongst loud background noiseMust be dressed neatly and well groomed in company approved uniform at all timesMust be able to operate P.O.S. system, make change correctly and make credit card transactions accuratelyMust be able to calmly respond to angry Guests and notify a ManagerMust be able to read and write notes to hearing impaired GuestsMust be able to read menus to sight-impaired GuestsMust be able to verbalize menu items clearly to Guests while taking their orders or responding to their request


PASSION FOR THE GUEST (Friendliness, Hospitality): consistently delivers service in a fun, friendly and engaging way

Makes a difference in the guest experience by personalizing service to exceed guest expectationsGoes above and beyond to establish a personal connection with guests to make them feel warm, welcome and appreciatedCreates a strong first impression by greeting each guest with a smile and a spirited, positive attitudeEstablishes a strong rapport with all guests to create Friday's fans and repeat businessPays attention to details; remembers names and favorites of regular guestsShows awareness of guest needs and expectations; prevents problems before they occurInvestigates guest complaints and resolves them immediately and thoroughly to the guest's satisfaction

COMMUNICATION (Sociability, Friendliness): keeps the lines of communication positive, open and productive

Communicates in an open, sincere manner to build rapport with guests and team membersShares information with others to raise awareness of potential needs and concernsKeeps interaction positive and productive; avoids conveying negative messagesResponds positively to conflict situations and works to find appropriate solutionsListens carefully and attentively to others without interruptingAsks thoughtful questions to ensure proper understanding of the message being conveyedContributes to pre-shift meetings by providing relevant updates and asking appropriate questions

FLAIR & SALESMANSHIP (Drive & Energy, Salesmanship): keeps it fun and keeps it real; seeks opportunities to sell others on the whole TGI Friday's experience

Demonstrates a unique, lighthearted style that is personal and memorableShows guests and team members that he/she genuinely enjoys the jobPossesses a contagious energy that translates to guests and team membersEnthusiastically promotes the TGI Friday's brand and menu itemsGrows the business and expertly upsells menu items where appropriateListens carefully to guests' needs and suggests add-ons accordinglyProactively looks for ways to improve the guest experience and takes initiative to make changes as needed

RELIABILITY & ACCOUNTABILITY (Acceptance of Authority, Dependability): Works hard, carefully follows direction and established guidelines, and delivers quality results

Consistently arrives to work prepared and ready for the shiftEnsures all responsibilities are fulfilled before ending his/her shiftMakes him/herself available to take on additional shifts and/or responsibilitiesSets the standard by adhering to established rules and guidelinesOrganizes his/her tasks in order of priority to ensure timely and thorough completionAdmits mistakes and takes prompt action to correct themHolds self and others accountable for delivering consistent quality results

FLEXIBILITY & STRESS TOLERANCE (Stress Tolerance, Dependability): Knows that anything can and will happen and is willing to mix things up anyway

Responds quickly to changing needs and adapts as necessary to meet new challengesDisplays a positive, confident attitude for tackling new challenges and initiativesHandles multiple tasks without becoming visibly overwhelmed or flusteredEasily adjusts to meet changing demands and new responsibilitiesPromptly anticipates and reacts to potential guest needs and problemsDives into peak service situations with energy and ease.Responds calmly to problems and controls emotional reactionsHandles him/herself in a professional manner at all times

TEAMWORK & COLLABORATION (Sociability, Friendliness): Fuels an environment where everyone pitches in and gets along

Recognizes the importance of working together to accomplish goalsActively promotes cooperation, respect, and acceptance of all team membersEstablishes positive and supportive working relationships with all team members to maintain a productive environmentTakes on additional responsibilities to ensure proper coverage during rush periodsReaches out to team members when necessary to ensure timely completion of all tasksTakes advantage of opportunities to set an example for new or inexperienced team members