Line cook

  • Odd Duck
  • Austin, Texas
  • Jun 08, 2021
Chefs, Cooks, Food Preparation Workers

Job Description

Hey Y'all, We spend plenty of time at the farmer's markets on the weekends, but right now we are in the market for our new family member. Made from scratch farm to table, all of our butchery, bread and anything we can possibly make in house we do. What to bring: 1.) A basic knife kit: Chef's knife, paring knife, peeler if you please. 2.) Sturdy shoes: nonslip is best 3.) A viking helmet, bandana or hat to keep stray hair at bay. 4.) Clothing should be comfortable. I would say pants over shorts but some opt for burnt legs and shorts anyway. Otherwise, wear what you are most comfortable in the kitchen. 5.) A positive team-oriented attitude. Everyone here contributes and helps in all departments. Everyone: sweeps, takes out the trash, helps return cleaned dishes, picks up those little scraps of paper in the parking lot and on the floor in the dining room, dries and wipes down the hand sinks and soap dispensers when they finish washing their get the idea. 6.) An inquisitive mind. Ask questions and verify tasks before pushing forward. We may do some things differently here than you have done in your past. Ask, listen and adapt to the O.D. standard (at least for the day of the stage). This is the real key to getting the most out of a stage, whether that be a job or a new perspective. Other perks include: Shift drinks, discounts here and at Barley Swine, paid time off, 1/2 paid health vision and dental insurance and a cool Odd Duck hat. Minds, like parachutes, work best when they are open.