Restaurant Server Seattle Airport Marriott Hotel

  • Seattle Airport Marriott
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Jun 05, 2021
Full time Servers

Job Description

Job Title: Restaurant Server

Job Code: 2115

Department: Food and Beverage

Reports To: Restaurant Manager

Purpose of the position : Primary function is to serve food and beverage to customers while providing courteous, professional, efficient service and ensuring customer satisfaction.


  • -Greet and welcome guests warmly at the tables, suggest specials and particular menus items within two minutes of guest's seating
    -Check restaurant for proper set up upon arrival
    -Do all necessary set-up sidework as per sidework schedule
    -Be knowledgeable of all menu items, their garnish, contents and preparation methods. Be prepared to answer any guest questions about the menu in a direct, concise way. Know the Use Records
    -Use suggestive selling techniques
    -Check Micros machines to make sure they are set to the proper menu
    -Keep all tables and chairs clean and presentable at all times
    -Complete knowledge of service standards for beer, liquor and wine
    -Follow procedures in taking guest's order
    -Check food before serving it to guest to ascertain that appearance, temperature and portions are correct
    -Check back with the guests periodically to ensure satisfaction
    -Report any problems that may occur with service or a guest complaint to management
    -Have complete knowledge of daily hotel events and hours of operation
    -Present guest checks and collect all monies for full payment of check
    -Maintain good telephone techniques
    -Have complete knowledge of micros system. No voids or deletes without management's written approval
    -Accurately and efficiently fill out reports, vouchers, forms, etc, to document daily transactions and provide accounting with necessary shift information

Maintain a clean and appealing facility in compliance with health code and safety standards

  • -Prepare for the next shift by restocking adequate items in each shelf

  • -Assist Dining Room Attendant/Bus Help with set up and clearing of tables when necessary
    -Declare tips according to IRS standards
    -Be familiar with hotel facilities and their location and hours of operation or where direct guest to find this information. Know directions to get to hotel
    -Provide positive, professional guest contact. Answer guest's questions and solve guest's problems and complaints promptly. Make guest feel welcomed
    -Assure that sufficient supplies of necessary service are available to maintain adequate stock ( coffee cups , lids , napkins , sugar , silverware , etc )
    -Ensure that proper communications take place between kitchen personnel, management and servers


  • -Know your schedule work and follow it accordingly
    -Work in a cooperative and friendly manner with fellow employees
    -Maintain professional attire and personal hygiene
    -Maintain a clean, neat and orderly work area
    -Perform your job according to standard operating procedures
    -Read, understand and follow all policies, procedures and practices as stated in the Employee Handbook
    -Implement management company and hotel's safety and emergency policies and procedures (i.e evacuation, first aid, etc) to include removing all safety hazards, following company's OSHA program, safe lifting techniques
    -Utilize protective equipment, when applicable
    -Promptly report substandard ( unsafe ) conditions to Supervisor
    -Promptly report accidents, injuries, property damage or loss to Supervisor
    -Keeps accurate communication flowing freely among all hotel departments
    -Inform management promptly of any work-related problems or guest complaints
    -Practice 'CARE hospitality 'and provide guest satisfaction
    -Promote the hotel through goodwill, courtesy and a positive attitude
    -Attend all schedule training classes and meetings
    -Continue to learn and grow in your position
    -Perform any reasonable request as assigned or directed by management
    -Provide for a safe work environment by following all safety and security procedures and rules
    -Assist person(s) with a disability
    -Comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws ordinances as they apply to the hotel, guest and employees
    -Respond properly to irritated or angry guests
    -Immediately clean all spills

Clear table during meals

  • -Know and follow all sanitation procedures
    -Assist other servers when needed


  • -None applicable