District Manager

  • RRH Austin LLC
  • Austin, Texas
  • Jun 03, 2021
Full time General Managers and Management Executives

Job Description

Salary postion starts at $65,000

Position Summary: Set the example by being a hands-on leader of day-to-day activities and operations of the restaurants. Create an atmosphere of motivation. Under our leadership, ensure that the restaurants are being properly run according to Jack in the Box and our standards, policies & procedures. Engender excitement, enthusiasm, always have a positive mental attitude and commitment to company objectives. Ensure consistently delicious food; provide friendly service to every customer, keep the restaurants clean, and ensure employee/guest safety and security. A passion for change and constant improvement. Ensure positive employee/customer relationships, successful implementation of our initiatives, achieve financial sales and profitability plans, and ensure proper administrative activities are followed.

Key Duties/Responsibilities:

Customer Service. Is passionate about consistently setting the customer service example by maintaining visibility and interacting with guests. Models a guest comes first attitude; has a genuine smile and displays a friendly and positive spirit; appreciates guests and makes them feel welcome; is always polite and courteous. Responds to guest concerns and complaints in a timely and professional manner and ensures positive resolution (3-way calls to train and set expectations for Managers). Follows up personally on all VOG complaints.

Recruiting, Interviewing and Selecting. Ensures appropriate Management and Team Member staffing levels for proper scheduling, operations efficiency, and training and development of employees. Identifies and develops internal candidates for management positions and fosters development for promotion to the next level for all employees. Visit's competitors and recruits good workers. Teaches Managers how to interview and select. When in the restaurants, reviews applications and sets expectations for hiring using the appropriate Rucker and Jack in the Box forms, sits in on interviews.

People Development. Displays a strong commitment to the restaurants by helping to create an environment that is friendly, fun, clean and safe. Treats all employees with care and respect. Interacts effectively with diverse groups of people and does not have or display any biases. Motivates and inspires employees to achieve high performance while adhering to Company procedures. Values effective job performance and ensures all restaurant teams receive recognition and expressions of gratitude. Organizes and facilitates fun team building events for Restaurant Managers and employees. Actively listens and communicates timely, clearly, and accurately. Ensures that progressive discipline forms are being used by all Restaurant Managers to correct unacceptable behavior. Performs annual employee performance reviews, alongside the Restaurant Managers.

Training. Ensures systems for training employees on workstations are fully implemented and adhered to. Ensures training is being tracked at every restaurant and that 90% of employees are certified on 3 or more workstations. Develops and maintains a first-rate Training Restaurant, with a Training Manager and an Assistant Manager who can perform all the Manager duties. Takes an active role in following up on RM & AM Trainees.

Leadership. Makes decisions based on experience, policy and procedures, alignment with Rucker goals, and exercises discretion and independent judgment to keep Rucker and the Jack in the Box brand in good standing with the community.

Hands-On Operator. Spends 4 days per week working lunch and dinner in restaurants including Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Works one late night shift per period 6pm - 3am. Works side by side with Manager, coaching, observing hospitality and the quality of food & drinks. Teaches and coaches everyone. Focuses on use of build-to charts, pre-rush checklists and prep lists . Ensures that employees are upselling. Ensures Workstation Positioning charts and principles are being used to manage the floor, TIP, TAP, TOP. Ensures the timeliness, quality, and accuracy of all orders; conveys a sense of urgency.

Clean Restaurants & Working Equipment. Maintains restaurant cleanliness inside and outside by ensuring Mangers are following JIB cleaning and maintenance procedures. Maintains all equipment and facilities in top working order by inspecting facilities weekly and working with Rucker Management to ensure any deficiencies or issues are prioritized and addressed quickly. Notifies Rucker immediately of urgent facility needs.

Daily, Weekly, Period Activities.

Conducts daily business review telephone conversations. Every morning, coaches and praises managers on their daily results and numbers. Discusses daily inventory variance reports, daily labor outlier reports and customer feedback.

Conducts weekly Manager meetings, and period P&L meetings. Sets an example and praises Managers who have moved the needle at P&L meetings and has them explain how. When holding meetings, uses the Manager Meeting Agenda Form.

Review Manager schedules every week before they are posted to ensure Managers are scheduled to work the 5 most peak business times according to their restaurant needs, including nights and weekends. Review entire restaurant schedules to ensure proper staffing and a solid plan for the week including 1 during peak hours.

Conduct thorough inventories with Manager (together as a team) 5 am to 1 pm at a different store once a period (methodically going to each store, surprising the Manager). Ensure correct inventory levels are kept, inventory information is correctly entered into the back-office system, and forecasting is being done correctly.

Ensures compliance with policies, procedures, and regulatory requirements. Follows up on Food Safety check list log completion upon every restaurant visit. Complete Patterns of Management, Food Safety and other Inspections as required or directed by Rucker leadership once a period.

Sales & Profit. Responsible for building restaurant sales and profit. Utilizes management information tools to analyze restaurant operational and financial performance. Identifies trends and implements action plans for improvement. Has established sales and profitability budgets for all restaurants and meets or beats the budgets. Create plans to grow sales and lower food and labor costs. Create plans together to improve speed of service. (Ensures the use of management communication logs, build-to charts, waste tracking charts, and job aids. Also ensures that the employee meal policy is being followed, especially by the Managers and their management staff. Sets the example.)

Managing Up. Has an organized system for meetings, scheduling, and paperwork. Monthly calendars submitted to Rucker leadership by the last week of the previous month. Turns in completed inspections once a period. Schedule 1 day of restaurant rides with Rucker leadership per period. Uses data to analyze business results and consults with Rucker leadership. Remains calm when challenged or placed under pressure. Willingly accepts feedback from Rucker management.


Internal promote preferred (already meets the requirements for Team Member, Team Leader, Assistant Manager, Restaurant Manager, ie, demonstrates integrity and ethical behavior, ability to stand and walk approximately 90%-95% of shift, ability to lift and carry 10-65 lbs, ability to take guests' orders, operate a cash register, and read video monitors, ability and desire to work in a very fast-paced environment).

High School Diploma/Equivalency.

Minimum of 1 year as a JIB Manager or similar restaurant experience.

100% certified in all workstations and has complete knowledge of all JIB operating systems and POS.

Must be ServSafe certified.

Ability to supervise others, including setting the example for all job functions.

Excellent interpersonal skills.

A self-starter who takes initiative and willingly accepts responsibility.

Knowledge of how to recruit, interview and select management candidates.

Knowledge of financial management and proven financial success.

Proven analytical skills.

Good organization and planning skills.

Must have own vehicle (automobile or truck), valid driver's license, proof of valid insurance.

Demonstrates integrity and ethical behavior.

Knowledge of implementing policies and procedures as outlined in the Rucker Handbook.

Ability to plan and organize the activities of others.

Ability to communicate with others by using all available resources (telephone, written correspondence, email, face to face).

Ability to manage conflict resolution.

Must be available at all times via telephone.

Must be able to work a minimum of 50 hours per week depending upon the needs of the business.

Must be available to work any day, and anytime, especially on the busiest days including weekends and holidays.