Plasma Engineer

  • Nitricity
  • San Francisco, California
  • Jun 03, 2021
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Job Description

Company Overview:

Nitricity is decarbonizing one of the largest chemical industries in the world and we are looking for your help.

The bedrock of modern agriculture is the production, distribution, and application of the essential nutrients found in fertilizers. However, nitrogen fertilizer is currently made in coal- and gas-fired facilities located hundreds to thousands of miles away from farmers who need it. The $120B industry is responsible for as much as 6% of global CO2eq emissions.

Nitricity Inc. has developed a breakthrough technology that produces fertilizer using air, water, and renewable electricity. We enable farmers to produce their own "e-fertilizer" at the push of a button with our new product. Growers will be able to control their own fertilizer supply, reduce their costs, and reduce CO2 emissions. Nitricity's vision has won awards through Stanford, Berkeley, MIT, Caltech, ASU, Forbes, and more. We are building a world-class team to help us turn this vision into a reality.

Position Description:

The Plasma Engineer will be central in the research and development of Nitricity's plasma reactors for optimized and cost-competitive fertilizer production. They will leverage previous industrial and/or laboratory experience in mechanical engineering and plasma technologies to help improve the energy efficiency of Nitricity Inc.'s fertilizer production assets. This position will involve building, testing, troubleshooting, logging, and optimizing chemical and mechanical subsystems for intermittent operation, primarily in Nitricity's R&D warehouse in San Francisco, CA.


● Safely test plasma reactors for fertilizer production.

● Improve energy efficiency of specialized plasma systems for nitrogen fertilizer production.

● Record, process, analyze, and report results to company leadership.

● Coordinate with company leadership to improve and build testing platforms.

● Contribute to the design, development, and scale-up of efficient nitrogen fixation reactors.

● Help to maintain, fix, and upgrade Nitricity's systems.

Required and Preferred Qualifications:

● Significant experience in plasma R&D.

● Relevant science/engineering degree (i.e. mechanical/materials/electrical/chemical engineering).

● FTIR, gas phase analysis, reaction modeling experience.

● Optical emission and Raman spectroscopy experience.

● Plasma modeling experience or knowledge.

● High-voltage electronics experience or knowledge.

● Versatility to thrive in a start-up environment.

● Teamwork, communication and organizational skills.

● Enthusiasm for high-impact, hard tech solutions.


Primary location will be at Nitricity's headquarters in San Francisco.


$70,000 - $90,000/yr USD + Equity Package