Bell Captain

  • Loews Hotels
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Jun 01, 2021
Full time Other

Job Description

Hard Rock Hotel is equal parts family-friendly fun and rock god heaven with a huge variety of amenities for kids and adults alike with music as the key differentiator. From the sweeping California mission-style facades to the palm-lined swimming oasis where guests are immersed in both sound and water, Hard Rock Hotel is simply the coolest hotel on the planet.

Job Specific

* Oversees the safe and efficient flow of traffic at the Hotel entrance area
* Ensures that courteous, prompt and consistent luggage assistance is provided to guests in accordance with all Loews Hotels Star Service standards
* Completely familiar with all Hotel facilities, room types and operating hours
* Completely familiar with Hotel emergency procedures and assists Security with Code Red situations
* Maintains proper staffing levels at all times for Bell Service, based on arrival and departure figures and taking into consideration productivity calculations
* Provides Hotel information and travel directions to Hotel guests
* Maintains cleanliness of Hotel front entrance area and lobby, contacting Housekeeping for major cleaning tasks
* Assist guests with transportation needs
* Is alert to guest who appears to be intoxicated and intends to drive a vehicle - notifies Security
* Offers the storage of guest luggage
* Maintains adherence to Guest Services key control and security procedures
* Trains and monitors the performance of Bellpersons, including posting when guest assistance is not required
* Provides up to date information to Bell staff regarding Hotel operating hours, groups in house and travel directions
* Ensures that accurate Hotel information and travel directions are given to guests
* Organizes and coordinates group bag pulls, ensuring proper recording and payment to participating Bellpersons and Door Attendants side by side with Door Captain
* Maintains a good working relationship with all Hotel departments, with special emphasis on Front Desk, Valet, Concierge, Sales and Housekeeping
* Makes daily assignments of Handhelds and ensures utilization of Handhelds
* Ensures maintenance of equipment including Handhelds, bellcarts etc.
* Addresses guests by name
* Answers telephone in accordance with Loews Hotels Star Service Standards
* Ensures delivery of items and packages to guestrooms and meeting rooms
* Coordinates curbside check-in process with other Guest Services areas of operation
* Ensures guests identified for "curbside check-in" are welcomed and registered utilizing handheld technology
* Ensures a seamless arrival for all guests
* Closely coordinates group arrivals with Door Captain
* Reads and initials all entries in Front Desk Log Book and all information on Front Desk Bulletin Board
* Reads Group Profiles and Banquet Event information on a daily basis
* Maintains the cleanliness and excellent condition of equipment and work area
* Other duties as assigned


* Promotes and applies teamwork skills at all times
* Notifies appropriate individual promptly and fully of problems and/or unusual matters of significance
* Is polite, friendly, and helpful to guests, management and fellow employees
* Executes emergency procedures in accordance with hotel standards
* Complies with required safety regulations and procedures
* Attends required hotel meetings and training sessions
* Maintains cleanliness and excellent condition of equipment and work area
* Complies with hotel standards, policies and rules
* Recycles whenever possible
* Remains current with hotel information and changes
* Complies with hotel uniform and grooming standards


* Excellent communication skills - oral and written
* Minimum one year experience as a Bell or Door Attendant
* High School Diploma
* Knowledge of the local area, roadways and services
* Ability to lift up to 75 pounds and push a cart weighing up to 150 pounds
* Strong leadership abilities
* Able to work a flexible schedule, including weekends and holidays