Lounge Bartender-Nuvole Rooftop 22

  • Mckibbon Hospitality
  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Jun 01, 2021
Full time Bartenders

Job Description



Lounge Bartender 40091

As a Nuvole employee YOU are the personification of hospitality and will approach each and every guest interaction with the mindset of exceeding their expectations. As a Nuvole bartender you will always be on stage and within our guest's presence, so it is imperative that you always demonstrate this dedication to our guests and ensure that their experience remains "in the clouds".

Our guests are looking to you to assist them in escaping the world below. You, the bartender, are an integral part of making our guests experience not only unique but an experience that will leave them counting down the days for when they can return. Our bar team always provides customized beverage service through product knowledge and technical expertise by crafting cocktails in an upbeat and energetic manner. When completing the following tasks below it is expected that you are always completing them in an upbeat, professional, and energetic manner. All of us on the Nuvole team operate without ego and in place we engage with an empathetic spirit that both our staff and our guests are craving while either working or enjoying Nuvole Rooftop 22.

A Day in the Life:

* Leave the Drama at Home! Nuvole is also an escape for you as well as our guests, so it's a chance for you to forget the outside world for a moment. If you have a pressing matter, please setup a time to speak with the leadership team before your shift so your teammates don't think you are trying to skip out on work by showing up late.
* Complete all bar/service bar prep and stocking 15 minutes before the start of the shift. An opening checklist will be created and updated by the leadership team which will have these steps outlined.
* Ensure that both the back bar and bar top are clear of debris and organized per setup standards put forth by the leadership team.
* All drinks prepared will be consistent and constructed per the guidelines in your bartender recipe book. - This will be given to you at the beginning of your training and you will be responsible for all updates.
* Act as a tour guide for our guests when describing the food and beverage menu and able to adapt selections accordingly based on our guest's dietary needs and restrictions.
* You will take pride in the overall look and feel of the venue by assuring that the bar continues to stay clean and organized through the duration of the shift.
* Head is always "on a swivel" and your back will never be facing the guest, so you are able to pick up on our guest's cues and assist where necessary.
* Keep communication lines open, positive and professional! This is with your fellow bartenders as well as leadership, servers and support staff.
* Assisting the service staff in specific product knowledge and selection. All staff is required to know the full menu as well basic bar knowledge but as a bartender you will have further insight into specific brands/cocktails as well as pairings.
* The bar is not a wall and it is expected that bartenders will come out from behind it to assist in guest and staff needs.
* Completion of daily and weekly closing checklist and checked out by the closing manager. These checklists will be created by and updated by the leadership team which will have these steps outlined.
* Completion of any additional tasks put forth by the leadership team.
* Maintain an accurate cash drawer throughout the night and be able to account for any and all discrepancies in the final drawer tally


* One to two years' experience as a bartender (preferred but not required).
* Above average product knowledge of spirits, beer and wine.
* Basic knowledge of craft cocktail construction.
* The ability to work a flexible schedule which includes special events, holidays and weekends.
* Team focused and an understanding that one person cannot create a successful venue.
* The legal ability to serve alcohol in the State of North Carolina
* Knowledge of state and local guidelines regarding service of alcohol
* Passion for guest service that is driven by a notion that every guest is different and may require additional assistance.
* Open mind and a self-awareness that there is always something new to learn.
* Computational skills to process guest payments
* The ability to lift trays of beverages or food items weighing up to 30 lbs. on a regular basis
* Being a motivated self-starter and know when to ask questions…Nuvole leadership loves and respects our team but are not mind readers.
* Muti-tasking is key in ensuring guest satisfaction in a timely manner and a talent will need to be practiced daily.