Sous Chef

  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • May 31, 2021
Full time Chefs, Cooks, Food Preparation Workers

Job Description

Purpose / Objective

The overall objective and purpose of the Sous Chef position is to oversee the daily operations of the culinary department under the direction of the Executive Chef. This includes overseeing the culinary operation of the restaurant, room service and catering. The incumbent is accountable for maintaining profitability and quality control as well as ensuring compliance with the Company policies and standard operating procedures. They are to provide inspiring and strategic leadership while directing the activities of the culinary department in support of the mission, core values, standards and goals established by the company.

Areas of Responsibility

Primary areas of responsibility include, but are not limited to the following:

* Maintains a file of recipes, including ingredients, portions, and directions for preparation and presentation of each dish.
* Assist the Executive Chef in developing menus, recipes cards and specifications according to the Kessler SOPs.
* Set Standards and methods for portion control for each dish on the menu, with the perceived value factor in mind.
* Ensures all recipes are followed exactly and consistently.
* Assumes responsibility for kitchen in absence of Executive Chef.
* Monitors inventory on a daily basis to ensure proper levels and quality
* Manage food and labor costs within budgeted guidelines.
* Arranges training of staff on the proper use and cleaning of equipment and cleaning supplies.
* Assist with organizing kitchen meetings at least once a month.
* Participates in Grand Performer performance appraisals and progressive discipline as required.
* Assist Executive Chef with developing and coaching staff.
* Participates and attends manager meetings and all other mandatory meetings.
* Maintains the kitchen cleanliness and organization standards.
* Completes daily walkthroughs of kitchen area.
* Assist the Executive Chef in tracking food costs and completing monthly inventory.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA's)

To perform this role successfully, an individual must have experience achieving desired result(s) in their areas of responsibility. The requirements listed below are representative of observable behaviors and essential knowledge, skill, and abilities required of a successful incumbent.

* Strategic business leader - Works strategically to devise plans in alignment with organizational goals.
* Cultivates engagement - Builds loyalty to the company and not to themselves. Proven ability to host/facilitate effective meetings, motivate teams to produce results with tight timeframes while simultaneously managing several projects.
* Generates alignment - Ensures proper time and effort is spent to build high level performance and consistency throughout collection.
* Leads with courage - Provides a culture of accountability.
* Execution of plans - Utilizes our systems, tools and resources to accomplish results and achieve goals
* Advanced level of written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills.
* Ability to implement and uphold service standards
* Effectively motivate associates and maintain a cohesive team
* Ability to prioritize and organize work assignments
* Ability to work well in stressful, high-pressure situations
* Ability to work with and understand financial information, data and basic arithmetic functions
* Ability to maintain and build relationships with existing and potential clients as well as industry contacts
* Ability to prepare wide range of culinary offerings

Supervisory Responsibilities

Supervisory and leadership responsibilities include achieving results through providing direction and accountability of the following Grand Performers within the culture and policies established by the Kessler Collection.
* Cook 3 / Culinary Supervisor
* Steward Supervisor

Standards & Culture

Individuals must serve as a cultural ambassador by upholding and promoting our standards.

Image & Presence: Bohemian. Our team is sophisticated and purposeful in their communication and body language

* 50% Classical European, 35% Colorful Gypsy Lifestyle, 15% Funky California Free Spirit

Service: Intuitive. Our team inspires the guest (and Grand Performer) experience with warmth and deliberate elegance.
* Greet, Undivided Attention, Enthusiastic Response, Smile, Thank You
* Listen, Empathize & Apologize, Accept Responsibility, Do Something About it, Exceed Expectations, Recover Loyalty

Performance: Extraordinary. Our team rises to outperform and consistently beat our best for even better.

* Build loyalty to the company and not yourself
* Enhance property/company perception by both community and Grand Performers
* Align yourself with the company and lead others to do the same
* Collaborate effectively to accomplish goals and achieve results across departments and property locations

* Actively participate in meetings and shares ideas to determine the right course of action
* Foster a climate where individuals are committed to partnering and asking for help when needed
* Enthusiastically share knowledge, experience and talent with others
* Suggest methods for improving productivity and product quality

* Prepared and punctual for all meetings
* Conducts business and complete tasks according to Standard Operating Procedures
* Utilize required systems, equipment and resources
* Increase revenue/productivity while keeping costs within budget
* Prioritize urgent/vital tasks in order to meet set deadlines

* Improve professional competency and property/location performance
* Accept responsibility for actions and/or inactions
* Self-aware, solicit and embrace feedback
* Communicate feedback openly and respectfully

Key Partnerships

To perform this role successfully, an individual must cultivate successful relationships with the following individuals to achieve alignment and support.

* Executive Sous Chef
* Chef de Cuisine
* F&B Director