Sous Chef - The Kitchen

  • Loews Hotels
  • Orlando, Florida
  • May 31, 2021
Full time Chefs, Cooks, Food Preparation Workers

Job Description

Hard Rock Hotel is equal parts family-friendly fun and rock god heaven with a huge variety of amenities for kids and adults alike with music as the key differentiator. From the sweeping California mission-style facades to the palm-lined swimming oasis where guests are immersed in both sound and water, Hard Rock Hotel is simply the coolest hotel on the planet.

Job Specific

* Maintains restaurant kitchen staffing levels so as to provide for optimal performance of all duties
* Administers and ensures adherence to departmental guidelines, policies and procedures
* Responsible for smooth, efficient, cost effective operation of restaurant food production activities, to include labor management, inventory control, use of product and adherence to all sanitation requirements
* Supervises/performs kitchen opening and closing operations
* Supervises/assists food handlers in the preparation and production of all hot and cold food items
* Orders raw food ingredients necessary to prepare all items on the menu for area of responsibility
* Ensures that all raw food ingredients are received and stored in the proper manner
* Supervises all aspects of food preparation and production, ensures that standardized recipes, plating and presentation guides, portion control and garnish requirements are adhered to at all times
* Organizes/assists food handlers in the performance of their duties as needed to ensure Loews standards for timely preparation/service of food cooked to order are met
* Monitors all food preparation, production, holding and storage operations to ensure adherence to all Governmental Food Service Sanitation standards
* Performs frequent inspections of all preparation and cooking equipment to ensure that they are kept clean, sanitary and in perfect operating order
* Reports all equipment maintenance needs to Engineering
* Interviews, selects, trains, appraises, coaches, counsels and disciplines departmental team members according to Loews Hotels standards
* Follows New Hire Training and onboarding program in accordance with hotel policy
* Reviews daily payroll report, controls daily labor costs by reducing staff as business activity diminishes
* Attends required hotel meetings to keep abreast of in-house activities, special promotions and upcoming events, maintain communications with other departments within the hotel
* Communicates daily with department team members to obtain/provide current information regarding daily activities/functions and upcoming events
* Evaluates individual team members performance, determines areas in need of improvement or requirements for advancement, establishes goals, objectives and training needs required to achieve same
* Conducts meeting with department team members as required, to communicate effectively with all beverage department personnel to ensure that they are kept current on pertinent hotel information and activities
* Other duties as assigned


* Promotes and applies teamwork skills at all times
* Notifies appropriate individual promptly and fully of problems and/or unusual matters of significance
* Is polite, friendly, and helpful to guests, management and fellow employees
* Executes emergency procedures in accordance with hotel standards
* Complies with required safety regulations and procedures
* Attends appropriate hotel meetings and training sessions
* Maintains cleanliness and excellent condition of equipment and work area
* Complies with hotel standards, policies and rules
* Recycles whenever possible
* Remains current with hotel information and changes
* Complies with hotel uniform and grooming standards


* ACF certification as "Sous Chef" or culinary degree from recognized culinary institute and equivalent experience
* Three to five years experience in quantity food production, in an upscale hotel or freestanding restaurant
* One plus years Supervisory experience in quantity food production, in an upscale hotel or freestanding restaurant
* Excellent culinary skills and knowledge of food productions techniques
* Thorough knowledge and understanding of kitchen equipment use and operation
* Ability to bend, stoop, stand, lift 35 pounds and push carts weighing up to 200 pounds
* Outstanding leadership, management, organizational, and communication skills
* Ability to speak, read and write English
* Ability to work flexible schedule to include weekends and holidays