Regional Vice President (Restaurant)

  • Becker Wright Consultants
  • Arlington, Virginia
  • May 27, 2021
Full time Other

Job Description

The Regional Leader/Vice President provides strategic direction and acts as the primary support for the team of Area Directors and Managing Partners/General Managers in his/her designated region. The Regional Vice President must employ and develop managers that share the Company's values and culture to ensure company growth. He/she must convey the Company's culture to his/her staff and be a creative team player who likes to work hard, have fun, and show sincere dedication to the Company.

  • Financial Accountability: Maintains full responsibility for financial performance directly impacting regional restaurant operations.
  • Financial Analysis: Analyzes business trends and financial data to assess and improve regional performance, both operationally and financially.
  • Regional Development & Support: Coaches regional management team to develop greater agility and success in managing district-wide changes and improvement.
  • Strategic Planning: Develops required plans that demonstrate a pathway to meet the desired results of the Annual Plan.
  • Collaboration: Represents the Operations Department in the design, development, and implementation of key projects that will positively impact Operations.
  • Maintain Knowledge: Understands, defines, and delivers the purpose, requirements, and desired results of Company and/or Departmental programs that will affect and/or leverage Operations.
  • Leverage Support: Utilize RSO and regional support personnel to identify and mitigate any needs or gaps in current business practices. Lead support personnel in the planning, development, and implementation of operational improvement practices.
  • Maintain Culture: Support, reinforce, and align decisions with Company's unique Culture.
  • Leadership: Mentors all positions within his/her regional operation to ensure a high level of engagement and success. Maintain availability for development of all operational personnel.
  • Operational Assistance: Assists Area Directors to ensure restaurants are delivering the Perfect Box and an exceptional Customer Experience.


  • High School Diploma or GED required, College Degree preferred
  • Minimum of two years of multi-unit management with a proven record of success, preferably in the fast food or casual dining industry if hiring from an outside organization
  • Or Minimum of six months (18 months preferred) as an Area Director with the Company. Employee must be in good company standing and have a proven record of performance and some NRO or multiple location experience. Experience in an organization where he/she has had specific career progression
  • Knowledge of the Quick-Service/Fast Casual industry
  • Knowledge and skills in analyzing profit and loss statements and overall financial performance of a profit center.
  • Knowledge and skills in staffing with a proven record of results
  • Knowledge of Labor Laws
  • Proficient in a variety of technology systems, especially Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook) and able to adapt to new systems easily