Dishwasher/Kitchen Steward Supervisor

  • White Lodging
  • Austin, Texas
  • Jan 13, 2021
Full time Dishwashers Front Desk and Night Auditors Office and Administrative Support

Job Description

Position Information Location: JW Marriott Austin SummaryAccountable for day to day supervision of the Stewarding team to ensure cleaning all dishes, glassware, cooking utensils, pots, pans and other food and beverage related items for the Kitchen, Restaurants, Banquets, IRD and the Rooms areas. Oversees the team in operation of the dishwasher, as well as scrubbing pots and restock all supplies in assigned areas of the hotel. In addition, this position provides supervision of general cleaning duties including cleaning, mopping and scrubbing of Hot Boxes, Queen Mary's etc. and trash removal as well as cleaning the Kitchen area (floors, walls, ceilings). Incumbents in this position lead the Stewarding team in plating up food for large events, and ensuring the food is delivered timely to the appropriate meeting room with the allotted quantity, and the food is kept to the appropriate temperature upon delivery. Responsibilities Plan out the work that will need to be performed by the Stewards, and assign the team to specific function(s) within the hotel so that work can be completed seamlessly and under appropriate supervision. Coordinate with the Executive steward and engineering about our recycling program and must follow up and educate our staff about recycling and composting program in all outtlets. Ensure that all Stewarding associates are trained on proper handling of chemicals, eye wash stations, SDS sheets and that chemicals and cleaning materials are not only used, but stored correctly. Work with the purchasing department to order supplies when stock is running out. With a daily and weekly chemicals inventory Check and coordinate with banquets captains, banquets manager, culinary team, and banquet steward or food runner about any banquet functions for the day Daily stand up or dress rehearsal must be completed with the team or the department for proper communication about the day by day operations and for special projects of the day. Must attend EO Meeting and communicate to banquets for China, glass and silver set ups in a daily basis if it is required for a full service Hotel Will coordinate with the banquet chef or culinary team about plate up and all equipment needs for the kitchen Supervise the execution of cleaning the floors, work tables, equipment, walls, ceilings and any and all other areas within the responsibility of the Stewarding team. Ensure that the floor and work surfaces are kept free of trash, water, etc. to prevent potential accidents. Administrate safe work procedures including the use of wet floor signs for spills and encourage their removal once floor has dried. Maintain a clean and orderly work area in accordance with hotel standards. Ensure that food sanitation practices are followed. Maintain food handling and sanitation certification as required by the State and/or Brand. Follow up and ensure all personal protection equipment (PPE) guidelines (gloves, goggles, aprons etc.) are being worn by all associates. Ensure glass racks are securely fitted on top of one another. Ensure that the team is only stacking to eye level and they move dish dollies and carts in a safe manner and of course to make sure glassware it been organized. Ensure the completion of daily and weekly cleaning schedule (Rail road cleaning schedule). Teach, train and administer to the Stewarding team to scrape food from dirty dishes, pots and pans and wash by hand or in the dishwasher following all standards for maintenance of the machine and/or safety. Sort silverware before cleaning. Load and unload dishwasher property. Monitor wash and rinse temperatures and report any issue immediately to the Supervisor or Manager. Wash temperature should be not less than 160 degrees and the final rinse should be no less than 180 degrees. Follow proper food handling/holding procedures to include the maintenance of the HAACP temperature thresholds of all food products. Ensure all temperature logs for all dish machines and 3 compartment sinks for AM/PM shift are fill up in a daily basis and report any problems to the Executive Steward and engineering as soon as possible Occasionally test the 3 compartment sink with test strips to ensure our sanitizers are working properly and log it down into the Temperature log. Ensure the Stewarding team is following all safe work procedures, and working in an efficient manner. All heavy items should be moved with a cart, gloves are being worn to avoid cuts on sharp items, silverware is sorted, and that all work is being performed using proper procedures. Keep waste and breakage to a minimum. Be careful and teach the team to be aware when reaching into bus tub, as hidden items such as knives, or glass can create injury potential. Clean equipment using specified chemicals to ensure sanitary standards. Polish silver using machine as well as hand buffing. Ensure appropriate team members are trained on the proper use of buffing and other heavy equipment to scrub the floor during deep clean. Ensure Kitchen is steam cleaned according the sanitation standards. Ensure all food holding and transport equipment is maintained and functions properly. Report any issues immediately to the manager. Assist with unloading product from supply trucks. Transfer supplies and equipment between dock, storage and work areas using safe transporting procedures (do not carry heavy loads, use cart or hand truck). Maintain sanitation and cleanliness of all areas of dish room rubber mats should be use at all time in the dish rooms without any exception and kitchen aisle are maintained cleaned and clear from any objects. Ensure trash is removed and all garbage moved to designated area during and prior to shift end. Be mindful of items poking from the bag for potential safety hazard. Empty trash cans and wash (steam clean) inside and out. Bins and lids must be cleaned and sanitized before lining with plastic bags. Ensure that broken glass/bottles are put in a separate bucket and emptied at the end of every shift. The dish machine should be set up and ensure that water is changed at least every two hours or as needed. Dish machine should be broken down and cleaned inside and out and set up for next shift before leaving at shift end. Ensure and coordinate with ECOLAB or chemical supplier about proper chemical use in all 3 compartment sinks(Wash, rinse and sanitize) Train all Stewards in how to maintain proper temperature in all pots and pans sinks (Wash tank 110 to 120 degrees, Rinse tank 110 to 120 degrees and sanitized must be from 75 degree and no more than 100 degrees) Always operate equipment safely and according to policy. Supervise the cleaning of floors, tile walls, ceilings, drains, hoods, filters, and baseboards. Set up and execute special cleaning assignments or other projects. Ensure completion of daily, weekly and quarterly cleaning schedules. Notify and follow up with Engineering and manager of any maintenance issues in order to get equipment back up and running as quickly as possible. Ensure security and confidentiality of guest and hotel information and materials. Practice energy conservation, and teach Stewarding team of items associated with increasing/decreasing energy within their work area. Follow time and attendance policies, and consistently administer within the department. Assist with plating operations, and run food to meeting areas as requested. Wear uniform, including nametag at all times in accordance with hotel's standards of appearance and brand standards. Keep Managers involved in the operation of the Stewarding department, and communicate properly and effectively with supervisor as well as guests, co-workers. And other departments. Maintain knowledge of hotel property, hotel staff, hotel services, hotel service hours of operation and hotel surroundings (i.e. mall, restaurants etc.). Adhere to all work rules, procedures and policies established by the company. This includes but is not limited to those contained in the Associate Orientation Handbook and the red Emergence Response Procedures Manual. Have a thorough knowledge of emergency procedures. Complete Chemical Training and Blood borne Pathogen training. Lead with the 3rd party contract in business and operations needs with weekly walk thru. Demonstrate the highest quality of service to both internal and external guests. Know and live the mission and the White Lodging / Brand basics and demonstrate these to the Stewarding team daily. Ensure the Stewarding team carries the pledge card(s), and can speak to the values of White Lodging. Be able to speak to the Hotel Improvement Plan, and lead from the wall. Follow and enforce proper key control procedures for the Stewarding team. Perform other duties as assigned. Other informationCOMPETENCIES Integrity Resourcefulness Stress Management Team Player Energy Passion Tenacity Conflict Management Inspiring Fellowship Judgement/Decision Making Adaptability AccountabilitySKILLS Ability to communicate in clear, precise and effective manner Ability to prioritize and multi-task Ability to influence Ability to maintain cool, calm demeanor in a hectic and sometimes stressful environment Adaptable and flexible to responding to an ever changing environmentEDUCATION/EXPERIENCE 1- 2 years Supervisory experience High School degree / GED preferable Food Handlers Certification Stable work historyWORKING CONDITIONS Stewarding Supervisors must interact with subordinates, Kitchen personnel and leadership and subordinates within other departments therefore communication skills are required including speaking, listening and writing. Additionally, significant standing and walking is required in the movement of dishes, utensils, pots, pans, and food items within the department and throughout the hotel. The totality of tasks can require standing and walking for extended periods of time (up to -7 -8 hours). Items must be sorted..... click apply for full job details