Director of Food and Beverage

  • Benchmark Hospitality
  • Jan 13, 2021
Full time F & B Managers

Job Description

Benchmark's company culture is central to our management philosophy. The company's stated purpose is "to provide an entrepreneurial environment where determined people dare to create, share, and build futures.

To be the "benchmark" by which all others are judged takes passion, courage, and dedication. We invite you to explore our extraordinary offering of unique opportunities, all with a common goal of providing an unforgettable journey.

Job Description Summary:

The Director of Food & Beverage is responsible for overseeing the operation and staff of all food and beverage departments on property to maintain the highest level of standards and efficiency.

Job Description:

* Ensure physical atmosphere of all F&B locations includes a daily walk through of all areas.
* Motivate to maintain a smooth running operation via communication.
* Monitor food quality and service level. Monitor payroll, operating expenditures and revenue.
* Provide a pleasant and efficient atmosphere for staff and guests.
* Responsible for inventory and ordering controls for all beverage and retail.
* Responsible for budget planning and maintaining budget guidelines.
* Maintain, train staff in the delivery of Benchmark Hospitality International service standards.
* Responsible for daily paperwork including F&B payable folder, payroll, inventory, etc.
* Assist staff with any guest service concerns that may occur in the restaurant, and bar while ensuring quality guest service is delivered.
* Full understanding of wine quality, purchasing, training, service, inventory and cellaring.
* Full understanding of retail items, purchasing, training and inventory.