Executive Chef

  • Benchmark Hospitality
  • Jan 13, 2021
Full time Chefs, Cooks, Food Preparation Workers

Job Description

Benchmark's company culture is central to our management philosophy. The company's stated purpose is "to provide an entrepreneurial environment where determined people dare to create, share, and build futures.

To be the "benchmark" by which all others are judged takes passion, courage, and dedication. We invite you to explore our extraordinary offering of unique opportunities, all with a common goal of providing an unforgettable journey.

Job Description Summary:

The Executive Chef is responsible for the overall food service, throughout the property, and providing the optimal service possible while operating within predetermined budgetary guidelines.

Job Description:

* Supervise the kitchen and supervise the preparation and presentation of foods by chefs, cooks and pantry personnel, overseeing that all the food items are prepared according to specs.
* Staffing for all kitchen areas, preparation areas, employee cafeteria, and for supervising all employees throughout these areas.
* Maintain an adequate supply of all food items such as meat, groceries, perishables, etc. used at the resort.
* Assure that purchases are made using specifications and make appropriate changes when specification changes are warranted.
* Select recipes which offer a product that is tasteful and contains ingredients and portion sizes that will
* ensure that cost standards are being met.
* Responsible for maintaining adequate training programs for kitchen personnel.
* Inspect the portion sizes and taste qualities of all items to ensure they are being properly prepared.
* Ensure the best and fastest performance of the kitchen so as not to impede service in food outlets.
* Ensure that the kitchen is prepared to start service on a timely basis.
* Ensure that orders received from servers are clearly understood so that "returns" due to faulty preparation are minimized.
* Ensure that plates issued to servers are garnished properly and have good eye appeal.
* Responsible for the safety and sanitation of all food preparation and storage areas and equipment.