data steward

  • TribolaTech Inc.
  • United States
  • Jan 13, 2021
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Job Description

The Data Steward is the owner of Key Data Elements within the area of their domain and is accountable for ensuring correct and accurate nature of these critical data assets. Within their area of responsibility, Steward is responsible for identifying critical data elements along with being accountable for defining the entire lineage of each critical data element (KDE) back to the System of Record (SOR) and will work within the Data Management Council (DGC) framework to ensure that these data assets have been well defined, documented, certified .
Steward demonstrates that they have identified and prioritized all critical data for which they are accountable. Completes all steps for certification and validation of critical data to ensure data requirements are developed per standard.

Critical data assets which they are accountable for are certified based on policies and standards. Action plans on anomalies or issues are documented, to ensure that all polices are followed. Steward will perform:
• Initial data discovery "Profile data"
• Define and record all DQ business rules and valid values that apply to critical data that steward is accountable.
• Define all metadata including "valid values" for data take steps to define and resolve issues concerning KDE's

• Proactive DQ and monitors ongoing quality of data assets
• Implement plan to review for exceptions and changes of quality
• Utilize quality indexing tools for appropriate measurements
• Consistency of critical data assets with usage across applications
• Certify consumptions

Steward provides transparency into data definition and lineage, ensures that metadata and lineage are defined, complete, correct and accurate and are entered into the LOB's Metadata solution. Steward coordinates all .Metadata efforts and provides roadmap and implementation plan to ensure that metadata is present in the LOB's Metadata Solution

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